17 Hockey Romance Books Hot Enough To Melt Ice

Fall Hard & Fast For One Of These Hockey Romance Books

Out of all the sports romance books in existence, hockey romance books are by far the most popular! There’s something about the ruggedness of the sport that gets your heart racing! 

Plus, you can either have a gruff, stoic player who turns into a romantic or the nicest guy playing this brutal sport. Either way it’s a winning combo!

This list of hockey romance books is guaranteed to get your heart racing! As a bonus, they often come in series focused on multiple players from the same team.

I tried to avoid including books from the same series to give you as much variety as possible. If you like the first book, then you can explore more on your own!

You can also read a bunch of these books as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription – which is currently available for FREE for up to MONTHS!!  This is an incredible offer and many readers have already taken advantage of it!

I hope you fall in love with one of these incredible hockey romance books! 

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15 Hockey Romance Books For Your TBR





by Hannah Grace

This became a TikTok sensation in 2022! It’s a college romance featuring an ice skater and hockey player at odds with each other when their rink time is limited. Anastasia’s life is working toward the Olympics, but her chances are threatened when her partner’s future is uncertain. Nate is looking for any way to get closer to her, so he agrees to help. Can the two survive their animosity and attraction? Amazon | Buy At Target for $12





always only you

Always Only You

by Chloe Liese

A swapped grumpy / sunshine romance! In Always Only You, Frankie is the stoic one who takes her role as part of the professional hockey team’s management very seriously. Ren is one of the Bergman brothers who is perpetually happy and immediately fell for the girl he can’t have. As one of the players, any relationship with a co-worker is off limits. 

I love the idea of the hockey player as the supportive, nerdy, all around great guy in this one! It’s a pleasant break from the cocky jocks we’re used to seeing.  | Amazon | Bookshop.org




hes not my type

He’s Not My Type

by Meghan Quinn

This 2023 new release is perfect if you’re looking for a standalone option! Our two main characters are roommates (which always results in the most deliciously awkward scenarios)! Halsey is the introvert, reader / hockey player we all need in our lives! When Blakely moves in and his teammates find out she’s single, they start giving him all sorts of unsolicited advice about how to win her over.

She doesn’t give him the time of day until she agrees to use him to make her ex jealous. I can’t even describe how excited I am to read this!  | Amazon (Free On Kindle Unlimited)








by Helena Hunting

Violet thinks she knows exactly what to expect from hockey players. After all, her stepbrother plays in the NHL. An unexpected interaction with her school’s star player leaves her questioning the stereotype that they’re all dumb jocks. Plus, he proves he really really knows what he’s doing in bed. A combo she’s finding it way harder than she expected to resist. | Amazon (Available for Free on Kindle Unlimited!) | Bookshop.org






the deal

The Deal

by Elle Kennedy

Get ready for a steamy, mutually beneficial arrangement that will leave you breathless! When Hannah finally finds someone in college who turns her on, she’s willing to try everything to get his attention. Even if it means tutoring the cocky, annoying captain of the hockey team in exchange for a fake date.

Garrett is also willing to do anything necessary to keep his dreams of playing professional hockey alive, so he accepts the arrangement. However, a kiss that leads to wildly satisfying…so much more… has him rethinking how much he wants to help Hannah seek out some other guy. This was such a great book!! It was well-written and had the perfect buildup to a relationship! | Amazon | Buy At Target for $8








by Sawyer Bennett

This hockey romance books is also featured on my single dad romance list! After a tragic accident, Zack is left caring for his son alone. As a hockey player, his travel schedule and team demands force him to hire a nanny to help. 

Kate easily wins over Ben, which is the only reason Zack decides to keep her around. He doesn’t need another distraction, but the sparks between them are immediately evident. Kate knows better than to get involved with an emotionally unavailable man, though, especially her boss. Will that stop them from finding common ground…and something more? | Amazon












by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

A night when things went a little too far changes everything between former best friends Jamie and Ryan. Ryan knew he shouldn’t have convinced his very straight friend to do anything out of character, so he cuts himself off. Now their rival college teams are playing each other in the national championship but Jamie still walks away with no more answers.

