21 Romance Books About Witches To Enchant You

Get caught up in the magic of these romance books about witches!

If your reading is influenced by the seasons, there’s nothing better in the fall than reading romance books about witches! It’s the perfect time of year to add a magical flair to the happy ever afters we know and love!

In my list of romance books about witches I wanted to include books that have some serious spice as well as those that are more typical rom coms! That way there’s romance books about witches for every type of romance reader!

A number of these options are available on Kindle Unlimited for free too, so I’ll note which ones you can find as part of that subscription! You can currently get up to 2 months free here!

Light a candle and curl up with one of these novels!

As always, let me know in the comments if you have any favorite romance books about witches that I missed!


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Romance Books About Witches



Enchanted To Meet You

by Meg Cabot

I always associate Meg Cabot with The Princess Diaries, but she’s also written a few adult romance books! So, I’m extra excited for her to give romance books about witches a shot! A bad decision as a teenager resulted in Jessica’s lifetime ban from the World Council of Witches…until WCW member Derrick shows up 15 years later and informs her she’s going to be responsible for saving her small town.

Jessica also feels some serious sparks with Derrick…at least until she finds out he may not be telling her the whole truth. Should she trust him and work together against these sinister forces or go back to her usual self preservation methods and keep herself far away and safe. Buy From Amazon











night of the witch

Night of the Witch

by Sara Raasch and Beth Revis

The first read I’m recommending in my romance books about witches list is new for 2023! Enemies to lovers fans will devour this tale about a witch and a witch hunter. Fritzi is the only survivor of a horrendous attack on her coven and she’s determined to bring down those responsible. Otto is technically one of that group, but when they’re thrown together they both realize there’s more to their stories than they show each other. Buy From Amazon



not the witch

Not The Witch You Wed

by April Asher

A 2022 new release that weirdly came out in February!? Despite the questionable pub date, you’ll want to grab this witchy romance if you like fake dating and a witch/werewolf combo!

Violet’s a witch with no magic, and no love lost for the alpha shifter Lincoln who broke her teenage heart. Unfortunately, they’re both forced to find a mate around the same time and realize they might be able to help each other out. This fake dating venture ends up resulting in not only the development of real feelings, but also Violet’s magic. A dose of magic isn’t necessarily enough to ensure a happily ever after, though.

I like the idea of a modern day magical rom com, so this novel set in NYC sounds like a blast!

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secret society of irregular witches

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

by Sangu Mandanna

Head from NYC to London for a women’s fiction/romance novel that tug at your heart! I recently picked this up from the library and can’t wait to dive in.

In Mika’s world, witches are meant to keep to themselves to ensure their magic doesn’t mingle and draw attention. So, although it’s not spectacular, she’s used to her isolated life. Until she takes a chance on a mysterious message asking her to train three young witches at Nowhere House.

The risk turns into a great reward as she bonds with the girls…and possibly wins over the cranky librarian who just wants to keep them safe. 

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The Ex Hex

by Erin Sterling

What women wouldn’t want to place a tiny little curse on a man who wronged her? Surely, Vivienne didn’t actually do much damage a decade ago when she did just that. At least, she doesn’t think so…until Rhys shows up in her town and all sorts of eerie things start happening to him.

As darker things start happening throughout the town though, Vivienne realizes her little spell may have much bigger implications. And the only way she can set things right is by working with the distractingly even handsomer guy she hates.

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the kiss curse

The Kiss Curse (Book 2)

by Erin Sterling

Head back into the world of The Ex Hex! This time around the story focuses on Gwyn, Vivienne’s cousin! Gwyn is happily running her magical business and mentoring young witches when none other than Rhys’ uptight brother, Wells, shows up. His supposedly quick trip turns into a much longer stay when he decides to open a store directly in competition with Gwyn’s.

Their rivalry takes a passionate turn when an argument leads to steamy kiss, but they both want nothing more than to stay away from each other. Except Gwyn’s magic mysteriously starts to dwindle and they end up partnering to figure out why.

