Mini Book Reviews – July 2022

Mini Book Reviews – July 2022: What To Read & What To Skip

Welcome to my regular round up of mini book reviews for July 2022! There were a few hits and a few duds this month, so make sure you read through everything to find the right book for you!

In my list of mini book reviews, I include everything I’ve read recently that I finished.  I like to share both my five star reads and any misses to help you get a better idea of what you should read or might want to skip. 

As always, I love to hear if you agree or disagree with my ratings! Let me know in the comments what you thought of my July 2022 mini book reviews.

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Mini Book Reviews – July 2022



Physical Books:


wedding dress

The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle

by Jennifer Ryan

 Historical fiction is a genre I’m picky about, since it’s rare that I delve into something other than romance. This book was 100% worth picking up, though!! It was a Book of the Month selection that I added on last minute and I’m so so glad I did.

This is another WWII novel, but it tells the tales of the women fighting the war in their own ways at home in England. The story centers around a sewing circle in a small village who are dedicated to repurposing clothing and three women who are involved in various ways. 

Friendship, strength, love, and courage make up this heartwarming tale that I can’t recommend highly enough!

5 Stars | Amazon |






book lovers

Book Lovers

by Emily Henry

 I FINALLY got around to reading this! It’s been the talk of the summer, so I was both excited and nervous to dive in. Emily Henry can truly do no wrong. Even this book, which wasn’t my favorite of hers, is still a highly enjoyable romance read!

I did love how this started off with a main character who pegs herself as the anti-romance novel heroine. She’s the workaholic, always getting left behind by men who find their quaint, perfect love elsewhere. When her sister drags her to a small town, she puts up with it but has no interest in leaving NYC and her job behind.

Unfortunately, she runs into a fellow workaholic in the literary world and they reluctantly find themselves working on a project together. 

4 Stars | Amazon |






fake it

Fake It Til You Bake It

by Jamie Wesley

It absolutely made my day when Once Upon A Book Club offered this box to me!! Books about baking are simply my favorite so I couldn’t wait to see what gifts would go along with the story!

Fake It Til You Bake It is a romance featuring the fake dating trope AND it’s a sports romance! A football star who owns a bakery is forced to offer a job to the team owner’s spoiled granddaughter. They immediately clash, but a snap decision finds them in an unexpected fake relationship.

4 Stars | Amazon |






the inheritance games

The Inheritance Games

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I was HEAVILY influenced by BookTok (TikTok accounts devoted to books – like mine!) for this book and unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations. The concept is intriguing – a teen unexpectedly receives a windfall inheritance from an old man she’s never met. As you can imagine, the rest of the family, including his four grandsons, are less than thrilled that she’s the recipient. Since he was known for his puzzles and games, they’re all left with clues to try to understand why he left her the money.

Although this was a quick read, it was a little watered down from what I was expecting? The clues and puzzles were fairly simplistic and tied together in a way that was just…ok?

2.5 Stars | Amazon |











Save For Later!

july book reviews









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This month, the only book I listened to was The Measure by Nikki Erlick and I abandoned it 1/3 of the way through. The plot was moving too slowly for me. It’s potentially due to listening on audio, but regardless it wasn’t for me! So, I’m taking a little break from audiobooks to reset!










the hookup

The Hookup Plan

by Farrah Rochon

This eagerly anticipated novel is the last book in Farrah’s trilogy about 3 friends and I couldn’t wait to dive into London’s story. Nothing is more important to London than her work as a pediatric surgeon and she has big plans to make significant contributions to her field of study in the future. Everything is thrown off kilter when she comes across her high school nemesis.

With the fate of her hospital up in the air and a crazy attraction to her old archrival on the side, London gets him to agree to a sex-only relationship to blow off steam. She’s got no time or inclination for romance… at least that’s what she thinks.

4.5 Stars | Amazon |





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Do you have any five star reads that you finished lately?


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