20 Romantic Movies Based On Books: Irresistible Love Stories

Turn down the lights and enjoy these romantic movies based on books!

If you’re looking to get lost in a romance book and then see it come to life on screen, this list of romantic movies based on books has you covered! 

Love stories are meant to be revisited over and over again, so these novels are the perfect option to read and watch. Choose one of the romantic movies based on books below and enjoy a cozy night in!

You’ll also find a few options based on classic books and young adult books at the end.

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Romantic Movies Based On Books



Happiness for Beginners

Find this first romantic movies based on books option on Netflix! Katherine Center is one of my all-time favorite authors, so I was thrilled to see her novel adapted into a movie. A newly divorced woman ends up on a wilderness survival course thanks to her brother. It is a complete disaster, with endless things going wrong. Including kissing her brother’s best friend who happens to be in the same course… Amazon (Book) | Buy From Target





The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

One of my all-time favorite books AND movies! The Netflix adaptation of this WWII historical fiction novel is phenomenal, as is the book. Told through a series of letters and visits, the love story features a writer who befriends a book club on the island of Guernsey after the war.

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crazy rich asians

Crazy Rich Asians

The glitz and glamor of the ultra rich Singapore elite families is wrapped up around a genuine love story. Rachel joins her boyfriend on a trip to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding and finds herself unexpectedly among people wealthier than she could ever imagine. As an outsider, she finds resistance at every turn and they both have to decide if they’re meant for each other. 

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the notebook

The Notebook

Obviously this is widely regarded as one of the ultimate romance movies, but did you know it also qualifies as one of these romantic movies based on books? The Notebook is also the title of the novel written by renowned romance author, Nicholas Sparks. The book is just as intense and passionate as the movie! 

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me before you

Me Before You

Sometimes love can put us through heart wrenchingly difficult circumstances, as shown in Me Before You. Louisa has no idea what she’s in for when she takes a job as a caretaker for a local family. Her charge turns out to be a bitter and cruel young man in a wheelchair who has no desire to keep living. 

As they come to understand each other, they discover they can help change their lives in unthinkable ways.

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Chocolate, intrigue, passion, prejudice. All of these mix together in a small French town when a single mom moves to a pompous town and opens a chocolate shop. 

The movie was Oscar-nominated, so this is one of the most critically acclaimed options on this list of romantic movies based on books!

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The course of these lovers lives changes in an instant, when a little girl tells a lie. This sweeping tale follows Cecilia and Robby through the repercussions that follow the rest of their days. From 1935 through World War II to the end of the century, will they ever escape from the crime that was never committed.

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Call Me By Your Name

A coming of age novel that won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay. A summer romance between a teen boy and a guest at his family’s Italian villa leads to unexpected awakenings and intimacy for both.  

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ps i love you

P.S. I Love You

Is there anything more romantic than following a trail of letters your late husband wrote to help you through your grief? Childhood sweethearts, Gerry and Holly thought they’d never be without each other. However, Holly is now facing her 30th birthday devastated and alone. Until she discovers letters Gerry wrote to help her through, one for each month of the first year. With his help, she learns how to live again.

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water for elephants

Water For Elephants

Finding love at the circus may seem like a farce, but there’s nothing but passion between Jacob and Marlena. Set during the Great Depression, penniless Jacob finds a job as an animal trainer at the circus. It’s miserable work, until he meets the married equestrian star, Marlena.

A passionate love affair begins between the two and continues throughout this entirely engrossing work of fiction.

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time travelers wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Suspend reality for a bit and let yourself be swept away by this heart wrenching and beautiful love story. Henry is a librarian who jumps back and forth through time against his will. Clare is the women he loves, at all times and all ages. These two must find a way to let their love endure, even through unimaginable circumstances that pull them apart.

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bridget jones diary

Bridget Jones’ Diary

There’s something we all can relate to in Bridget Jones’ sassy character, which makes it so easy to root for her to find love. Bridget is a 30-something woman on a mission to lose weight, stop smoking, and find a decent man, among other responsible adult goals.  

This also made it on to my list of the best chick lit books of all time!

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romantic movies based on books





Classic Romantic Movies Based On Books



pride and prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

One of the iconic love stories and my absolute favorite couple – Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. 

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the princess bride

The Princess Bride

This book is a romance, comedy, and action adventure all rolled into one, but it’s on this list because of it includes the “self-proclaimed” most romantic kiss of all time! Wesley is a farm boy who is deeply in love with a girl above his station. So, he sets off to seek his fortune. But years pass with no Wesley and Buttercup endures her broken heart.

She’s on the brink of a loveless marriage when she’s kidnapped by a rival nation and a pirate joins in on the hunt for her heart.

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jane eyre

Jane Eyre

A young woman with a tragic past takes a role as a governess for a mysterious man and his charge. The little girl is a delight, but the man is brooding and taciturn. At least until she starts to get under his skin and their conversations turn intriguing and meaningful.

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gone with the wind

Gone With The Wind

This epic movie may be four hours long, but it’s undeniably compelling. Scarlett O’Hara is a character for the ages – spoiled, strong, a hopeless romantic, cruel, but a survivor. Her love affair with Rhett Butler and her attempt to save her home during the Civil War is truly a memorable saga. 

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Young Adult Romantic Movies Based On Books


summer I turned

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The first of Jenny Han’s series to be included on this romantic movies based on books list! She’s a master of catching that nostalgic, young love feeling. For Belly, the summer months are everything. She lives for her time at the beach house, with her best friend and the boys she’s grown up with. When one summer changes everything between them, Belly is both delighted and terrified of what’s going to be different.

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to all the boys

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

One of the sweetest, romantic high school love stories. Reminisce about young love with this story of Laura Jean and a collection of love letters she wrote. The movie is just perfect and available on Netflix! Plus, you can continue the story both in book and movie form since it’s part of a trilogy!

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love simon

Love, Simon

A coming of age and coming out story that will warm your heart. Simon is forced out of his comfort zone when a private email that could expose his biggest secret falls into the wrong hands. 

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the fault in our stars

The Fault In Our Stars

Have some tissues handy for this last addition to the romantic movies based on books list. Hazel has known the path her life would take since she first got her cancer diagnosis. But she never saw Augustus coming. The new kid in her Cancer Support Group changes her life in ways she didn’t think remotely possible for someone like her.

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Which of these romantic movies based on books will you be watching this weekend?


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