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18 Soccer Romance Books Guaranteed To Score!

A collection of the best soccer romance books for you to devour!

There’s something special about the athleticism and lean lines of soccer players, so it’s no surprise that soccer romance books are one of the top searched sports romances!

Whether you’re looking for players in the Premier League or high school soccer coaches, this soccer romance books list has something for you!

One common factor among these books is the spice! Whether the featured player is male or female, these love stories get all levels of steamy! I love that many of these covers are just as enticing to look at as the words within!

As a bonus, most of these are available on Kindle Unlimited, so you can read for free with a subscription! (You can currently get 2 months for only $4.99!!) 

This list of soccer romance books will delight anyone who loves the sport!


*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any soccer romance books purchased through the links below. Please consider Bookshop.org if you want to support indie bookstores everywhere!


18 Soccer Romance Books



the long game

The Long Game

by Elena Armas

I keep hearing this has Ted Lasso vibes, so this is obviously one of my most anticipated soccer romance books of 2023! As punishment for an unfortunate incident, a soccer team exec is sent (by her father, the team’s owner. Sigh.) to coach a team of 9 year-olds.  

In addition to the horror that is the distracted, wild children, Addy has to deal with the unexpected appearance of a former soccer star in the small town. Things between them immediately get off on the wrong foot, so he’s hell-bent on getting rid of her as soon as possible. But she will do anything it takes to get her place in the big leagues back and even win over this grump! Buy On Amazon | Buy On Bookshop.org





rock bottom girl

Rock Bottom Girl

by Lucy Score

I adore Lucy Score’s novels so I had to include her soccer romance books version on my list! Plus, you can get this and her other books on Kindle Unlimited!! You can try it out here for 2 months for only $4.99!

One of the reasons I love Rock Bottom Girl is that it features a middle-aged protagonist! I have to admit as I get older, it’s refreshing to read about more than just 20-something heroines LOL! Marley is definitely at the lowest point in her life when she heads back to her hometown and picks up responsibility for the high school girls soccer team. 

Thankfully, the school principle has agreed to a deal. He’ll help her coach if she helps him understand how to be in an actual relationship. Things start to get way too intense for what’s supposed to be a fake arrangement, though!  Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon





bend it like beckham

Bend It Like Beckham

by Narinder Dhami

Did you know this movie was based on a book!? I had ABSOLUTELY no idea, so it was delightful to find I could revisit this story in print. I’ve heard it follows the movie fairly closely, so if you were a fan of the movie you’ll definitely enjoy picking up this book too! | Buy On Amazon






the player

The Player

by Claire Contreras

Excuse me while I stare at this cover for a hot minute….anyone else!? Honestly it’s worth buying the paperback just to have this face out on my shelf… Anyway! You’re in luck because the novel is just as good as the cover!

Warren is the definition of alpha male – used to getting everything he wants on the field and off. He knows just how good he is…at pretty much everything and isn’t afraid to show it off. No one has caught him off guard like Camila, though. He has to have her, but she’s resisting everything he throws at her! What’s more fun that that?! | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon

If you’re looking for more steamy reads for free, check out my list of the best romance books on Kindle Unlimited!






Only When It’s Us

by Chloe Liese

Get lost in a college rivalry that heats up on the field! When Willa asks her professor for lecture notes, she’s given the brush off and told to get them from another kid in class, the guy completely ignores her rather than hand them over. And so begins a war between Willa and Ryder.

Ryder knows Willa is the wild, hotshot star of the soccer team but she’s got on his nerves ever since their first class together. Now they’re forced to work together and things couldn’t be going any worse. Pranks, jabs, all out contempt – they swap it all! Unfortunately that list also includes off the charts sexual tension!  | Buy On Amazon | Buy On Bookshop.org






everything for you

Everything For You

by Chloe Liese

If you keep going with the Bergman Brothers books, you’ll find another soccer romance books addition! I know this seems too on the nose, but I’m also getting some Ted Lasso vibes here! Think Roy Kent and a sunshine-y Jamie Tartt who end up falling in love!

Gavin is the veteran star who’s been forced to put up with the overly enthusiastic, peppy captain, Oliver for two years now. When their coach finally gets fed up with their bickering, she makes them co-captains and forces them to work out their differences. What they find instead is the most unlikely person might just be the perfect partner.  | Buy On Amazon | Buy On Bookshop.org





the setup

The Setup

by Meghan Quinn

This novel proves that moms do know best!! Our main character has fallen victim to the classic mom movie, a setup! Lincoln’s moms have been pushing various girls on him for a while, but Indie is different. They form a bond that turns into a meaningful friendship.