I love when we get to return to a familiar place, so it’s always thrilling when one of these romance books about witches has a sequel! 

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by Wendy Xu and Suzanne Walker

I thought this was a fun graphic novel addition to my list of romance books about witches! I’ve read a few romance graphic novels in the past and loved them!







paper magician

The Paper Magician

by Charlie Holmberg

This quick novel utterly captivated me!! I read it in less than a day and couldn’t wait to continue the series. The magic system is so unique and the budding love story is genuine and real. Plus, it’s available on Kindle Unlimited for free!

At the start of her apprenticeship, Ceony is devasted to be bonded to paper magic forever. Surely this form would never live up to metal magic she hoped to master. As her reclusive tutor begins showcasing his powers though, Ceony’s eyes are opened to the endless possibilities of her craft. 

Tragedy strikes their little bubble when a woman invades and literally cuts out her tutor’s heart, forcing Ceony to face down both the sinister magician and her feelings for the man she’s grown close to.

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Garden Spells

by Sarah Addison Allen

Magical realism at its finest! Garden Spells has been a favorite of mine for close to a decade. It utterly captivated and charmed me, so I hope you love it as much as I did. 

The Waverley family is known for their curious abilities. Claire Waverley weaves emotions into the food of her catering business and quietly enjoys her life in their hometown. When her sister suddenly returns with a young daughter in tow, they toss Claire’s life upside down. She’s forced to reopen her heart in more ways than one as they struggle to fit together as a new family, especially when danger comes calling.

If you love books that feature food, take a look at my massive list of foodie novels!

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The Vine Witch

By Luanne G Smith

The Vine Witch is a fascinating take on magical influence in the making of wine. Elena is a powerful witch who is just returning to her home vineyard after breaking a seven year curse. She’s eager to exact revenge and get back to creating world-renowned wines. When she returns though, she finds her vineyard has been sold to a skeptical city man and someone has been performing dangerous blood magic nearby.

I couldn’t put this book down! It’s fast paced and quick to jump right into the heart of the story. I thought the whole concept of vine witches using their powers to assist the vineyards was unique and compelling. Plus, as the threat of blood magic and its impacts on Elena ramped up, things quickly got very intense! It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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A Discovery of Witches

By Deborah Harkness

This romance books about witches option reads like a scholarly tale of witches and vampires, with both history and suspense as well as romance. I was completely hooked after a few chapters and flew through the lengthy novel. It’s part of a trilogy as well, for those who want to continue the story!

When a rediscovered enchanted manuscript brings about a resurgence of magical creatures, Diana and warlock Matthew end up fighting for their lives and their families.

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heart of a witch

Heart Of A Witch

by Rebecca Garcia

Get ready to go dark with this addition to my romance books about witches list. A witch living in secret gets a chance for revenge when a notorious hunter shows up. Things get even worse when her sister dies and the rest of her family is forced to flee.

So, Victoria vows to take down the witch hunter. As she studies him and his family, she plots to get his son to fall in love with her and turn him against his father, breaking their tightknit bond and ruining Damien’s life from within.






witch collector

The Witch Collector

by Charissa Weaks

This is one of the romance books about witches I’m most excited to read! It sounds like an enthralling fantasy tale with a vengeful witch who is forced to work with her enemy to save her sister.

The Witch Collector comes to Raina’s village every harvest to pick one individual who will be brought to the immortal home of the Frost King. This year will be different. This year Raina will slay both the Collector and the King he serves who took her sister. 

Her plans are foiled when an external threat attacks first and she has no one to turn to but the Collector to now save not only her sister but their entire empire.

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winter witch

The Winter Witch

by Paula Brackstone

Step back in time for this romance books about witches read! When Morgana is young, the people in her small Welsh town are wary of the girl who never speaks and is surrounded by strange occurrences. Her mother quickly finds someone from a different village to marry her when she’s old enough and she’s soon swept away from home with a stranger.

