What I’m Loving Lately – June 2020

Discover what movies, TV shows, events, and products I was loving in June 2020!

Well folks, just like that we’re halfway through 2020! What a wild year it’s been so far, as we all know. I hope you are starting to get into the swing of summer, even if it looks different than years past.

We joined my parents on a “vacation” and got outdoors as much as possible. We’ve also started to see a few friends here or there, which has been such a blessing.

It’s amazing how nice it feels to have one or two items on the calendar to look forward to each weekend!

Check out my recommendations from June and a few things we were up to this month! I’d love to hear about what you’re loving lately in the comments too!

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TV Shows / Movies

The Great – A historical fiction satire about Catherine the Great. This is a surprisingly hilarious take on Russia when Catherine, played wonderfully by Elle Fanning, becomes the Empress.

Sweet Magnolias – A Southern drama about a group of friends who rely on each other through all sorts of family and professional drama. This is a sweet, endearing show with a drastic cliffhanger!!! I’m dying to hear when Season 2 will come out.


Check out my latest reading roundup of June’s book recommendations! I’m currently reading:

My 4 & 5 star reads from May:
Happy and You Know It by Laura Hankin – Rich moms in NYC behaving badly. Clare joins a mom group to provide entertainment for the children, but quickly becomes a part of their tribe. At least until she figures out an enormous secret that devastates them. | Amazon

One To Watch by Kate Stayman-London – The Bachelorette with a plus sized lead! Bea is a plus sized fashion blogger who is asked to star as the next “Main Squeeze.” She’s doing it for the publicity, so she never expects to actually start falling for a few of the gorgeous men. | Amazon

American Royals by Katharine McGee – Majesty is the sequel to American Royals, so you’ll want to start here! This novel imagines America with a royal family. Readers follow all the scandal, drama, and tough decisions facing the three siblings in line for the throne | Amazon


Poconos Getaway – My parents rented a place in the Poconos for a week, so we joined them for a night in June! It felt amazing to be in the mountains, even if it’s only an hour away. We spent a few hours in Jim Thorpe, walked a ton, and I got to play tennis with my brother! Low key but much needed.

jim thorpe

Drive Through Zoo – Our local zoo opened up to cars only for a few weekends this month. They directed cars through the main pathways of the zoo so you could see the animals from your car!! Connor recognized a few of the animals, but also thought a camel was a dog 🙂


Peloton Workouts – I was looking around for a new workout app and decided to give Peloton a try. They surprisingly have a huge selection of workouts you can do with no equipment. There’s a solid mix of HIIT workouts, bodyweight strength workouts, yoga, stretching, and even guided outdoor running!

Things I’m Loving

Strappy Flats – I’m always on the hunt for new sandals since I wear them exclusively in the summer. I came across this ballet inspired pair and couldn’t resist! They’re surprisingly comfortable and go great with a lot of outfits. | DSW

Eyeglass Nose Pads – This might be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever mentioned, but they work!! My glasses kept sliding down my nose when I looked down. So I bought these super cheap pads to stick on to my glasses. You can’t see them and they keep my glasses in place! | Amazon

NYX Lip Gloss – I am NOT a makeup person, but I’ve been tentatively trying out very light lip gloss/lipstick. This was a safe $3 purchase that goes on like a lip gloss but has enough of a tint to make it stand out. I also tried a matte cream lipstick that felt like I was wearing nothing!! | Amazon

Once Upon A Book Club Box – This subscription box was a treat to myself and I just received my first box this month! It is even better than I hoped. The gifts are thoughtful, well made, and you can only open them when you reach a certain page! If you’re interested, you can get $5 off with my link plus 10% off with code NEVERENOUGHNOVELS10!

once upon a book club

Favorite Blog Posts from June

Best Books of 2020 So Far – We’re halfway through the year, so I put together my list of favorite books that I’ve read so far. This features a mix of 2020 new releases and backlist books I loved this year!

What were your highlights of June?

Here’s what I was loving in May!


  1. I really liked Happy & You Know It as well. How fun you were able to get away for a night – even if you didn’t go far!! And I love the idea of a drive-through zoo. That’s really fun.


  2. oh, i’ve seen the trailer for the great and it looks hilarious. glad you liked it. oh, i haven’t finished the sweet magnolias book, didn’t know about the cliffhanger – i really, really disliked the book lol but it didn’t end on a cliffhanger. the show is cute though! i am currently reading one to watch, really enjoying it so far!

  3. I’ve been using the Peloton app since April and I am LOVING it. I do a lot of stretching and yoga especially, but starting to get more into the strength (and I use my parents’ bike for the rides). Love the instructors, and also love that they license actual good music – way better than the gym I went to! So nice that you got a change of scenery – low-key is the necessary way to do it these days, but a chance to be with family and have a little break from your house is so good. Also, cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Majesty!

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