September 2021 Book Recommendations

September 2021 Book Recommendations: What to Read & What to Skip

Welcome to my regular round up of mini book reviews for my September 2021 book recommendations! Included this month are the insanely popular Bridgerton books, my first wintry read of the year, and a middle of the road disappointment from a popular author.

In my list of September 2021 book recommendations, I include everything I’ve read recently that I finished.  I like to share both my five star reads and any misses to help you get a better idea of what you should read or might want to skip.

As always, I love to hear if you agree or disagree with my ratings! Let me know in the comments what you thought of my September 2021 book recommendations.

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September 2021 Book Recommendations



Physical Books:


the duke and I

The Duke and I / The Viscount Who Loved Me

by Julia Quinn

In a rare turn of events, I actually watched this series on Netflix before reading the books!! Historical romance is not usually my thing, but I adored the TV show. Plus, Once Upon A Book Club curated a special edition Bridgerton box with the first 3 books of the series. So, I simply could not resist… (P.S. The books are still available and you can get 10% off with code NeverEnough10)

Honestly, I fell head over heels for these novels!! They are witty and fast-paced and felt like reading a Jane Austen novel written in a modern style. So far, I’ve read the first two books in the series and equally enjoyed them.

The books follow different Bridgerton siblings as they navigate life and love. There’s drama, banter, family relationships, and conflict. Everything you could hope for in the perfect romance novel!

5 Stars | Amazon |








when sparks fly

When Sparks Fly

by Helena Hunting

I’ll admit that friends to lovers is my favorite romance trope, so maybe it’s no surprise that this was a hit! Avery devotes all of her time to the event hotel she runs with her sisters, leaving no time to worry about a man. She’d rather hang out with her guy friends, including her roommate Declan, anyway.

After an accident occurs, Avery is forced to rely on Declan in ways she never has before. And taking care of Avery brings forth feelings Declan has pushed down for ages. If they give in to their spark, it may ruin everything they’ve built up over the years.

This was a fresh and realistic take on making the jump from friends to something more! I identified with their reluctance and the fragility of their new relationship. I also appreciated the time devoted to improving themselves and resolving their issues individually! Highly recommend for all romance lovers! 

4 Stars | Amazon |








under the whispering door

Under The Whispering Door

by TJ Klune

As you may know, Klune’s prior novel, The House in the Cerulean Sea topped my list of the best books of 2020. Thus, my expectations were exceedingly high when cracking open Under The Whispering Door. The premise is admittedly unusual, but I had faith! 

Unfortunately, I only found a few glimmers of the emotional, heartfelt connection in this one. The story explores what happens after we die, following Wallace as he meets the individuals who are supposed to help him cross over into the next stage of afterlife. 

While I ultimately enjoyed the latter part of the story, it’s hard to get past the slogging through the first 100 pages. I’d recommend sticking with The House in the Cerulean Sea or one of his other books!

3 Stars | Amazon |








Save For Later!

september 2021 what to read and skip





eBooks (reading from Netgalley / Library):


eight perfect hours

Eight Perfect Hours

by Lia Louis

Anyone else ready for all the wintry books?? This is the perfect segue into a new season of books, since it actually takes place throughout the year. Noelle gets stranded on a highway during a blizzard and ends up spending hours and hours with a stranger. Over the course of the next year, they flit in and out of each other’s lives by chance.

This was a fun, fateful romance – I loved seeing how Noelle and Sam kept meeting and rooting for them to get together! A great option for anyone who wants a cozy cover but prefers their stories to play out over a period of time.

4 Stars | Amazon






the dating game

The Dating Game

by Sandy Barker

Bachelor / Bachelorette fans – this one’s for you!! The premise centers around an Australian version of the show, called The Stag. When a reality writer is given the chance to go behind the scenes as one of the contestants, she sees her opportunity to write a serious, hit piece that will put her on the map.

The book is about as much of a guilty pleasure as the show haha! You won’t find stellar writing or mind-blowing plot lines, but it’s a fun behind the scenes journey into the world of The Bachelor. (Plus, it’s only $3 on Kindle so you might as well give it a shot!)

3 Stars | Amazon










the temporary roomie

The Temporary Roomie

by Sarah Adams

Book 2 in the “It Happened in Nashville” series is just as delightful as The Off-Limits Rule! This time around we’re focused on Jessie and Drew, who end up as bickering roommates for a few weeks. Jessie needs a place to crash and Drew needs a date to ward off interested colleagues. 

The simmering tension between the two is obviously misdirected chemistry, but it’s fun watching them both work through it! 

As a bonus, it’s currently free with Kindle Unlimited (which you can try free for 30 days)!! 

4 Stars | Amazon




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What was the best book you read recently?


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