25 Book Accessories You Can’t Read Without!

Book Accessories Readers Can’t Live Without!

While a reader’s most important possession is their book, there’s no denying that a variety of book accessories can enhance the reading experience immeasurably!

Book accessories can take all sorts of forms. There are items directly related to the act of reading, like bookmarks, Kindles, and book lights. Then there are book accessories that optimize the comfort and enjoyment of reading, such as blankets, mugs, and candles. 

Spark some new excitement in your reading life with these book accessories! I hope you find something that you’ll fall in love with just as much as your books.


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Must Have Book Accessories


Tech-y Book Accessories





In my opinion, the only eReader you should even consider is the Kindle. It’s simply a must-have for readers – allowing you to read easily absolutely anywhere. I personally own the Kindle Paperweight, which has all the features you need at a reasonable price point. | Amazon





kindle cover

Kindle Cover

Naturally, if you’re investing in a Kindle you’ll also want to keep it free from cracks and scratches. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my Kindle in bed, carting it around the house or packing it on vacation. So, I bought this cover right away! I like fabric covers since they’re comfortable to hold onto. This is the best price and widest color variety! | Amazon






Audiobook Subscription

Along the same lines, audiobooks provide incredible flexibility, allowing you to read while doing any task or activity! I personally suggest using Libro.fm. This audiobook provider offers a monthly plan that’s the same price as Amazon’s Audible ($15 / mo), but supports indie bookstores!!! You can even choose which bookstore it supports. Use my link and code CHOOSEINDIE to get 2 audiobooks for the price of 1! | Libro.fm





Bluelight Glasses

As a reader and book blogger, I’m on my phone or laptop…a LOT. If you find yourself scrolling Bookstagram or BookTok for inspiration, browsing online sales, or reading on your Kindle app you may want to grab some bluelight blocking glasses. You can grab a cheap pair here (I bought these for my husband 2 years ago)!

If you want to add this feature to your regular glasses, there’s no one better than Warby Parker. I adore my glasses and had so much fun with the free home try-on process! | Warby Parker







Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Hear me out on this addition to my book accessories list For all of us audiobook readers, we want to fit in our listening time whenever we can! So, truthfully the shower is one of my most consistent options! I use this specific bluetooth speaker practically every day. | Amazon




electric kettle

Electric Kettle

Almost every reader loves to have a steaming cup of coffee or tea alongside their book so this electric kettle is a must have! This is one of those book accessories I use almost every day! My favorite feature is the ability to select the type of tea you’re drinking and it’ll heat the water to exactly the right temperature. Plus, it keeps it hot for an hour! | Amazon




Book Accessories for A Cozy Reading Nook




TBR Basket

You can’t have a reading nook without books! I’ve got two options for displaying books in a cute, sleek way. The first is a TBR basket. Find a medium size basket that you can fill with a selection of 5-8 books so you’ll always have your next read close by. I prefer ones that are lined to ensure my books stay pristine. | The Container Store






book cart

Book Cart

The second option is essentially a mini rolling bookshelf! I have…three of these lol. I love finding pretty colors and stocking them with all my favorite books! Plus you can decorate them with the fun stickers I showcase further in the post | Michael’s







This is one of the book accessories I’m using literally as I type this post! It’s SO cozy and comes in a variety of fun colors. Blankets are a necessity whether you’re in the dead of winter or enjoying the air conditioning. | Amazon






Cute Mug

I always have a drink by me when I’m reading, since I usually dive in for long stretches at a time. In the past year or so, I finally started buying cute mugs, since they bring me so much joy! Often, I’ll even just drink regular ol’ water but I love having it in my mugs lol! Here’s my favorite of the bunch: | Rifle Paper Company






