What I’m Loving Lately – September 2019

October is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. Let’s just say September was a month I’m happy to forget. We had a disastrous trip to Williamsburg, Jay was away for a few days on a work trip, and Connor had an ear infection scare. Thankfully, the month wrapped up on a great note with a trip to visit Jay’s grandmother in Florida. See all the details of our month below!

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TV Shows / Movies

Stranger Things – With my free Netflix month, I started strong on Stranger Things but fizzled out the past two weeks. Jay isn’t watching with me, so I haven’t found time to watch it by myself. It’s decent so far, but I’m getting very strong vibes of The Institute by Stephen King, which I just read.

Arrested Development – Another Netflix show! Our goal is to rewatch the entire series, but we’re still only halfway through the first season. Looks like I’ll be paying for a Netflix subscription for at least another month or two…



Check out my latest reading roundup of book recommendations here! I’m currently reading:


Grilling with Friends – Due to a low bible study turnout, we spent one Sunday evening with just another couple and their two year old grilling and hanging out in their backyard. It was a great night to enjoy being outdoors, even if it did mean 15 bug bites the next day!

Visiting Florida – A month ago we scheduled a last minute trip to visit Jay’s grandmother in Florida. It was our first plane ride with Connor and my first time meeting her! We spent three relaxing days enjoying the weather and her pool. Surprisingly, the flights went well! Connor got a bit antsy, but he loved looking around and smiling at the other passengers 🙂


Williamsburg VA Vacation – Ah, a vacation I’d rather forget! This is one of my favorite areas to visit (and I put together a complete first timer’s guide to Williamsburg if you ever want to go!), so it was a huge disappointment that I got seriously sick. Then I passed it on to Jay and both my parents. Sorry guys! We managed to get out one day and stroll through Colonial Williamsburg for an hour, but that was pretty much it.


What I’m Loving

Baileys Tea – We love buying loose leaf tea from Capitol Teas and this time around I got a Bailey’s flavored tea!! In the afternoon I also add a touch of real Baileys and it is a delicious treat.

Car Seat Travel Bag – This was a lifesaver on our plane trip to Florida. We carried Connor in his car seat up to the check in counter, then popped it in the bag. It was wonderful knowing the expensive car seat was protected. Plus we were able to stuff extra diapers and wipes in there.

Jif Peanut Butter – Did you know you can buy Jif peanut butter through Amazon Prime?? I was getting desperate, but didn’t feel like running to the grocery store. Thankfully, Amazon Prime came through 😊 Two 40oz jars were actually a decent price!

Fall Decorations – I’m always on the hunt for more fall decorations since my collection is a bit sparse. My favorite finds are a Fall burlap banner, mini crocheted pumpkins, and an autumn activity themed wall signpost!


Favorite Blog Posts

Books Set in Ireland – A book list that I loved putting together! All of these books take place in Ireland and were published since 2000.

How To Read More Books– These are my best tips and tricks for finding more time to read in your busy day.

The Institute by Stephen King Book Review – Jay and I both share our reviews of Stephen King’s newest release. For those who don’t like creepy or scary reads, this one is definitely for you!


What were your highlights of September?

Here’s what I was loving in August!



  1. I am loving your fall-colored book stack! And oh, Amazon Prime – the best. As is Arrested Development – definitely a show I could do a re-watch of. I’m busy with the return of Poldark to Masterpiece though at the moment 🙂

  2. The Institute looks like a page turner – I’ll go read your review now.
    Sorry you had a vacation you’d rather forget – getting ill on holiday is the worst 🙁

  3. I’ll get to Stranger Things someday…October would probably be a good month to check it out! So sorry to hear everyone got sick, but glad at least the Florida trip went well! That burlap banner is too cute, that is my next hopeful purchase for my living room decor, LOL.

  4. I love the picture with all the orange!

    Getting sick on vacation has become a ridiculous standard for us. I think it’s because of the stressful lead-up to traveling? Kills the immune system. And plus new germs.

  5. baileys tea, yum. i love baileys and i love tea, why have i not done this? i only drink tea in the mornings though, i feel like work might frown if i throw a bit of baileys in there lol. i’m sorry you got sick on vacation, that is the worst.

    1. It was a revolutionary discovery! I haven’t been books enough to try it at work yet haha! Hopefully I don’t ever hit the point where it’s necessary!

  6. I love Stranger Things. The first season is still one of my favorites. It is hard when your partner won’t watch. Since Tom and I watch things together, I find it hard to keep watching something that he has lost interest in or doesn’t want to see. When he goes to bed, I pick up a book instead of watching one of these shows. I really need to start the 2nd season of The Handmaid’s Tale because of this.

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