My Favorite Things of 2020

Just like Oprah, a few of my favorite things of 2020!

What a year it’s been! Rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of this year (and my oh my were there plenty), I wanted to share some of the things that brought me joy! 

My favorite things of 2020 include a variety of products that made me smile this year. You’ll find items that are particularly suited for staying at home, so hopefully you’ll find something useful for you too!

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite things of 2020 were, so please share in the comments! 

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My Favorite Things of 2020

  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty / Daily Ritual
  • Subscription Boxes
  • For The Home / Entertainment


Health and Wellness Favorites:

Yoga Socks

I received a pair of Kate Spade socks in my first FabFitFun box and I refuse to stop wearing them! They’re thick and comfy and honestly work really well just walking around the house on hardwood floors haha! These are a similar version in stock on Amazon. | Amazon






Fitbit Inspire 2 HR

My Fitbit died in July, so I immediately bought the slightly newer version of the one I owned. I like the slim design, HR tracker, and the data that’s easily accessible on the screen. | Amazon








Yoga Blocks

When I started doing yoga just a month ago, I thought the yoga blocks would be pointless. Then I realized how unflexible I am haha! They’re a HUGE help when doing different poses and I use them multiple times a week now. | Amazon





Balega Athletic Socks

These are hands down my favorite athletic socks. They are extremely comfortable and cushy and hold up well in the wash. I also love the extra lip at the back that helps prevent blisters around my ankles. | Amazon






Asics Sneakers

I have been buying Asics Excite running shoes for years and years now! This year brought another new pair because I put tons of miles on them from being at home all spring, summer, and fall. They’re a reasonable price and last a long time. | Amazon



Peloton Bike

Here’s the big one!! Earlier this year I signed up for just the Peloton app to start taking their cardio, strength, and yoga classes. Well, I fell in love with the instructors and variety of workouts. So, when Peloton lowered the price of their bike, I couldn’t resist. It’s now available for a few hundred dollars less and with my code you can get $100 in free accessories!! I ADORE IT. | Peloton (Use Referral Code YZ8685 during purchase)





Beauty / Daily Ritual Favorites:

Bigelow Tea

At work I always went for a 9am walk with a friend to get hot water for our tea! Since we’ve been at home, I’ve missed the time but at least get to enjoy my favorite tea! | Target




RoC 5 in 1 Moisturizer

I have essentially no skin care routine, but I was looking for a face moisturizer when I stumbled upon a sample of this! It helps keep my skin from drying out and has sunscreen, which is apparently something I should be using daily… | Amazon






Warby Parker Glasses

Since I last purchased new glasses in college, I finally decided it was time to upgrade this year. I saw a few ads for Warby Parker so I decided to give their at home try-on program a try. You get to pick 5 styles and have them sent to your house completely for free! I ended up doing it 3 times to confirm which glasses I liked best. Plus, the entire cost was only $95!! | Warby Parker



Nose Guard

Well, since I got new glasses, I also decided to solve a constant problem I have where glasses slip off my nose haha. I found these cheap but effective nose guards on Amazon! The silicon padding helps my glasses stay in place. | Amazon






Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

Sephora offers a few terrific perfume sampler sets at great prices if you’re like me and have no idea what you like. Daisy was a light, floral option that I can wear on a daily basis. | Sephora






Save For Later!

my favorite things of 2020




Subscription Box Favorites:

Since I couldn’t go anywhere most of this year, I went a little crazy with having things delivered to my house. So, naturally subscription boxes became a prominent part of my favorite things of 2020!



This is a recent addition to my favorite things of 2020! I received my first box just last month and immediately switched to an annual subscription. I love the ability to choose which items go into my box so I’m guaranteed to get products I’ll use. I honestly wasn’t expecting this to live up to the ridiculous hype (and ads you see everywhere), but this does! | FabFitFun (Get $10 Off Your First Box)



Book Of The Month

The top of the line book subscription box. Each month you can choose from five recently released or upcoming books from a variety of genres. My favorite feature is the ability to skip a month if you’re not interested in the selections! Use my referral link to get your first book for only $5!!  | Book Of The Month





Once Upon A Book Club

As a reader, it’s always thrilling to receive a book in the mail. The only thing better is a bunch of gifts to open as you read the book! I love the unique nature of this box and the quality of the gifts included! You can find my review of a recent book included in my September book recommendations. Use code NeverEnough10 to get 10% off your first box!! | Once Upon A Book Club




Stitch Fix

If you haven’t yet heard of Stitch Fix, here’s a quick primer: A clothing subscription box (for women, men, and kids) that sends you five hand picked items each month. You only pay for what you keep and send back what you don’t want. The styling fee of $20 gets applied to any items you purchase. I have fallen in love with my stylist because my closet is now practically only Stitch Fix! | Stitch Fix (Get a $25 Credit On Your First Box)




For the Home / Entertainment Favorites:


Unhide Marshmallow Blanket

This blanket was one of my choices from the FabFitFun box!! It’s a faux fur blanket from Ellen Degeneres’ new company and its SO SOFT. It’s become one of my most used favorite things of 2020! | Amazon





Stemless Champagne Glasses

In my book, champagne is not just for special occasions! I break out these cute stemless champagne flutes whenever I feel like opening a bottle. They don’t easily tip over and have a pretty polka dot design. | Amazon




Down Alternative Comforter

I was looking for a neutral, cozy comforter and came across this option! It’s light enough to be used year round and has held up really well even after multiple washes. | Bed Bath & Beyond




Laptop Backpack

Ironically, I purchased this new laptop backpack RIGHT before my company instructed everyone to work from home back in March. Although I don’t use it every day, I’m enjoying toting it around when I do! There are a ton of compartments and pockets to keep all my work and personal items organized. | Amazon




Yeti Water Bottle

I’m officially part of the Yeti fan club. I initially balked at the price, but these are absolutely worth the cost. I hate drinking lukewarm water so I love that I can have ice cold water throughout the entire day. Plus, my kiddo loves rolling it all over the floor, dropping it on the ground, and generally beating it up but it doesn’t even have a scratch! | Yeti






My first Kindle was a used one given to me years and years ago by a coworker who didn’t “read” (what??). I was more than happy to take it! However, this year it got a crack in the screen so it was time for an upgrade. The latest version of the basic Kindle has everything you’ll need. Lightweight, dimmable lighting, and a long battery life! | Amazon






Bookshop Puzzle

I’m sure quarantine triggered a discovery of all sorts of new hobbies for most of us! I ended up getting back into puzzling and this was my favorite one of the year! I missed being able to go to bookstores, so I loved at least working on a puzzle of one. | Amazon





Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker can be used in the shower but it’s also great for playing around the house. The light up ring around the edge is also a hit with kiddos :). It has a fairly decent radio as well as the Bluetooth capability. | Amazon





Share some of your favorite things of 2020 in the comments!


  1. I keep wondering about yoga socks – thanks for the recommendation on which ones work well 🙂

    My list includes slippers, going to bed early, workout plans, hand warming mugs, and leaving up the holiday lights.

    Here is it if you’d like to check it out – this was such a fun process to really sit down and think about the list and see what everyone else has come up with that linked to Modern Mrs Darcy!


  2. I bought a pair of Warby Parker glasses too this past year! I also have the same problem with them sliding — checking out those nose guards right now! Thanks for sharing!

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