My husband gets all the credit for this find! He surprised me with this candle subscription for my birthday last year. You can pick out types of scents you enjoy and a unique candle is sent to your door each month. They’re the best smelling candles I’ve ever experienced! | Vellabox




book poster

Book Prints

My Litograph print is the centerpiece of my little library corner! It’s one of the book accessories that I absolutely love the most. There are TONS of options out there, so have fun browsing to find one that perfectly suits your mood as a reader. | Litographs




book pillow

Cozy Pillow

I have no less than three bookish pillows strewn around my house! They make me so happy! This design is my favorite since it’s SO true and also has a pop of color. | Amazon





novel teas

Novel Teas

This is the tea I keep stocked at my desk at work! It’s English Breakfast, a classic flavor, but each tea bag includes a bookish quote from an author or famous person. It’s always a delight to see which quote I’ll pull out on any given day. | Amazon







Bookish T-shirt / Sweatshirt

Literary Creations by Jenny is the ONLY bookish tee shop I recommend! I have…more shirts than I probably should but I just can’t get enough of her cute designs and super soft clothing. She releases new designs each season and you can choose from a nice variety of colors and shirt styles. She also sells book sleeves, bookmarks, and tote bags! | Literary Creations by Jenny 








If cuter bookish coasters exist, I haven’t found them! I love that these are colorful and bright and feature a library theme! Since I always have a drink nearby, it’s nice to keep coasters on hand that are both functional and pretty. | Etsy






Book Lover Stickers

These book accessories are my newest discovery! They’re adorable and crazy cheap stickers! My first few are going on my Kindle cover as decoration. I’m also hoping to put some on my laptop, my Yeti and who knows where else! | Etsy – $3





Book Accessories to Enhance Your Reading


once upon a book club

Book Subscription Box

I’m just a little addicted to book subscription boxes because I adore the idea of getting goodies along with my books! As a self-proclaimed expert, I put together a variety of my recommend book boxes for romance lovers, adults in general, Young Adult readers, and kids!




Scratch Off Reading Poster

There are loads of ways to keep track of what you’ve read, but none are more fun than a scratch off poster! This unique idea has 100 books to read and you can scratch off to reveal an image when you’ve completed one! I love the color and cute designs on this. Plus, the selection of books is actually pretty solid! | Uncommon Goods





book darts

Book Darts

These handy metal place markers are used to keep track of notable passages or quotes as you read. They won’t add bulk to your book or mark up the pages. Keep them handy when you want to easily remember specific parts of the book! Amazon -$13






Reading Tracker

My Excel Reading Tracker is ideal for anyone who loves to deep dive into their reading habits. It features a log to keep track of every book read as well as detailed charts and graphs to analyze the books you read! I’m also adding a To Be Read list to help keep track of books on your wish list. The 2022 version is available in my shop for only $5! | Never Enough Novels Shop – $5





my reading life

Reading Journal

Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs Darcy is basically the OG book blogger and I still love reading her recommendations. So, I can’t not showcase her reading journal! She’s created the reading journal every earnest reader wants. In addition to pages where you can document what you’re reading, there are suggested reading lists, TBR spaces, reading goal trackers and more! This is one of those book accessories every reader needs. | Amazon





book weight

Book Weight

This is one of those wacky inventions that solves a silly but annoying reader problem! I read a lot when I eat and it’s a pain to have to use one hand to hold down the book! Enter a book weight! I got this one as a birthday present one year and break it out all the time when I’m reading during lunch. | Amazon







Admittedly, this is one of those book accessories I really don’t use very often. I wish I was the type to always have a gorgeous bookmark at the ready, but more likely it’s a receipt, my phone, or one of toddler’s toys haha! These bookmarks my what I aspire to use! I like this reading tracking one, these book boyfriends, and these pretty ones!  | Etsy






book light

Book Light

There are countless options out there, but the reason I picked this one is the multitude of settings and colors! You can pick from nine different brightness / color levels so you’ll find the perfect setting for your situation. It’s also easy to clip on to your book or Kindle! | Amazon





For more book accessories ideas, check out my gift guide for readers!

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