4 New Approaches to Prayer

A few weeks ago I attended a women’s retreat that was held by the church in which I grew up. I had a wonderful time getting to know the other women and experiencing God for a whole weekend. I highly encourage anyone to try it out if your church offers something similar.

During the Saturday afternoon session, we were exposed to a few new ways to approach our individual prayer time with God. I found the ideas rather helpful since they forced me to focus solely on praying. I get easily distracted if I start to pray while in bed or in the car (as I’m sure a lot of people do), so these methods helped avoid that mind-wandering!

Lectio Divina – Latin for “diving reading,” this method is an intensive look at scripture using four steps: read, think, pray, live. My daily devotional, The Message: Solo, adopts this style and I’ve found it a great way to dive deeper into familiar scripture passages.

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Visio Divina – Latin for “divine seeing,” this concept involves spending time praying while focused on a single piece of art. We were provided with a few images and told to spend 10-15 minutes viewing one, picking out the colors, the individual components and letting God lead our minds in different directions. I was skeptical at first, but found that this exercise gave me new ideas of things to pray for and forced me to continue praying rather than get distracted by my surroundings.


Prayer Coloring – I’m sure you’ve heard of the new trend: adult coloring books! Side note, there’s a few great Harry Potter ones out there 🙂 Anyway, this method takes that idea and applies it to prayer. You simply start with a blank piece of paper and some colored pencils/crayons/markers/etc and begin drawing literally whatever comes to mind. For my first try, I went the easy route and just sketched names and phrases, but I’m hoping I get more creative the more I try!

You can also buy guided books if you don’t know how to start!

Praying Over Your Calendar / Schedule – Ok, I found this one online, but I still liked the idea! I tend to view our Google calendar multiple times a day to check and recheck what’s coming up in the next weeks and months. I’ve never thought to pray over those all those everyday events, work meetings, and trips.

Have you tried any of these methods? What other unique ways do you pray?


  1. I found your post interesting, so much so that I immediately went to Amazon to see what “The Message: Solo” and Lectio Divina was all about. I then found the book on Scribd and read Day 1. I will add this to my daily routine. Thank you for sharing your experience. I like the sound of “Praying in Color” as well and will look into that as well.

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