How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump: 20 Tips

Tried and True Tips for How To Get Out of A Reading Slump

It’s happened to all of us. That horrible feeling when you think you “want” to read, but just can’t seem to pick the right book for you.

Nothing catches your eye, you’d rather do almost anything than start a new book, you browse bookstores with no success. You’re in a reading slump.

Don’t worry! If you need to know how to get out of a reading slump, I’ve got 20 tried and true tips to help. 

Plus – I’m sharing what you should avoid for how to get out of a reading slump at all costs!! 

I’m delving a bit beyond what you’ll find on most “how to get out of a reading slump” lists. Sometimes, the easy fixes just won’t work! I even reached out to my fellow bookstagrammers to get their best recommendations. 

So, pick and choose whatever you need from my tips below. I guarantee you’ll be back to reading as usual in no time!


How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump


Get A Book Subscription Box

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of book boxes, so this is one of my favorite tips. I’d recommend a box like Authentic Books or Once Upon a Book Club, where the gifts are intimately tied to the book. Thus, you’re enjoyment of the goodies is directly related to you reading the book!! 

I have a huge list of the best book subscription boxes for adults, my favorite YA book boxes, and book boxes for kids so you can easily find anything you need!




Change Up Where You’re Physically Reading

Do you always grab a book in bed but find yourself scrolling your phone instead? Try reading in a comfy chair in a different room. When your normal routine isn’t working, physically changing where you sit (or stand or walk) in your home while you’re reading could be enough of a boost to help!




Browse For New Books In A Different Place

Are you a diehard library addict? Do you pick your new reads only from Book Of the Month? Try mixing up WHERE  you search for books. Browse the library for once or see what you discover at a yard sale or book sale.





Reorganize Your Bookshelves

Try just being around books instead of reading them! Plus, you might just discover a book hiding there that sparks your interest. This task can also help you decide if there are any books you want to donate or sell. I know I struggle with keeping too many books that I’ll never actually read and it just ends up stressing me out.





Read in a different format

Do you always read on your Kindle? Try flipping through a paperback. Never venture from your brand new hardcovers? Listen to an audiobook instead. This shock to the system can help you with how to get out of a reading slump. 




Hide Your TBR Pile

I get it. We all have that stack of books that’s staring at us longingly every time we walk by. It’s time to let go of the guilt! Pick up those books and move them out of sight! Give in to reading whatever you want, without trying to check a book off your To Be Read list that never seems to stop growing.



friends to lovers books

If you successfully tried any of these tips for How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump let us know in the comments!




Have a Bookstagram / BookTok / Real Life Friend Pick a Book

Ok, now we’re going to lean into some guilt! Have one of your bookish friends (online or in real life) pick a book for you to read. Then, give them permission to check in with you and make sure you read it! Even if it’s bleh or you hate it, you can say you’ve read a book. And now you’ll get to pick something perfect for you next!




Spice Up Your Reading Spot

This doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Add a new pillow, blanket, or lamp to the place you typically read. It can be repurposed from a different spot in your home or something you snag from HomeGoods.




Grab A New Bookish Accessory

Nothing brings me more joy than using my bookish mugs, wearing a cute “I’d Rather Be Reading” Tshirt, or rearranging my book cart. Picking up bookish items that aren’t actually books may spark a new interest!





Take a Hiatus

Rather than constantly picking up and putting down books right away, give yourself permission to take a break. This may seem like the opposite advice for how to get out of a reading slump, but it’s worth a shot!

Make it significant enough to have an impact. If you’re usually an everyday reader, wait a week. If you read a few times here and there, wait a month. By the time the clock has run out, you may find you’re actually missing the hobby. Sometimes if you’re looking for how to get out of a reading slump, you just need to…not read.





Read a Contemporary Romance / Rom Com

I promise I’m not the only one who suggested this!! This was the number 1 suggestion from my fellow bookstagrammers. If you normally read heavier books, thrillers, historical fiction, etc, give romance a try. Even if you find it cheesy, I guarantee you’ll swoon a little bit, probably laugh out loud at some of the banter and enjoy the experience!

Get started with one of my favorite contemporary romance books!







