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Nature Box Review

Let’s talk about snacks! It’s pretty common knowledge that I’m a snacker and can’t make it through a day eating just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I come to work armed with granola bars for the morning and a rotating collection of yogurt, fruit, and nuts for the afternoon. You can imagine that I was pretty excited when I heard about Nature Box, a snack subscription service!

Nature Box sends a variety of snacks right to your doorstep. You can select either 3 snacks for $14 or 5 snacks for $20. Each snack comes in a bag with 3-5 servings and the shipping is free for both boxes.


To my delight, you can actually choose the snacks you want to receive rather than being given whatever the company decides. They have a remarkable assortment to choose from, which made it quite hard to pick just five. Their snack categories include Nuts & Seeds, Chips & Pretzels, Baked Treats, Dried Fruit, Bars, Popcorn, and Granola.

If you’d like to try it out, you can get 50% off your first box! Just use my referral link here!



My Snacks:

For my first box, I selected a variety of items that I thought I’d enjoy:


Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Pops – These guys were delicious. They are tiny round pretzel balls covered in dark chocolate and rolled in crushed peppermint. I would definitely request these again…they satisfy your sweet tooth without a lot of calories.

Pistachio Power Clusters – Another winner from this box. This bag was filled with half-inch squares made up of pieces of almonds, cashews, and pistachios. The squares were primarily nuts and didn’t have a lot of filler which I appreciated. They were crunchy, tasty, and filling!


Praline Pumpkin Seeds – These were smaller than what I expected for pumpkin seeds, but regardless still tasted great. They were covered in a pumpkin spice blend and were sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. A serving size was 1/4 cup and I was typically satisfied with even less…surprising for me!

Salt & Pepper Pistachios – I still have this bag sitting in my pantry because they’re so darn hard to open! Lesson learned, I love pistachios but I’ll be buying them already shelled from now on. They were at least split open, so if you don’t mind doing a little bit of work they’re a good snack.


Peanut Butter Nom Noms – I wasn’t sure what to expect with these “cookies” but I now wished I had picked a different snack. Each ball of rolled oats was 100 calories, which seemed a little high for the size. There also was only a faint hint of peanut butter…definitely not enough for this PB lover.

Despite a few misses, overall I was very happy with this subscription box. It was a terrific deal at 50% off and I think I’d even consider buying the full price box. The massive collection of snacks available and ability to choose which snacks you’ll received combined with the decent amount of product in each bag make it one of my favorite food boxes that I’ve tried!


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