Bookish Face Masks: 8 Masks For Book Lovers

A roundup of bookish face masks so you can show off your love of books and stay safe!

Since masks are a regular part of our lives nowadays, we’re starting to see a variety of creative face masks available. I was thinking about buying more masks to include in my rotation. So, of course I wanted to find a face mask that reflects my favorite hobby: reading!

As a fellow book lover, you may be interested in showing off how much you love reading with one of these bookish face masks too!

I’m rounding up all the options I could find for bookish face masks, so you don’t have to go search yourself. A few of my go-to literary accessory stores are offering them. Plus, Etsy is full of face masks for book lovers!

One extra bonus – with the declining demand for new face masks, I’m seeing prices drop significantly! You can find options for $5 – $10 which is just the cost of a cup of coffee or two!

Most of these sites have a lot of options in addition to the ones I’m showing, so have fun looking around!


*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any products purchased through the links below. Thank you for supporting my book blog!


Bookish Face Masks


Literary Quotes Face Mask

$15 From Litographs

This adorable mask features a variety of quotes from literature! It has two layers of fabric and loops to go over your ears. It might be hard to keep on though if you want to keep taking it off to read it 🙂

literary quotes face mask





Bookaholic Face Mask

$10 (on sale for $8) from TeePublic

This site has a huge variety of masks for book lovers! You can choose from a bunch of bookish quotes, pictures of books, book stacks, and more! Enjoy looking around and seeing what’s available. You might just end up with more than one.

so many books face mask



Night Court Face Mask

$22 from Etsy

Where are all my fans of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series?? This Night Court mask is a gorgeous print that will subtly show your devotion to the books! Plus, it’s the only option here that’s a different format, so if you prefer these style of bookish face masks this Etsy site is for you.

night court face mask


Bookworm Face Mask

$5 from Etsy

This bookish face mask has a super cute and colorful pattern! I purchased this myself since it’s a great price and adorable design. So far it’s held up great through many, many washes and provides a snug fit on my face.

bookworm face mask




Harry Potter House Face Mask

$6 from Etsy

Represent your Harry Potter house with one of these Harry Potter face masks!! You can choose from one of the Hogwarts houses specifically or go with the Hogwarts crest. This is another one I bought for myself and it’s well-made!

ravenclaw face mask



Bookshelves Face Mask

$12 from Threadless

This is a cute and simple design featuring books on a bookshelf! I love that this option is a little less flashy than some of the others. The sleek black print looks great in any situation without being too over the top.

bookshelf face mask



Book Nerd Face Mask

$12 on Out Of Print 

I love the color and text on this bookish face mask! You can get it from Out of Print’s Amazon store so it’s guaranteed to arrive quickly. There are also plenty of other bookish face masks options from which to choose. The prices vary depending on the print and size, so you may be able to snag a great deal!

book nerd face mask



Literary Themed Face Masks

$13 from Etsy

This Etsy shop has a variety of literary themed face masks, so there’s something for everyone!

literary themed masks




Which of these is your favorite bookish face masks?


Save for later!

bookish face masks


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