TBR Mix N’ Mingle – April 2019

April will be my first attempt at reading with a baby at home! I’m trying not to set my expectations too high, but am still hoping to get a few books read. What are your best strategies for finding time to read with kids??

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April TBR List:

The Late Bloomers’ Club by Louise Miller

After devouring The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living, I was ecstatic to find Miller’s second novel at my library’s used book sale for $1. I’ve heard great reviews about this one too.





The Farm by Joanne Ramos

Thanks to Random House for an actual physical ARC of this novel!! The premise is undeniably intriguing – a luxury “retreat” where women go to have babies for wealthy couples. It releases in early May, so this is a must-read for April!





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  1. Audiobooks will be your best friend. If you don’t have a pair already, I’d suggest a pair of wireless earbuds so baby doesn’t constantly pull them out of your ears. Feeding takes up soooooo much time (especially if you go the breast feeding route), but you’ll have your hands full (literally). So audiobooks are great for that. Especially in the beginning. I felt like I was breast feeding 20-22 hrs a day! Also, I read out loud to my kids starting from day one. When they were newborns, I’d get cozy with them in the rocking chair and read one of my books out loud. I started with The Alchemist with my oldest. They loved the sound of my voice and would just sit and listen. Sometimes even fall asleep. Obviously I have a lot of advice to give whether you want it or not! I’ll be on the lookout for that birth announcement!

    1. Awesome advice! I need to start downloading audiobooks and I have a pair of wireless earphones that are currently just collecting dust haha.

  2. So exciting! The best thing I did for myself when I had babies was get an e-reader with a cover that flips vertically and stands like an easel (rather than opening like a book). I could set it on the arm of a chair while I was nursing or just holding the baby. I never really mastered holding a physical book and baby. Another thing that helped (and I’m not sure if products have changed) was the My Breast Friend pillow, because it has kind of a firm, flat surface–as opposed to a Boppy. I’m obviously full of advice, too, but just experiment and find what works for you–you’ll do great!

    I’m reading The Farm this month, too 🙂

    1. I never would have thought of that – super helpful tip about the e-reader! I did try a friend’s Breast Friend and like it a lot better than the Boppy too.

  3. If you’re nursing, read while nursing, because you spend a TON of time doing what is basically just sitting there once you get the hang of it (but if you’re nursing, learn to nurse while lying down as soon as you can, because that will utterly save your sanity!). Audiobooks are great for bottle feeding! And as the baby gets a little older and is exploring toys and carpet fuzz and whatnot, plop yourself on the floor as well and read your own book out loud. That saved me when my son was young, and he developed a love of reading because of it. Now, if you have a kiddo like my daughter, who is more concerned with attacking your face with the book…good luck, and maybe consider that after she grows up, you’ll have the skills to become a professional hockey goalie. 😀

    Go easy on yourself, though; there will probably be days where you’re too exhausted/burnt out to do anything other than stare mindlessly at the TV, and THAT’S OKAY. Be good to yourself and give yourself what your body and your mind need, even if it’s not what you had originally planned on. This baby stuff can be tough and no one’s handing out any prizes for who martyrs themselves the most, so don’t be hard on yourself if your books don’t get read and there’s an Everest-sized mound of laundry and/or dishes. It happens to all of us!


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