2022 Reading Challenge: Romance Books

Get ready for romance with my 2022 reading challenge: Romance Books

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the romance genre or just dipping in your toes, you’ll expand your happy-ever-after reading life with my Romance Books 2022 Reading Challenge! You can adapt the categories to choose books anywhere in the range from sweet to sexy, so feel free to enjoy as much or as little steam as you prefer.

This romance 2022 reading challenge is meant to be low-key and low-pressure. You can complete the prompts in any order you choose, at any time of year! I am a stereotypical mood reader, so I understand the struggle of feeling locked in to a certain book at a certain time. 

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2022 Reading Challenge: Romance Books


January – A Backlist Book From A Favorite Author

January is known as the time for change, but let’s start with a guaranteed success! Pick a backlist book from a favorite author that you haven’t read yet. Some of my all time favorites with huge backlists are Christina Lauren, Jenny Colgan, and Julia Quinn.

I recently put together a post of all of Jenny Colgan’s novels in order, so you can easily select one! Since her books are often part of 3-4 book series, I also included the series order so you can ensure you’re picking up the 1st one in any series to start reading!

Share the image below on your Instagram Stories and add the book cover for the book you picked for January! Tag me @never.enough.novels and I’ll share your story!


February – A Friends to Lovers Romance

For the month most often associated with love, I’m picking my absolute favorite trope – friends to lovers! There’s something about the development of a friendship and slow building attraction that hooks me every time.

Share the image below on your Instagram Stories and add the book cover for the book you picked for February! Tag me @never.enough.novels and I’ll share your story!







March – A Romance with the Man On The Right

Let’s get into some cover design! Search high and low for a romance novel featuring the man on the right side of the cover. Because we know men think they’re always right, right?? This was an Instagram challenge a while back that was so fun to track down!





April – Your Least Favorite Trope

Time to mix things up a bit! It’s easy and fun to read novels with your favorite tropes, but I want to know which one is your least favorite. Ask for suggestions or hunt down a new to you book that features a trope you normally dislike and give it a shot! We’ll see if we can justify the hatred or pull a 180!

To see a list of the most popular romance tropes plus examples, check out my post here!




May – A Romance With Flowers On The Cover

By this time of the year, I’m ready for all the flowers and sunshine! Brighten up your bookshelves by picking a book with a floral design or flowers anywhere on the cover. Here’s a hint – nothing tops Katherine Center’s floral covers!




June – A Romance Novel Turned Into A Movie

Although summer is often known for blockbuster action flicks, we’ll be turning down the lights and snuggling up for a romantic movie based on a book. Read the book first then compare it with the movie! I’ve already got a list of 18 romantic movies based on books to get you started!




July – An Own Voices Contemporary Romance

Support own voices authors this month! Start researching which authors are writing about their own cultures and delve into something different!



August – A Contemporary Romance Novel

It’s my birthday month, so we’ll all be celebrating by reading my go-to romance sub genre. Contemporary romance novels usually feature cute, bright covers, witty banter, and a bit of steam! I love it all!



September – A Romance With A Number In The Title

Back to school! Let’s see how well you know math by hunting down a romance book with a number in the title. It can be spelled out or in numerical form.



October – A 2022 Romance New Release

Now that we’re most of the way through the year, select a 2022 romance new release that you haven’t read yet and read it now! Then, let us know on Facebook or Instagram which one was your favorite of the year!



November – A Romance Featuring Food

Nothing screams the start of the holiday season like food. So, grab a snack and sink your teeth into a romance novel featuring a restaurant, bakery, chef, etc. 



December – A Christmas/Holiday Romance Novel

This is my first romance reading challenge so OF COURSE there’s going to be a holiday pick for December! I absolutely love reading the new Christmas novels each year, so I can’t wait to hear about your favorites.




2022 reading challenge romance




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Let’s get reading, fellow romance lovers!!


  1. If we are already signed up because we are on the email list, how do we get the printable checklist?
    I love this challenge because I love romance books the best.

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