June 2021 Book Recommendations

June 2021 Book Recommendations: What to Read & What to Skip

Welcome to my regular round up of mini book reviews for my June 2021 book recommendations! There are plenty of great options to add to your summer reading list included below.

In my list of June 2021 book recommendations, I include everything I’ve read recently that I finished.  I like to share both my five star reads and any misses to help you get a better idea of what you should read or might want to skip.

As always, I love to hear if you agree or disagree with my ratings! Let me know in the comments what you thought of my June 2021 book recommendations.

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any items purchased through the links above at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my book blog!!


June 2021 Book Recommendations



Physical Books:



talk bookish to me

Talk Bookish To Me

by Kate Bromley

With a title like “Talk Bookish To Me” it’s hard not to have high expectations going in. Thankfully, this book lived up to every one! Kara is an established writer and bookstagrammer (!!!) who is struggling to meet a deadline for her latest novel. When her ex steps back into the picture, the tension they build up seems to flow directly into her book.

I adored the history in this former lover’s relationship and how they worked through their issues over time. The added bonus of bookish content and the writing process made this one of my favorite rom coms of the year!

4.5 Stars | Amazon | Bookshop.org








float plan

Float Plan

by Trish Doller

A heart-breaking situation leaves Anna grieving for a year until she decides to set off on a solo sailing trip that she was meant to take as part of a couple. She quickly realizes she can’t do it alone and hires Keane, who is dealing with his own demons, for assistance. As the two learn to overcome their past and discover more about each other, they both find unexpected healing.

I’m not really into sailing, but I enjoyed learning about it from Anna’s prospective and seeing how she and Keane worked together to make this incredible journey. Nothing about this romance felt rushed or unrealistic – plus the ending wasn’t the neatly wrapped up bow that I often come to expect.

4 Stars | Amazon | Bookshop.org








10 blind dates

10 Blind Dates

by Ashley Elston

While technically a holiday book since it takes place during the Christmas season, this YA novel is a delight year round! A big, meddling family arrange a series of blind dates for one of their own. Sophie wants nothing to do with this idea, but she reluctantly agrees to take her mind off her ex.

This had all of the sweetness I’d expect from a young adult, holiday novel and I adored it!! It was a delight to see the family all try to outdo each other and Sophie’s connection with them was heart-warming.

4 Stars | Amazon | Bookshop.org








Save For Later!








eBooks (reading from Netgalley / Library):




it happened one summer

It Happened One Summer

by Tessa Bailey

Schitt’s Creek fans – this book is for you! Tessa Bailey’s latest steamy novel is loosely based on the popular TV series. A Hollywood darling is cut off from her family’s wealth and essentially banished to a small beach town. She’s forced to run her late father’s dive bar in the hopes she’ll learn some responsibility, but immediately gets into a spat with a local sea captain.

This opposites attract romance promises all the sexual tension and steamy scenes that Tessa Bailey is amazing at writing! It made my list of the best books of 2021 so far!

5 Stars | Amazon Bookshop.org








eve brown

Act Your Age, Eve Brown

by Talia Hibbert

Hibbert is back with another Brown sister! Eve takes center stage in this novel, bringing lots of chaos and a whirlwind of sunshine. Jacob, who runs the B&B where she’s hoping to work, is her exact opposite. Despite his protestations, Eve takes up residence in the kitchen and gets under his skin in ways he cannot help but admire!

This was quite an adventure on audio!! Lots of steamy sections, so be prepared going in!

3.5 Stars | Amazon Bookshop.org





Reading Tracker Analysis (January 2021 – Present)

Since I created my reading tracker (available here for only $5!!), I love having the ability to analyze my reading throughout the year!

One of the new features for 2021 is the inclusion of a pie graph that shows the % of authors you read that are POC. If you’re trying to incorporate more diverse voices into your reading life, this can help keep you on track! Right now this makes up about 25% of reading, so I want to make sure I keep this up the rest of the year.

POC chart




If you’d like to track and analyze your reading, check out my Reading Tracker!






What was the best book you read recently?


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