She keeps him on his toes both mentally and physically since she knows what it’s like to be an elite athlete. This slow burn will have you cheering in the stands when they finally admit they have deeper feelings for each other! | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon





sweet on the greek

Sweet on the Greek

by  Talia Hibbert

I trust Talia Hibbert with any sort of romance books, so it’s no surprise to find her on my list of soccer romance books! This is technically the 3rd book in the Just For Him series but it can easily be read as a standalone. 

Nik is a Greek god in human form – a former soccer player turned rich, playboy. That casual lifestyle is immediately over for him when he meets Aria, though. He knows she’s the one for him – a tattoed, curvy woman of his dreams. Now he just has to convince her… | Buy On Amazon







by Amy Daws

A devastating injury puts Camden in the hospital, so he sets his sights on the hot, red-headed doctor to distract him from his misfortune. Indie has always put her education before everything else and her prestigious job proves she’s made the right decisions. But she’s getting tired of this lifestyle and a fling with a hunky footballer is the perfect fit for her plan. 

Amy Daws’ name always comes up when anyone’s discussing soccer romance books, so I had to include the first in the Harris brothers series here! You’ll find four more books to keep things going! |  Buy On Amazon 







by Mariana Zapata

It’s impossible to write a soccer romance books list without featuring Kulti. This is one of the most highly recommended books and I can personally say it’s my favorite on this list! 

Sal has idolized Reiner Kulti since she started playing soccer and spent years imagining their happily-after-ever, something I’m sure most teenage girls like me used to do with celebrities! That illusion is shattered when he becomes her coach decades later.

The man he’s become is so different that Sal is forced to redefine everything she thought she knew about him. This version may be exactly what she’s looking for… | Free On Kindle Unlimited  | Buy On Bookshop.org





rocket science

Rocket Science

by Emily Mayer

Science and soccer clash in Rocket Science! If you’re looking for a soccer romance books option without the steam, this is a perfect pick for you!

Lennon is the brains and Sebastian is the brawn of a mutual friend set up. Lennon is perfectly content with her independent lifestyle, working on literal rocket science! The one theory she can’t understand is why Sebastian is so interested in her? | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon





deviant king

Deviant King

by Rina Kent

This is the first book in a brutal, anti-hero romance series set at an elite school. So if any of those sound up your alley, get ready for a wild ride!!

Elsa somehow ends up on the wrong side of the Royal Elite School’s most popular student, Aiden King. Things turn nasty quickly and she vows to just do whatever she can to survive her time there…and maybe get under his skin when she can. They walk a fine line between detest and desire, making for a ruthless but unputdownable novel! | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon








the summer games


The Summer Games: Settling The Score

by R.S. Grey

This unique take on soccer romance books takes place in the Olympic Village!! You always hear stories about the romances and flings that happen during the Olympics, so it’s incredibly fun reading about one! This is perfect to read before the 2024 Olympics!

| Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon








the best men

The Best Men

by Lauren Blakely & Sarina Bowen

Two of the best romance authors team up for novel that features a wedding weekend fling between the two best men! One is a single Dad and the other is a soccer superstar, but both do not get along. In a series of attempts to infuriate each other, Mark & Asher find their jabs turning more and more flirty.

Eventually, they agree to let anything happen during the three days they’re together, and fully plan to go back to their own lives afterward. Letting go might not be as easy as they expect, though! | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon




hard to hold

Hard To Hold

by K Bromberg

A soccer star and an agent are both looking to salvage their reputations and end up sharing the house of a mutual friend. There’s no denying the attraction, despite knowing if word got out it would ruin everything they’re trying to rebuild.

Is passion like this worth the risk? | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon




First Flight, Final Fall

by C.W. Farnsworth

Saylor Scott is about as cocky as they come – she’s a stellar college athlete and she’s not afraid to show it off. Which is how she ends up challenging Adler Beck, professional footballer and “Sexiest Athlete Alive” to a shootout. She  doesn’t see the harm in adding another guy to her tally, especially one as appealing as Adler. 

Plus, she knows herself well enough that she’s not in danger of falling for this heartbreaker… | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon






by Karla Sorensen

My one warning here – if you are sensitive to the accidental pregnancy storyline, feel free to keep scrolling past this soccer romance books option! An American and a Brit get into an argument about which “football” is superior and it leads down a path neither could have imagined! 

A one night stand between Lia and Jude, her mysterious British stranger, takes a turn when she’s holding a positive pregnancy test and sees her mystery man playing on TV. As their lives become intertwined, they both have to decide what the future will look like. | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon





Play Fake

by Maggie Rawdon

Go back on campus with the last addition to this soccer romance books list! In a classic move, the hot soccer star offers to play fake boyfriend to get revenge on the girl’s ex. | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Amazon



Which of these soccer romance books are you planning to read first?

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