Reading RoundUp #17

Hallelujah the weekend is right around the corner!! I have a great weekend coming up 🙂 First off, dinner and drinks with the Bible Study girls tonight. Then on Saturday and Sunday Jay is taking me around the Lehigh Valley for the Harvest Weekend Wine Trail event! Nine local wineries are participating. There will be live music, food pairings, and local goods for sale. Keep an eye out for a recap next week!


Now, on to the Roundup!

Work Book (for lunch time reading):

In the Woods by Tana French – I picked up this book at a book sale since the author sounded familiar. It’s a murder mystery about two cases separated by twenty years and how they might end up linked together. It’s a bit of a slow read, but I’m sticking with it to find out what happened.

Apartment Books:

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin – Jay is currently flying through the most recent book in the series. After hearing him talk about it, I decided I wanted to start reading the books again. I must say it feels nostalgic reading about Ned and Robb and Catelyn. I’ve missed them!

Love, Maybe by Heather Hepler – This is my second Hepler book and I enjoyed it just as much as the first (The Cupcake Queen). Another teenage drama with boys, dysfunctional families, and sweets! 

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis – Two of my friends and I decided to try a long distance book swap where we each read a book and make notes in the margins, then pass the book to the next person to read and make notes until it returns to the original owner. Lewis is incredibly logical in his justification of the Christian faith. Plus, his examples / metaphors are spot on and he even shows his sense of humor!

Kindle Books:

The One-In-A-Million Boy by Monica Wood – I first noticed this book on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide. It popped up on the Kindle First list last month, so I used our free download from Prime. I know almost nothing about it, but I tend to trust Anne’s recommendations.

From Around the Web:

United Billion Mile Giveaway There are only a few weeks left of United’s Billion Mile Giveaway! Don’t forget to enter each day!

D.C. Hiding Banned Books – This is amazing!! Washington D.C.’s public library system is hiding once-banned books throughout the city and it’s finders keepers!! It sounds like I’ll be planning a trip this September…

Fall Inspired Wedding Cakes Some of these are gorgeous and actually look delicious! 

As usual I’m linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy and Life According to Steph!

What were your favorite summer books this year?

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  1. Of the newer fiction that I’ve read this year, I think The One-in-a-Million Boy is the cream of the crop. It’s a good story with likeable characters. I hope you enjoy it too!

    1. That’s great to hear! It’s a bit weird going into a story without knowing much about it, but all the feedback I hear is excellent.

  2. I read The One In A Million Boy last month and loved the story! And it’s so cool that you and your friends do that book swap! I can only imagine how great the notes are for Mere Christianity. I am sure lots of great things were written in the margins for that book since it is such a fantastic one. I totally agree.. his metaphors and clear way of explaining Christian doctrines is really great!

    Here are my August reads:

  3. Thanks for the book reviews. My favorite non fiction book was Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs and I didn’t just love any of the fiction I read, but I did enjoy the Lake House by Kate Morton.

    Happy October reading!!!

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