Unique White Elephant Gift Ideas

My latest gift guide is one I find particularly useful as well this time of year: white elephant gift ideas. Whether you need a coworker gift for the office secret santa or a gift for a friend’s party, this white elephant gift guide has you covered. It’s tempting to just bring a gift card or bottle of wine, but if you want a white elephant gift with more substance check out my ideas!

I sorted them by price range, so you can jump to the agreed upon price for your particular white elephant game rules. The most common parties require white elephant gift ideas under $20, so you can find a wide variety in that section!

White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $10

Lottery Tickets

The gift that can be worth a whole lot more than $10! Scratch-offs are a useful option when the price limit is low. Plus, everyone loves a chance to win big.




Mini set of succulents

These plants are popular right now for good reason. They look adorable and they’re easy to keep alive without much effort. You can get a 4 pack for less than $10 from Etsy!


Puzzle Books

Crossword puzzles, word jumbles, and sudoku books are a cheap and entertaining gift.




Headphone Splitter

A handy item to have for airports, car rides, or even at home if you want some piece and quiet. This headphone splitter allows two people to listen to a device using their headphones at the same time. The keyring makes it extra portable and harder to lose.


Coffee Sampler Pack

Almost everyone consumes coffee and these K-cups can be used at the office or at home!



White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $20

Lip Balm 5 Pack

Select from a variety of unique lip balm flavors, including Bacon, Coffee Bean, Bourbon, Mimosa, Pumpkin Pie, and more.


Holiday Baking Supplies

Put together a small bag or basket filled with Christmas baking supplies. Christmas spatulas, hand towels, cupcake liners, and sprinkles are all options you can include!


Christmas Light Phone Charger

iPhone users can add holiday flair to their charging cables with this Christmas lights phone charger.



Board Game

Almost everyone loves to play board games, especially ones that are great for a crowd. You can find a variety of popular party games for less than $20.




jeopardy2022 Calendar

You can’t wrong with a daily desk calendar to spruce up someone’s work space. Choose a funny option, puzzles, or fun facts to please any interest.



Hickory Farms Sampler

Meats and cheeses are always a good choice for white elephant gift ideas under $20! The sampler from Hickory Farms features sausage, cheddar cheese, mustard, crackers, and four candies.



For more gift ideas, take a look at my gift guide for book lovers and gift guide for Harry Potter fans!


White Elephant Gift Ideas Over $20

Essential Oil Starter Kit

For just over $20 you can give a set of the most popular essential oils. Some people swear by the natural abilities of the different scents.


Book of the Month Subscription

A 3 month subscription to this book box is $50. So, this an option if your group tends to buy more expensive gifts. It’s a perfect gift idea for coworkers or family members you don’t know as well, since they can choose their own books.


Godiva Chocolate Gift Box

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Godiva is a well-known luxury chocolate brand and their box of assorted truffles is less than $30.


Scratch Off Map

A map of the United States reveals pictures representing each state when scratched off! Perfect for the travel lovers in your group.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – Spice up the party with a make your own hot sauce kit! Men or women who can take the heat would love a chance to concoct their own signature sauces.




Wine Advent Calendar

This adorable box is a perfect holder for mini wine bottles or other mini alcohol bottles. Fill it with a variety of your own choosing for a gift literally anyone would enjoy!


What are your favorite coworker gift ideas or white elephant gift ideas under $20?


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