Reading RoundUp #23

The past few weeks my reading life was filled with fairly light-hearted, easy books with quick plots. Due to all the moving and unpacking, I was not in the mood to sit and linger with any sort of long winded literary fiction or classic novel. So if you are in that state of mind too,… More Reading RoundUp #23

Reading RoundUp #22

I’m sitting here writing this during our first significant snow of the season! I love the quiet and the forced hibernation. Plus, my work was closed which meant a bonus work from home day! Since it’s been over a month since the last update, here’s February’s first Friday Reading RoundUp.  This week’s Reading Roundup! Work… More Reading RoundUp #22

Reading RoundUp #21

This past week has been full of my usual routines. Although it’s tough returning to a normal work schedule, I’m always ready to get back in the swing of things. Plus, that means I typically stop eating cookies and candy for breakfast – always a good thing. So, in honor of the return to normalcy,… More Reading RoundUp #21

Reading RoundUp #20

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hopefully you all are enjoying this time of year and are not too stressed about finding last minute presents. However, if you are, check out my gift guide! We’ve spent the past two weekends fixing up our new house. I never expected to enjoy fixer upper projects as much as I do.… More Reading RoundUp #20