Stitch Fix Review – October 2016

After a summer hiatus, I received my first Stitch Fix for the fall! Stitch Fix (<- referral link!) is a personal styling service that is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have time to shop, is looking for specific items each season, or just loves clothing in general.

When you sign up, you take an in-depth survey about your clothing sizes, style, and pricing preferences. After reviewing this information, your personal stylist will send you 5 items to try. The fee for this service is $20, which includes free shipping and free returns. If you keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total (if you keep all five items, you also get a 25% discount!)


After a few misses with my last couple of boxes, I was more proactive about telling my stylist what type of clothing I wanted. I wrote a note that explained what went wrong in my last boxes and requested a sweater dress and other warm clothing I could wear to work. As a general note, make sure to keep an eye on your Pinterest board and update it at least once a season to give your stylist even more ideas of what you’d like to see in your box. I’d also recommend following StitchFix on Pinterest so you can re-pin any clothing they feature. It just might show up in your box!

When you receive your box, you have three days to decide what items you want to keep and what items you want to return. There is a “Checkout” option in your online account to let them know what you’re keeping (and paying for) and provide feedback on all the clothes. This is another great opportunity to tell your stylist about your likes/dislikes. Your credit card is only charged for the items you keep (minus the $20 styling fee!). A USPS bag (for the free shipping) is provided in the box to return the other items. I also discovered that USPS will pick up packages from your doorstep, so I didn’t even have to make a trip to the post office!


Check out the five items included in my October box:

*Note – I normally like to take pictures wearing the clothes, but I broke my full length mirror just before I started taking pictures. It was not a pleasant scene.

Liverpool Denise Stretch Boot Cut Jeans ($88) – These were a bit of a disappointment since I had pinned a few images of colored jeans. However, my stylist told me to let him know in the feedback if I definitely wanted magenta jeans in my next fix, so I’ll certainly say yes to that. I’m more of a skinny jean person and these were about two inches too long, so I won’t be keeping them. RETURN



Olive & Oak Lorenzo Split Back Top ($58) – I was thrilled when I pulled this plaid shirt out of the box!! I’ve been trying without any success to find a normal plaid shirt to wear this fall. Unfortunately, I noticed it was rather baggy when I put it on. When I turned around, I realized the back was split! On purpose! Sigh, why ruin a perfectly good plaid shirt with this strange back? RETURN



RD Style Wilkes Colorblocked Raglan Sweater ($58) – This sweater was surprisingly soft and the sleeves were long enough for my arms! Plus, it wasn’t as loose and boxy as other sweaters I’ve received in the past. I was extremely close to keeping this, but ended up purchasing a few other things from Marshall’s the day before. So, I decided to keep my bank account happy. RETURN



Loveappella Malbec Elbow Patch Knit Top  ($58) – I absolutely would have kept this sweater if the sleeves were long enough! I loved the stripes and the color. Plus it had elbow patches! Alas, I can’t stand when sleeves are somewhere in between 3/4 length and elbow length. RETURN



RD Style Jesika Sweater Dress ($88) – I was surprised to actually find a sweater dress in my box! They read my note! It was my style and perfect for work, but the price was a bit too much to jusify keeping. RETURN


This fix felt much more aligned to my Pinterest board and my style profile. Plus, they actually sent me a sweater dress and a plaid shirt, which I’ve been trying to request since last year! My current stylist seems much more interested in learning from my feedback, so I’m looking forward to receiving my next Fix in November.

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  1. I’ve been having some bad luck with Stitch Fix. I had two great boxes and then a not so great box. And some quality issues with the stuff I decided to keep. Then I was hanging out with a friend and I loved the shirt she was wearing. It was from Stitch Fix. So, I’m going to give it another try next year. I love these reviews!

    1. Quality issues would definitely make me mad after paying so much for these items. I have a similar love/hate relationship. It’s a ton of fun getting the boxes and trying on the clothes, but it’s becoming pretty rare that I actually keep anything.

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