Book Blog Link Ups: A Complete List

A list of the best book blog link ups to find new recommendations or add your own blog posts!

When I was fairly new to the blogging world, I was thrilled when I discovered the “link up”. In case you’re unfamiliar, book blog link ups are a way for a bunch of bloggers to share links to their related content in one post by the host blogger.

I’ve found them useful both as a reader and blogger. As a reader, they introduce me to new websites that I hadn’t visited before. Particularly for bookish content, this means lots of new ideas of what to read next! As a book blogger, they drive traffic to that specific post, which opens the door for additional views of the rest of my content.

Often, I found myself stumbling on to a book blog link up and then forgot which website hosted it by the following month. So, I finally put together a list of my favorite bookish link ups (to help me keep track) and to share with anyone else who might be interested.


Best Book Blog Link Ups


Quick Lit by Modern Mrs Darcy

This was my first link up exposure and I’m now a faithful follower. These posts are short summaries of what everyone’s been reading recently. It’s extremely helpful for what to read next ideas without having to slog through long-winded book reviews. Link up on the 15th of each month.




Show Us Your Books by Jana Says & Life According to Steph.

Similar to Quick Lit, these posts are often a summary of recent reads. Link up on the second Tuesday of each month. This particular link up has a lot of engagement and they encourage bloggers to visit other posts and comment! It’s a lot of fun to see what everyone else is reading and feels like a mini book club!



Monthly Book Reviews – Eline over at Lovely Audiobooks

Eline hosts a monthly linkup to share book reviews! She does an excellent job of sharing participants’ reviews on her blog and social media and there’s always a wide variety of reviews to browse. She’s known for her audiobook reviews, but accepts every type of reading format. If you’re partial to audiobooks though, this is a great resource!



Top 10 Tuesday by That Artsy Reader Girl

Each week, Jana provides a new topic. Once you create a post with your own Top Ten, you can add it to her linkup. Recent Top Tens include Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR (to be read), Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes, and Top 10 Books on my TBR the Longest. Link up every Tuesday.



Nonfiction Friday by Doing Dewey Decimal

Although not as populated as other link ups, I like this one for it’s unique topic. Nonfiction doesn’t always get a lot of attention in the book blogging world, so here’s your chance to remedy that! Link up every Friday. 



I’m sure there are tons of other book blog link ups that I haven’t found yet, so let me know what I missed!


  1. Thank you for this! I really like checking out other blogs, too. I really like when I find a review with a completely different take on my feelings. There’s been many times where I was able to either go back and re-read something, or at the very least find a new appreciation for a book I initially wrote off. Plus I am always happy to add a new book list/newsletter to my collection!

    1. Yes I love seeing what other people think of books I’ve read. It’s amazing how the same book can incite such varied reactions.

    1. Ok question – for TTT it seems like TONS of people link up right away. Does she announce topics ahead of time or is it really just bloggers putting together posts super quick?

        1. Ooh geez can’t believe I missed that! It makes much more sense now why there are so many link ups so soon ha.

  2. Fun idea! I love link-ups, and I take part in a variety of them (though not all book related). I know there’s a new version of Waiting on Wednesday that Wishful Endings hosts!


    1. You’re welcome! I’m trying to get into reading more nonfiction, so it’s helpful having a dedicated linkup!

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