When they end up coaching at the same summer hockey camp, they’ll have six weeks to figure out what’s going on between them. | Amazon | Bookshop.org







by Grace Reilly

Getting involved with the coach’s daughter is NEVER a good idea. Cooper knows this is a hard and fast rule, especially with an NHL career on the line. Yet, when Penny pulls him into a closet for a hot makeout session and asks him to help her check off a sexual to-do list, he’s a goner. They agree to a strict friends with benefits situation to ensure their secret will stay safe. As time passes though, they start turning to each other for more than just sex.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a “to do” list!? This has all the steam you’d expect from a great hockey romance books option! | Amazon (Available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!)





parental guidance

Parental Guidance

by Avery Flynn

A hockey player in trouble with the coach ends up with an unusual punishment. To help with the team’s PR image, he signs up for a new app where his mom will be in control of his dates. When he finds Zara sitting across from him on his first date, he’s astonished to find someone he’s actually seriously attracted to. 

They agree to a mutually beneficial relationship with no strings, but quickly realize their parents may have been on to something real when they set each other up. | Amazon (Available for Free on Kindle Unlimited!) | Bookshop.org





favor for a favor

A Favor For A Favor

by Helena Hunting

Bishop’s dreams are finally coming true when he joins Seattle’s NHL team, but an injury throws him off course. He needs help, but the last person he expects to get it from is the sister of a teammate. Stevie would love to add an NHL player to her physiotherapy client list, but her and Bishop have a rocky history. If they can get past their hatred, they just might be able to help each other out…  | Amazon (Available for Free on Kindle Unlimited)




kiss and don't tell

Kiss and Don’t Tell

by Meghan Quinn

I have to include another from Meghan Quinn on this hockey romance books list! She’s one of the most popular spicy romance authors, so don’t miss out on her takes on hockey men. Admittedly, the premise of this is wild! Winnie’s car breaks down and she stumbles upon a cabin full of five pro hockey players. Which would be a dream, except one is the half-brother of her ex… Over the course of a day (and night!) things take an unexpected turn.  | Amazon (Available for Free on Kindle Unlimited)






playing for keeps

Playing For Keeps

by Kendell Ryan

A drunken celebration led to an off-limits liaison between Justin and his teammates, sister. He’s well aware that nothing can ever happen again, but that won’t get Elise out of his brain. 

When he gets a shot to show Elise he’s serious about her, Justin knows he can handle the pressure. He’ll get what he wants on…and off the ice. | Amazon





room for you

Room For You

by Beth Ehemann

A hockey guy who’s great with kids? Talk about an irresistible combo… This is one of those hockey romance books that will have you swooning. Also, this is perfect if you’re looking for a little less steam than most of the other books on this list!

Kacie and her twin girls move back home to her mother’s inn as a chance to start over. One stormy night when hockey star, Brody, shows up on their doorstep changes everything. A slow burn begins between Kacie and Brody as both of their eyes are opened to a life they didn’t realize was still possible. | Amazon 





puck me

Puck Me Secretly

by Odette Stone

Have you ever thought about what you’d confess on a plane if you thought you weren’t going to make it?? Rory has the terrifying chance to find out, but it’s even more awful when they survive the harrowing ride and she realizes she’s said (and done) WAY to much with the man sitting next to her. 

Even worse is when she shows up to work and he’s a hockey player on her team…  I adore this type of meet cute!! I can’t wait to see how the tension plays up between these two. Amazon (Available for Free from Kindle Unlimited)




off the ice

Off The Ice

by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn

Get ready for a player / professor romance!! I can’t deny I love the teacher student trope, so this one is high on my list. Tristan may be a hockey star, but he’s smart enough to know he can’t play forever. So, he’s pursuing a business degree as well. Unfortunately, his sexy sociology professor is taking up all this brain space.

Meanwhile, surly Sebastian is having the same problem. The biggest problem is Sebastian is openly and proudly gay, but Tristan wants to keep their relationship under wraps. Can they find a way to make their way in the world, together? | Amazon 






the year we fell down

The Year We Fell Down

by Sarina Bowen

A rare hockey romance books option that stars two hockey players – Corey who was supposed to be on the women’s team but is now in a wheelchair and Hartley who is recovering from a broken leg. Since they’re both in the same accessible dorm, they end up bonding over late nights and video games.

Both are more broken than just their physical bodies though, so is falling hard the best thing for them? | Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited) 




pucking around

Pucking Around

by Emily Rath

If you want a “why choose” hockey romance books option, then I’ve got Pucking Around for you! The new physical therapist for the Jacksonville Rays NHL team finds herself surrounded by men she knows are off-limits… The appearance of a one-night stand who turns out to be on the team, a grumpy equipment manager, and a goalie with a penchant for hiding injuries all appeal to her. She might be risking her job but is it worth exploring what these men have to offer?

| Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited) 



Which of these hockey romance books are you going to read first?

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