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Julep Maven Review

I love the idea of subscription boxes, but am rarely willing to pay full price, so I was thrilled to discover an offer from Julep Maven for their Welcome Box for only $2.99. I follow this terrific blog, My Subscription Addition, to keep up to date on any subscription box special offers. Beware, they come and go pretty quickly!

Julep Maven is a nail polish / beauty product subscription box that normally sells for $24.99. It includes over $40 (according to their calculations) of beauty products. You also have the option to swap products, change colors, or skip a box before it ships if you prefer. For this discount, I took a quick beauty quiz to determine my preferences, signed up for the Welcome Box, and began eagerly awaiting my shipment.

This cute little box finally arrived on my doorstep. It sure makes coming home from work even better when you know (by obsessively tracking USPS’ website) that you have a box waiting for you!

It's finally here!

It’s here!

I opened it up and found two color nail polishes, one clear base coat nail polish, and one lip gloss. I immediately knew I’d love the two color polishes (light orange and bright pink) since they’re perfect for summer and don’t match anything I currently own. The base coat intrigued me since I literally never use base coats (are you supposed to?). If anything, I’ll only add a clear top coat to prevent chips. According to the box, this is a sticky base coat that allows your nail to breathe while also holding on the color for longer lasting coats.


For a test run, I used the base coat first on my fingernails and was pleased that it dried quickly. Then I applied two coats of the light orange color. I originally thought it would be more of a coral shade, but I do like the orange tint. It (thankfully) is pastel-like which prevents it from seeming Halloween-y. The base coat seems to be doing it’s job because the color still looks fantastic three days later. I have absolutely no chips on any of my nails! I will definitely be using this regularly for all my nail polish.

Three days later!

Three days later!

The last item, lip gloss, is something I never wear, but luckily this is a pale shade that might come in handy for special occasions. Since I inevitably end up tasting it when I lick my lips or eat anything, I was happy to find out it had just a subtle scent (taste probably isn’t included on most reviews, but who doesn’t end up eating their lip gloss!?). I think this will be a nice addition to my (very limited) makeup collection.


For $2.99, this box was obviously a terrific value. Considering nail polish is usually $6-8 in stores, you’ll also usually break even if you pay the normal price of the box. Despite how much I love the two colors and (apparently) need the base coat, this just isn’t one subscription box I’ll be keeping. I would prefer if it had a lower price point and only sent nail polish, since I’ll most likely rarely use whatever beauty product is included.

If you want to try it out for yourself, use my referral code (here) and you can get your first box FREE!!

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    Lori Hoffnagle
    September 7, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    Love the color on your nails, beautiful!

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