Mini Book Reviews – August 2022

Mini Book Reviews – August 2022: What To Read & What To Skip

Welcome to my regular round up of mini book reviews for August 2022! I have two 5 star books to share with you this month, including a new holiday romance!! Get excited!!

In my list of mini book reviews, I include everything I’ve read recently that I finished.  I like to share both my five star reads and any misses to help you get a better idea of what you should read or might want to skip. 

As always, I love to hear if you agree or disagree with my ratings! Let me know in the comments what you thought of my August 2022 mini book reviews.

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Mini Book Reviews – August 2022



Physical Books:




Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

by Gabrielle Zevin

 A novel that is unlike anything else I’ve read this year in all the best ways. I don’t want to dissuade anyone when I say this is about the friendship between two video game designers! I promise you do not have to know anything about or like video games to enjoy this.

Sam and Sadie are an unlikely pair who connected over video games when they were young and built the foundation of a sometimes rocky friendship that would endure through their whole lives. This sweeping novel follows them through their lives as they navigate the world of video game creation, but it’s a tale of love, heartbreak, ambition, and ultimately a unique friendship.

I cannot recommend it highly enough!!

5 Stars | Amazon |







Maggie Moves On

by Lucy Score

 I picked this up on a whim at the library when I saw it in the New Books section! Lucy Score is on my radar solely because of TikTok 🙂 I’m so glad I took a chance!

If you love reality home shows, the premise of this will be right up your alley. Maggie is a famous YouTube star who moves from place to place, renovating old homes. She has always vowed to herself that she doesn’t need to rely on anyone and works extremely hard to support herself and her employee. The itinerant lifestyle is her only choice, until she lands in a small town full of people and stories that she can’t help falling for.

I adored the Silas, the aggressively loving male lead! It was so fun reading about his sweet but serious pursuit of Maggie and watching her open herself up to new possibilities.

4.5 Stars | Amazon |







Izzy, Authentically

by Piper Basham

You can preorder this now and give yourself a treat in November! Izzy, Authentically is a dream for bookworms. It features a librarian and a bookseller who connect online and build a friendship through emails. Though they live literal oceans apart, they can’t deny there’s a spark of something growing.

The story is told entirely through emails, texts, and letters which I absolutely adored. This is the perfect sweet read that will have you falling in love with being in love.

4 Stars | Amazon |






Sold On Love

by Kathleen Fuller

I can’t deny this Maple Falls series snuck up on me! I read the second book last year and was delighted to find the third installment is just as enchanting! Thankfully, you can very easily jump into each book so feel free to pick this up with no prior knowledge.

Opposites attract in Sold On You when a realtor, Harper begins helping the local mechanic find a new house. Harper knows Rusty from the many times she’s had to get her beloved Mercedes fixed, but she can’t deny the chemistry between them as they start spending more time together.

4 Stars | Amazon |











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worst best man

The Worst Best Man

by Mia Sosa

This is my second Mia Sosa and I think I prefer reading her romances rather than listening. I kept getting distracted during the audiobook, but it still was a fun story!

After getting jilted at her wedding, partly due to the groom’s brother’s influence, Lina throws herself into her work as a wedding planner. Years later when she’s offered the job opportunity of a lifetime, she’s shocked to discover the two brothers will be assisting. If she wants to land the job, she has to put aside her differences with her former groom’s brother. It turns out to be way easier than she expected…

Although I loved the two main characters and all the wedding drama, I just kept going long stretches between listening to this one. I think the pace would move faster in an actual book, so it’s still recommended just not on audio!

3 Stars | Amazon |










so this is christmas

So This Is Christmas

by Farrah Rochon

Admittedly, I had NO idea this was technically the third book is Jenny Holiday’s holiday series when I read it. So you can absolutely read it as a standalone! Or, if you loved A Princess for Christmas and Duke, Actually then you’ll find some familiar faces within.

Jenny might be my new favorite Christmas romance author! This book is another hit, full of charm and great characters. It focuses on a consultant sent to Eldovia to help keep the country from financial ruin. Her all-business attitude immediately clashes with the king’s closest advisor. 

5 Stars | Amazon |





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Do you have any five star reads that you finished lately?


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