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Bookish Face Masks: Masks For Book Lovers

A roundup of bookish face masks so you can show off your love of books and stay safe!

Since masks are a regular part of our lives nowadays, we’re starting to see a variety of creative face masks available. I was thinking about buying more masks to include in my rotation. So, of course I wanted to find a face mask that reflects my favorite hobby: reading!

As a fellow book lover, you may be interested in showing off how much you love reading with a bookish face mask too!

I’m rounding up all the options I could find for bookish face masks, so you don’t have to go search yourself. A few of my go-to literary accessory stores are offering them. Plus, Etsy is full of face masks for book lovers!

Most of these sites have a lot of options in addition to the ones I’m showing, so have fun looking around!


*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any products purchased through the links below. Thank you for supporting my book blog!


Bookish Face Masks


Literary Quotes Face Mask

$15 From Litographs

This adorable mask features a variety of quotes from literature! It has two layers of fabric and loops to go over your ears.

literary quotes face mask



So Many Books So Little Time Face Mask

$10 (on sale for $8) from TeePublic

This site has a huge variety of masks for book lovers! You can choose from a bunch of bookish quotes, pictures of books, book stacks, and more!

so many books face mask



Night Court Face Mask

$22 from Etsy

Where are all my fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses series?? This Night Court mask is a gorgeous print that will subtly show your devotion to the books!

night court face mask


Bookworm Face Mask

$11 from Etsy

This bookish face mask has a super cute and colorful pattern!

bookworm face mask




Harry Potter House Face Mask

$13 from Etsy

Represent your Harry Potter house with one of these Harry Potter face masks!!

ravenclaw face mask



Bookshelves Face Mask

$12 from Threadless

This is a cute and simple design featuring books on a bookshelf!

bookshelf face mask



Book Nerd Face Mask

$12 on Out Of Print (expected to be in stock by late July!)

I love the color and text on this bookish face mask!

book nerd face mask



Literary Themed Face Masks

$13 from Etsy

This Etsy shop has a variety of literary themed face masks from which to choose!

literary themed masks




Which of these is your favorite bookish face mask?


Save for later!

bookish face masks


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