Favorite Board Games for Groups

A week-ish ago I posted a list of a few of my favorite games to play with only two people, but sometimes we actually manage to round up some friends for a game night! With that in mind, I put together a second list of games we’ve enjoyed playing with our friends and family. Just a note, I avoided the classics such as Life, Monopoly, etc since everyone knows about those : )


Telestrations – A combination of Telephone (or Whisper Down the Line as apparently everyone but me calls it) and Pictionary. Each player has a tablet and the tablets are simultaneously passed around the table while the players alternate drawing and guessing the word/phrase. It is particularly hilarious when you have awful drawers in your group!




Scattergories – I grew up playing this game with my family and now force it on my friends. You start with a list of categories and then select a letter for that round. Within the time allotted, you must come up with answers that fit each category and start with the selected letter. It’s most entertaining when you try to defend your ridiculous answers.



Taboo – A quick thinking, harder version of Catch Phrase. The goal is to get your team to guess a word without saying any of the related “taboo” words listed on the card. It’s amazing what people come up with to describe certain things in roundabout ways.


Wits and Wagers – We just picked this up on Black Friday and played it for the first time on New Year’s Eve. A trivia question is read to everyone and each player writes down their answer. Then you place your tokens on whoever’s answer you think is correct (it doesn’t have to be your own!) You win points by selecting the correct guess.


Poker – Jay taught my friends and I how to play Texas Hold ‘Em so that we can have our own poker nights. Even though we haven’t played for money yet, it still gets extremely competitive trying to win the pot. All you need is a set of chips and a deck of cards.



What other games have I missed that you like to play with your friends and families?




  1. As my family have been banned me from playing Monopoly for my attempts to fight capitalism by blocking all hotel construction (fine by me, I utterly loathe the game!) I’ll look into these as possible alternatives. I particularly like the look of scattergories, wits and Wagers and taboo – you just can’t beat a word game, I say!

    1. Completely agree about word games! I’m not a huge fan of monopoly either… There’s many more exciting options out there.

    1. I still like Taboo better than Catch Phrase : ) That’s a steal for Telestrations! I’d love to see Dad’s drawings!

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