Friday’s Reading RoundUp #2

Although I finished two of the books from last week, I haven’t made much progress on the new ones that are taking their place. So, on these types of weeks when the reading roundup is a bit lite, I’ll add a few links to online articles that caught my interest. With that said, on to the roundup:

Work Book (for lunch time reading):

The Shining by Stephen King (COMPLETE) – Wow, that was quite an intense book. I could barely put it down once I got to the last hundred or so pages. It was fascinating to read about the relationship between the father and the son and how the hotel was influencing each character. I’m eager to watch the movie and figure out how it differs from the book.  Overall, a classic Stephen King novel full of suspense. How does he come up with this stuff??

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton – This book is fulfilling the “Book from an author you love” item on my reading challenge. I’ve read two others by her and thoroughly enjoyed each one, so there are high expectations for this as well. The (rather lengthy) Goodreads summary states “A long lost letter arrives in the post and Edie Burchill finds herself on a journey to Milderhurst Castle, a great but moldering old house, where the Blythe spinsters live and where her mother was billeted 50 years before as a 13 year old child during WWII. The elder Blythe sisters are twins and have spent most of their lives looking after the third and youngest sister, Juniper, who hasn’t been the same since her fiance jilted her in 1941. Inside the decaying castle, Edie begins to unravel her mother’s past. But there are other secrets hidden in the stones of Milderhurst, and Edie is about to learn more than she expected. The truth of what happened in ‘the distant hours’ of the past has been waiting a long time for someone to find it.” Sounds full of intrigue, right??

Apartment Books:

The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorn – I’m admittedly not as far along as I’d like to be in this book. It’s not as gripping as say, The Royal We, so it took a backseat this week. I’m still curious where the story will go, so hopefully I’ll be more focused next week.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett – No further progress in this one (I have a feeling that will be the case fairly often).

Kindle Books:

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (COMPLETE) – This was too juicy to put down, so naturally I finished it fairly quickly. An excellent easy read if you’re into the whole Will and Kate, normal American girl meets a prince type thing. It’s certainly not the greatest literary masterpiece, but I ate it up.

Dead Wake by Erik Larson – I’m looking forward to reading this historical tale of the last voyage of the Lusitania, but also a bit nervous because I just couldn’t finish the other Larson I started reading, Devil in the White City. I only ever hear praise for Larson, so hopefully the other book was just a fluke on my part.

From around the web:

10 Splurges That Won’t Break the Bank – Sometimes (ok, often) I need a reminder that it’s ok to spend money!

Disney Updates – Here’s a rundown of all the latest announcements for future plans at the Disney parks! As if I need more reasons to go back 🙂

Healthy Recipe Swaps – Very long list but there are some I’d actually be willing to try

New Uses for Old Things – I love everything about Real Simple, especially their tips/tricks articles


What books are you reading?

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