May 2021 Book Recommendations

May 2021 Book Recommendations: What to Read & What to Skip

Welcome to my regular round up of mini book reviews for my May 2021 book recommendations! This month was all over the place, including a few books that I abandoned partway through!

If I didn’t finish a book, I won’t review it here but I’ll at least let you know the two DNFs were Fitness Junkie by Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes and The Lucky Escape by Laura Jane Williams.

In my list of May 2021 book recommendations, I include everything I’ve read recently that I finished.  I like to share both my five star reads and any misses to help you get a better idea of what you should read or might want to skip.

As always, I love to hear if you agree or disagree with my ratings! Let me know in the comments what you thought of my May 2021 book recommendations.

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any items purchased through the links above at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my book blog!!


May 2021 Book Recommendations



Physical Books:



how to walk away

How To Walk Away

by Katherine Center

Katherine Center has an undeniable knack for stories about strong women overcoming extraordinarily difficult circumstances. If you want to read an incredible story of a journey to finding happiness and purpose in any situation, pick this up right away!

Mere hours after getting engaged to the man of her dreams, Maggie finds herself in a hospital facing unfathomable and life altering injuries. She struggles between depression and optimism, setbacks and finding a new purpose. All with the help of her new physical therapist and formerly estranged sibling.

5 Stars | Amazon |








ties that tether

Ties That Tether

by Jane Igharo

I was admittedly expecting a much heavier book, but this is a classic contemporary romance novel with the unique perspective of a Nigerian woman struggling to date in North America. Igharo beautifully blended a romance story with the struggles of maintaining culture and parental pressure.

A deathbed promise to her father and never ending reminders from her mother mean Azere is locked in to marrying a fellow Nigerian. It’s not a big deal until she unexpectedly falls for a gorgeous, wonderful…white man. When their relationship turns serious, she must choose between a chance at love and her family.

4.5 Stars | Amazon |









Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

by Elle Cosimano

A frazzled mom accidentally becomes a contract killer? Yep – that’s the summary! I normally avoid the mystery/thriller genre, but the sarcastic, at her wits end main character drew me in. 

Finlay desperately needs to finish her next crime novel, but she’s too worried about maintaining custody of her kids and keeping her life from utterly falling apart. When a women mistakenly thinks her plot discussion is based on real life, she hires Finlay to take care of her husband…for A LOT of money. Money that would help stabilize her situation and let her keep her kids.

I think fans of this genre will adore this novel! It was admittedly a bit far-fetched for me, but if I thought it was an even somewhat enjoyable read then I know most others will love it!

3.5 Stars | Amazon |








Save For Later!

may 2021 book recommendations







eBooks (reading from Netgalley / Library):




soulmate equation

The Soulmate Equation

by Christina Lauren

This author/best friends duo is back on their game with The Soulmate Equation! I simply adored this nerdy take on matchmaking and couldn’t get enough of the love story between the two characters.

DNADuo is a groundbreaking service that matches individuals based on their DNA. At the helm is brooding, devastatingly handsome River Pena who’s commitment to this project spans decades. On a whim, single mom Jess submits her data as part of their pre-launch testing. Neither of them expects an off-the-charts result to pop up…

4.5 Stars | Amazon |








borrow a bookshop

The Borrow A Bookshop Holiday

by Kiley Dunbar

When her parents and grandmother move to the next stage of their lives, Jude is left wondering where that leaves her. An unexpected opening at the borrow-a-bookshop vacation will at least give her something to do for two weeks. 

However, a man walks into the bookstore and up to her rented apartment her first night and she’s shocked to learn he’s also been given an invitation. She reluctantly agrees to let him stay and they decide to stay out of each other’s hair. At least for a few days until their attraction takes over…

This is an adorable jaunt into a world of books, small towns, misunderstandings, and finding love! This made it onto my list of the best beach reads of 2021!

4 Stars | Amazon




where the grass is green

Where The Grass Is Green And The Girls Are Pretty

by Lauren Weisberger

 Three women’s lives are set off course when the actions of one have implications for all. Peyton is a certifiable star as a national news anchor. Her daughter, Max, is a creative young women on the verge of heading to Princeton. Peyton’s sister, Skye, is adjusting to life as a stay-at-home mom but has found a passion project helping school age girls.

A college admissions scandal suddenly wrecks their world and they’re left dealing with the ramifications. Over the course of the summer, they try to come to terms with their new reality and wonder if it’s possible to rebuild any of what they’ve lost.

Unfortunately, the premise of this one sounded a lot more intriguing than the actual plot. The title is a bit of a mouthful and it feels like a warning about the rest of the book. I struggled to connect with the sisters and their decisions.

When the ending wrapped up extremely neatly, I found it even harder to swallow. Overall just a middle of the road women’s fiction novel!

3 Stars | Amazon |





Reading Tracker Analysis (January 2021 – Present)

Since I created my reading tracker (available here for only $5!!), I love having the ability to analyze my reading throughout the year!

One of the more advanced charts helps you determine the best recommendation sources throughout the year. So far I’m a perfect 5 stars from friends! It’s nice to see Book Of The Month options are next in line since that’s a subscription I happily pay for and recommend to others!










If you’d like to track and analyze your reading, check out my Reading Tracker!






What was the best book you read recently?


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  1. I haven’t read any of these although I’ve had friends enjoy the Katherine Center books. The Where the Grass is Green book title is from the song “Paradise City” from Guns n Roses. Do they make an appearance in the book? 🙂

  2. I loved “Finley Donovan Is Killing It”, and was excited to learn that the second book is on its way, but not due to be published until next February :,(

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