Lehigh Valley Wine Harvest Weekend

This past weekend Jay and I ventured to seven wineries in the Lehigh Valley for the Harvest weekend! We spent both afternoons driving through gorgeous countryside and tasting a wide variety of food and wine. The Harvest Weekend event featured either food pairings or live music at each winery. Best of all, it is free to attend! I’ll give a brief overview of each winery, mostly so we remember which places we liked best : )


Franklin Hill

Our first stop was Franklin Hill, which turned out to be an excellent place to start. The wine was delicious and was the cheapest! Both the red and white wines only cost $11-$14.


Tasting Fee: $5

Favorite Wines: White Jade and RedHead

Tolino Vineyards

Also located north of Easton, Tolino was another first for us. They offered a squash gazpacho soup to pair with their Lilly wine (sweet white). In addition, the tasting room sold wine and beer by the glass to enjoy during one of their many live music events. Their wines were the most expensive, but Jay found one with a smoky aftertaste that reminded him of scotch, so he was happy!


Tasting Fee: 3 tastings free or $5 for 6 tastings

Favorite Wines: 2013 Chambourcin – Jay’s smoky scotch-y style whine. He’ll be sharing this with his friend : )

Amore Vineyards

Clearly a small, family owned business, this was one of our favorite stops. The bartender was funny and informative. Plus, one of the red wines was buy 1 get 1 free! For the Harvest Weekend they offered tortellini in tomato sauce to pair with their red wines.


Tasting Fee: $5 – applied to any wine purchase

Favorite Wines: Cabaret Amore and Chambourcin

Blue Mountain

After church on Sunday, our first stop was Blue Mountain Vineyards. The winery is located out in the stunning countryside and sits next to a lake. This weekend they provided meatball sliders and mac n cheese bites alongside a White Merlot.


Tasting Fee: $5 – applied toward any wine purchase

Favorite Wines: Sauvignon Blanc and Chambourcin

Pinnacle Ridge

After another beautiful drive, we arrived at Pinnacle Ridge’s barn. The top portion is still very rustic and is used for live music. The bottom floor features their tasting room and barrel storage. In the upper level, we tried chimichangas and chips and guac alongside either a Traminette or Rose wine.




Tasting Fee: $5

Favorite Wines: Merlot

Clover Hill

Clover Hill is celebrating their 31st year in business! As a thank you to their customers, all wines were 31% off! We knew we’d find something here to purchase : )



Tasting Fee: 5 tastings for free!!

Favorite Wines: Chardonnay and Sangiovese


By the fourth winery, pretty much everything I tried tasted delicious. It was also an excellent last stop since they provided a pumpkin whoopie pie to enjoy with their Autumn Gold wine. I wish every place served desserts!


Tasting Fee: 6 tastings for free!

Favorite Wines: Sparkling Traminette, Chambourcin

By the end of the weekend, we brought home 11 bottles of wine. Clearly, the Harvest Weekend event was a success! Overall, the wineries did a great job enticing us with the food pairings and impressing us with the wine.


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