Doorstep Desserts Review – Red Velvet Truffles

Doorstep Desserts is a subscription box that delivers pre-portioned and pre-baked ingredients. You are only responsible for assembling the ingredients and taking full credit for a delicious creation! The company ships boxes once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. You always choose from two dessert options or can skip a shipment if you don’t like either option.


I found out about this subscription box through Groupon! I snagged a three month trial for only $20. Normally each box costs $15, but you can do a trial run for only $7.50. There are at least 4-5 servings from each dessert, so even the $15 regular price is decent. In addition, shipping is included! I’m sharing my review of my third box today. Click here to find out what I received in my first box and here to check out my second box. 

Assembling The Ingredients

As I’m sure you can imagine, it is pretty thrilling when the box of dessert is delivered! Even though I knew what dessert I picked, it is still fun to open the box and find out exactly what’s inside. For my third box I picked the Red Velvet Truffles. Inside the box I found two round red velvet cakes, cream cheese icing, and white donut icing.


 Also included is a list of all ingredients, instructions, and nutrition facts. 



These truffles reminded me of the cake balls that my mom and I make together. The process takes a bit of time since they need to be refrigerated / frozen between steps. However, the actual assembly is pretty simple. 

First step is crumbling up the cake – the fun part! I also set a few crumbles aside to garnish the truffles. Then, I mixed the rest of the cake crumbles with the cream cheese icing. After that step, I rolled that mixture into small balls. These go into the freezer to harden for about 20 minutes.

Once you pull them out, melt the donut glaze in the microwave and dip the truffles in the glaze. Finally, sprinkle them with the set aside cake crumbles! I’ll admit, mine look pretty terrible because I was making them quickly. Oh well : )

Final Product

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of these truffles. The red velvet cake was flavorful and moist, but the cream cheese icing wasn’t as rich as I hoped. Also, the donut glaze is super sweet and didn’t mesh well with the other flavors. They would be better dipped in melted chocolate instead of the glaze. After a few boxes, I’ve noticed Doorstep Desserts tends to use the same ingredients over and over, so they need to work on a bit more variety! I will not be renewing my subscription at the regular price, but I’ll keep an eye on Groupon for any new deals : )

Have you tried any other food / dessert subscription boxes? Which one is your favorite?


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