Watch a Movie / TV Show Based on A Book

This is almost like reading, right?? I say it totally counts. There are endless options for movies and shows based on books, so get drawn into a story this way instead! Netflix has tons and tons of book adaptations. If you need inspiration, pick one of the shows or movies from this list of book adaptations on Netflix.




Give A New Genre A Try

Although I specifically recommend romance above, I know not everyone will go for that. In this case, this recommendation is a classic on how to get out of a reading slump lists for good reason. Pick ANY other genre besides what you normally gravitate toward. 




Use The Luck Of The Draw

If your biggest issue is choosing your next read, leave it up to chance. I sometimes have decision paralysis when I’m faced with what to read next. So, I let luck or my friends choose! I’ve done Instagram polls to let my friends decide. I’ve also dropped TBR book titles in a jar and forced myself to read whatever book I pull out.


how to get out of a reading slump



Embrace the DNF (Did Not Finish)

Abandoning a book is a hot topic in the book world. Some of us swear by pushing through to finish every single book we start. Others toss books aside willy nilly if we’re not feeling it. I fall somewhere in the middle, but it does relieve a lot of pressure knowing I don’t HAVE to finish.

It’s much simpler to pick up a new book if you know you’re not locked into hours and hours of reading time.



Try A Buddy Read

In my eyes, this is a vastly different option for how to get out of a reading slump than the suggestion you should avoid at all costs (at the bottom of this list). Buddy reads (usually found on Instagram) are low stress, low pressure and completely customizable. With a buddy read, you can join one that’s reading a book you’re actually interested. Plus, there’s usually just a simple timeline of reading sections of the book by certain dates or just one date to discuss the whole thing.




Change The Time Of Day

Are you a diehard night reader but fall asleep or scroll TikTok rather than flipping through pages lately? Give reading during lunch a shot! Read when you first wake up, during a meal, or sneak in a few pages in the afternoon. Work from home life, right?? Stepping out of the routine, even for just a few pages, can help.




Reward Yourself

Is this a controversial item for a how to get out of a reading slump list? Maybe? I’m in the middle of potty training my toddler though, so I’m all in on a rewards system 🙂 This can be structured however you’d like. A piece of candy for any time spent reading. A dollar for every chapter that you can spend on something frivolous. A pedicure for finishing an entire book. Whatever you want!




Pick a New Book By A Beloved Author

Go back to the well with one of your favorite authors and see if they have any new books out! Since you pretty much know you’ll love the writing style, this is a solid opportunity to find a book you’ll love! There’s no need to go too crazy with how to get out of a reading slump, so this easy tip could solve the problem.




Splurge for a Special Edition

Since simply buying a regular new book may not do the trick, go crazy and get a gorgeous illustrated edition, limited time cover, or signed copy!



Get Out Of The House

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re at home and can find a thousand other things to do instead of read. If you purposely take a trip to a coffee shop (and bring nothing else!) or stop by a local park, your options are limited. Discover how to get out of your reading slump in a brand new location.




*What to Avoid For How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump – Joining a Book Club*

You’ll find this tip on plenty of How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump lists, but I’m not here for it. While book clubs have MANY advantages and I wholeheartedly believe in them… they’re not helpful for breaking a slump. 

Having limited ability to choose your book, the timeline to finish, and pressure to chat about a book are all factors that may make your slump even worse.

Avoid this trap and try a few of my How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump tips instead.


What would you add to help others with how to get out of a reading slump?  Did any of these how to get out of a reading slump tips work for you? Share in the comments!


  1. I liked many of your tips but not the subscription box tip!! Just personally not not a fan of subscription boxes—just seems like American consumerism at its worst. Most of us need to stop spending money.
    How about going to different libraries in different towns in your area , my library card is good in any library in my county!! Great way to discover new books and new reading environments and it costs nothing

    1. Understandable! I personally adore them, but know they’re not for everyone. Great addition about the library! My toddler and I visit two libraries around us and we love that they have completely different selections.

      1. Good for you frequenting the library with your child! My kids are big but used to beg to go to the library! They’d make a beeline for the Rosemary Wells section. All readers now as young adults. Good habits you are starting! God bless

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