What I’m Loving Lately – August 2020

Discover what movies, TV shows, events, and products I was loving in August 2020!

Well, just like that another season has come and gone! We finally started to get a break from the heat toward the end of August and I adored the extra time spent outdoors.

After dinner walks resumed and a few nights felt like the first taste of fall. I won’t deny I’m ready for summer to be over! Bring on cooler temps and all things autumn!!

Check out my recommendations from August and a few things we were up to this month! I’d love to hear about what you’re loving lately in the comments too!

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TV Shows / Movies

Philadelphia Phillies / Flyers – Ok, these aren’t movies or TV shows but I’ve had sports on almost every single night this month!! It’s been a blast watching the Flyers advance through the playoffs. Plus, there’s no better background noise than having a baseball game on while blogging 🙂

Ted Lasso – We just recently replaced our FireTV stick with an AppleTV and kept seeing commercials for this comedy show only available on AppleTV. The pilot episode was funny, so I’m looking forward to continuing! Its about a mediocre American coach who is hired take over a Premier League soccer (“football”) team. 



You can find mini reviews of what I’ve been reading recently in August’s book recommendations! I’m currently reading:



My 4 & 5 star reads from August:

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab – A light fantasy that completely captivated me. Addie LaRue makes a deal with a god that allows her to live forever but she is forgotten by everyone she meets. Readers follow throughout her life as she deals with her curse. | Amazon

The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline – An intense but captivating story about the plight of women convicts who were sent to Australia as servants. The topic is difficult but the writing is compelling and makes it a quick read. Another five star book. | Amazon



Memory Lane – My mom unearthed a few “books” that my elementary class put together and it was hilarious reading through them! One was a collection of what we wanted to be when we grow up. I’m an accountant now so I totally nailed that. The other was for my “star student” award, in which all the kids wrote nice things about me. So cute!!



Cupcake Decorating – My mom and I went to a local bakery to decorate cupcakes for my birthday! They had a “walk-in” service where you picked pre-packaged icing, fondant, sprinkles and were able to decorate 4 cupcakes using your supplies. I obviously went with a bookish theme 🙂 My mom and I had a blast being creative (and eating icing) together!




State Park Adventure – On another episode of Connor, Mom, and the Grandparents, we took Connor to a local state park to explore! He adored throwing rocks into the stream, picking up sticks, swinging, and walking along the lake. It’s SO much fun watching his little eyes light up at the smallest things. 

state park



Things I’m Loving

Asics Running Shoes – I’ve been wearing these shoes as long as I can remember!! I just keep upgrading to the latest version whenever mine wear through. They’re reasonably priced, comfortable, and last a long time. | Amazon


Water Bottle – I’m trying to drink more water these days, so I love that this one keeps track of how much I should drink each hour. Plus, there are a ton of fun colors from which to choose! | Amazon 


Essie Mint Nail Polish – I adore Essie nail polish and have been loving this minty color lately. I’ve been doing lots of at home pedicures and manicures these days! | Amazon


Favorite Blog Posts from August

Best YA Fantasy Books – This is the perfect year to escape into the young adult fantasy genre! These novels are full of drama, action, and will keep you enthralled from start to finish.



What were your highlights of August?

Here’s what I was loving in July!


  1. Thank you. Your “What I am Loving” listing has helped me in my journaling. I have started my own and it has helped me during this tough year to see the good and reflect on the good not the bad.
    What I am loving:
    I am rereading old books I love as a comfort blanket idea. Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare and the Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell and rereading the Percy Jackson series with my son has been a lot of fun for August.
    I am loving my Woodwick candle Fireside by Yankee Candle. I have been blazing (see what I did there) through my candle stash and need to restock. Candles have been a way of relaxing this year as well.
    I am loving: I bought myself a set of linen sheets that I found at a TJ Maxx at a pretty good price.
    I am loving: The Great tv show and then with my son we rewatched the Toy Story movies, 1 every weekend.
    I am loving: the app Star Walk2 I enjoy the night sky and learning about what I am seeing.
    Sorry for the long post.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Ted Lasso is such a delightful show! I love how he is just a genuinely good person and that causes chaos around him when other characters don’t understand how pure his motivations are.

  3. The cupcakes are so cute!

    I’m going to bookmark those Asics…I had a horrible time finding shoes last year. I usually go with Nikes but they’re not foolproof so I always have to try a few pairs.

  4. Happy (now Belated) Birthday, again! OMG, those cupcakes are adorable and that class sounds like a blast. Love that your cupcakes have books on them, too. Right now, we are binging Lucifer on Netflix, and I am in love. My running shoes are ASICS too! They’ve been good to me. Your trip down memory lane is super cute!

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