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New App! Wellcoin

I happened upon a new (wee, tiny) obsession a few weeks ago in the form of an app called Wellcoin. I first read about it on a fitness blog and decided to try it out for myself. Let me warn you, it can be quite addicting!

Background Info

Wellcoin is essentially a fitness/healthy living app that allows you to track various “good for you” activities throughout your day. You can add milestones such as eating a healthy breakfast, counting your steps, taking a fitness class, buying healthy groceries, etc.


Each activity will earn you a certain number of “wellcoins.” In addition, you can potentially triple the number of wellcoins earned by posting a picture of the activity. The Wellcoin community votes on how well the picture proves you completed the activity.



Here’s the best part, these coins can be cashed in for free prizes!! Granted, some of the prizes are only applicable in the NYC area (such as Whole Foods gift cards) but there are a few others that I could actually use. Within the first week of playing around with the app, I earned enough wellcoins for a free product sample pack (8 cookies/granola bars) from WB Kitchen and a $10 off promo code to Bulu Box, a healthy living subscription box (1 month costs $10, so I got the box free). Both of these rewards included free shipping, so I paid literally nothing.


The rewards range from gift cards (Whole Foods and Dick’s) to a percentage off purchases at online retailers to free samples of products. The website indicates that they’re still building their rewards partnerships and expanding the areas where rewards are offered, so I’m hoping they get even more relevant to me as time goes on. However, I was immensely pleased with both rewards that I cashed in thus far. Plus, I’m now working my way toward a completely free pair of sneakers!

WB Kitchen Sample Pack

I was thrilled when I opened this box and found 8 full size products inside. I assumed the samples would be pretty tiny, but there were 4 full-size bars and 4 2-packs of cookies.



Some of the flavors are a bit out there (peanut ginger?), but I quite enjoyed the three cookie flavors I already tried. Plus, the average calorie counts is around 200 calories for a full package, so they’re a perfect snack or dessert.

My Bulu Box is scheduled to arrive mid-November, so I’ll have more details on that when it gets here!!

Overall, Wellcoin is a fun app if you don’t mind logging fitness activities and taking pictures of your meals and snacks. I also enjoy voting on other people’s pictures and seeing what they’re eating / where they’re exercising. I’ve found the rewards to be worth the amount of time I put in, but I’d also predict that other people will definitely disagree. If you’re interested, head on over to the Wellcoin website or download the app to try it out.


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