 Although she grows to love both his land and him, Morgana eventually faces suspicion and threats from her new location. A darker evil lingers and she must learn to harness her powers to save everything she loves.

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paybacks a witch

Payback’s A Witch

by Lana Harper

Another witchy rom com series – the third book comes out in January 2023 so start reading the first two now! Payback’s a Witch is a modern day story about a witch reluctantly heading back to her hometown just long enough for an annual tournament before getting back to her life in Chicago.

Her first night back she discovers the guy who broke her heart years ago was also dating two other women…and now they want to pay him back. Does Emmy have the guts to go through with their revenge? And why can’t she stop thinking about Natalia, who’s one of the women involved?

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from bad to cursed

From Bad To Cursed

by Lana Harper

Head back to Thistle Grove for another witchy romance! The two most influential families in Thistle Grove clash again when Issa Avramov agrees to help Rowan Thorn investigate a suspicious, almost deadly incident.

Issa spends her days working for her family’s business but dreams of using her creative brain to create her own fashion line. Meanwhile, Rowan is about as uptight and by-the-book as you can get. Opposites doesn’t even begin to cover the vast differences in their personalities!

As such, they’re shocked to discover an intense attraction developing as they work together. Enemies to lovers fans will adore the sizzling tension between these two!

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witch please

Witch, Please (Fix It Witches #1)

by Ann Aguirre

  Dive into a romance between a witch and a regular guy! Danica is part of an opinionated family, but after her last breakup she vows she’ll do things her own way from now on. That declaration is tested when she meets the owner of the bakery down the street and sparks fly between them!

Her grandmother detests normals (“mundanes”) and Danica isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to escape her families expectations, even for a guy as perfect as Titus. The sweet, small town setting and absolutely perfect guy make this a delightful option for romance books about witches!

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boss witch

Boss Witch (Fix It Witches #2)

by Ann Aguirre

Danica’s cousin, Clem, takes center stage in book #2! She’s always approached relationships with a healthy dose of logic to ensure she stays in control. So, her instant attraction to Gavin Rhys is shocking and unsettling. Without even taking into account that he’s a witch hunter…

Gavin detests his job, but he’s trying to restore family honor with this assignment. Unfortunately, he’s immediately blown off course by the sexy brunette who works at Fix It Witches…and he has no idea she’s one of the people he’s hunting.

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three witches

A Letter To Three Witches

by Elizabeth Bass

Three cousins who are banned from practicing magic get into a variety of mishaps where they accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) let their magic slip out. The problem is the threat of Watchers, anonymous individuals who are hired to report any forbidden enchantments. 

As they navigate their lives and attempt to keep their powers hidden, the lines between those they can’t trust and those they might be falling in love with start to blur. Bonus – this is a Kindle Unlimited Option!

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go hex yourself

Go Hex Yourself

By Jessica Clare

The enemies to lovers trope seems to be quite popular in the romance books about witches category!! This novel features a witch versus her new employers nephew! Reggie accidentally ends up apprenticing for a powerful witch, but that means interacting with her completely insufferable nephew, Ben.

Ben acts like Reggie is his employee too and has no problem bossing her around. So naturally, she resents every moment he’s around. Until a deadly curse targets their household and they need each other to break it.

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always practice safe hex

Always Practice Safe Hex

By Juliette Cross

This is another Kindle Unlimited option on this romance books about witches list! Get ready for a sexy romp between a witch and a grim reaper! Livvy’s naturally charismatic personality combined with her ability to charm anyone make her beloved by everyone…except Gareth Blackwater.

A PR contest that they’re both competing in spurs on an insane attraction, but both are convinced its unnatural and therefore to be avoided at all costs. It isn’t until someone else starts crossing lines with Livvy that Gareth shows just how powerful he is against those who threaten the ones he loves.

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gentlewomen witches

The League of Gentlewomen Witches

by India Holton

This is actually the second book in the Dangerous Damsels series but the only one that fits in our romance books about witches category! 

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Which of these romance books about witches will you read this fall? Are there any romance books about witches I missed that you love?


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