Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

It’s officially the Christmas season!! This past weekend we dragged all my decorations up from our storage space and spread the cheer throughout our apartment. As I’ve been compiling gift ideas for me and my family, I came across a number of items that would be perfect for fellow book enthusiasts. Have fun browsing and maybe you’ll find something for yourself!

First Lines of Literature Mug

An adorable way to start your day! Also good for those moments at work when you need to take a quick reading break 🙂



Book Weight

I tend to read while I eat and I always need to sacrifice one hand to hold my book open. A book weight is an ingenious solution. I also found a slightly cheaper version.


Jane Austen: The Complete Works

A while back I found a picture of these books on the Internet and downloaded it to use as my phone background just because they’re gorgeous. A week ago someone recognized the picture and said she actually owned this set! I had no idea you could buy them!! Bonus, they’re on sale right now for $100.


Annotated Anything

Annotated books were a wonderful discovery for me. My first foray into this world was with Pride and Prejudice and I absolutely loved the extra historical context and interesting facts accompanying each page. Annotated versions may not be the best fit for casual readers, but those a bit-too-obsessed friends will adore them.


The Book Lover’s Calendar

For those who don’t have enough books lining their bookshelves, they can now show off even more books with a calendar! There’s also a Page A Day book calendar full of first lines, trivia, and fun facts that I have my eye on.



Harry Potter Jewelry

Etsy is chock full of jewelry for your favorite Potterhead. I want this and this and this…and this.


Book Themed Ornaments

If you know someone who takes their Christmas decorating as seriously as their book collection, check out one of these ornaments. Calvin and HobbesHarry Potter, Classic Novels, or Childhood Favorites.


What are your favorites from the list above? Share any other book-ish gift ideas in the comments!

*Full disclosure – I get a small commission if you purchase an item through any of the Amazon links. I included them since they usually have the best prices, but if you see it cheaper somewhere else let me know!

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