Gift Guide for Book Lovers

I tend to browse through gift guides all year long looking for ideas for friends and family…and me! It’s amazing what you can find for sale on the internet. As a reader, I’m obviously particularly partial to anything related to books. Last year I loved creating my first gift list for fellow book lovers. So, I set out to add to that list this year! Here’s what I found:

Literary Scarves

I just discovered these recently and immediately added one to my own Christmas List. There are numerous varieties, but I’m partial to the Jane Austen version.



Book-ish Posters

The perfect gift for a reader with a home office, dorm, or any empty wall space. My favorite is the scratch off book cover poster. I also found one with a Hermione quote and a To Kill a Mockingbird fabric book cover.


Library Stamp Shirt

I frequently visit the library (and have paid my share of library fines for overdue books). I thought this shirt is a cute throwback to when they actually used due date stamps. My library now uses stickers, which is heartbreaking. Plus, it has an obvious nod to a classic novel.



Book Collections

Even though a friend or family member might already own a lot of books, I’m sure they will still love a gorgeous collection of their favorite series or author. The Puffin In Bloom collection features four children’s classics. I also discovered a Charles Dickens collection, a Bronte sisters collection, and an amazing suitcase set with all seven Harry Potter books.


Book Page Bouquet

If you’re fond of giving flowers, why not give ones that will last forever!



You can’t go wrong with candles, right? Personalize this common gift for the book lovers in your life by selecting an Old Books, Sherlock’s study, or Wizardy Buttery Drink scent!


What are you planning to purchase for the book lovers in your life?

*Full disclosure – I get a small commission if you purchase an item through any of the Amazon links. I included them since they usually have the best prices, but if you see it cheaper somewhere else let me know!

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