34 Lucy Score Books In Order: The Ultimate Guide

Lucy Score Books In Order & My Must Read Picks

Lucy Score is one of the best contemporary romance authors, so it’s no surprise her books have made it to the top of the NY Times best seller list! She’s also a personal favorite because she lives near where I grew up in Pennsylvania!!

You don’t want to miss out, so if you are looking to read all of the Lucy Score books in order, you can find everything you need here!

Plus, I’ll let you know which ones are truly worth reading and which ones you can skip if you don’t have time to read every single one!

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Grouped by publication date & series, I’m sharing all of the Lucy Score books in order. I can’t wait for you to get caught up in the exhilarating romances that are her specialty!

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Complete List of Lucy Score Books In Order


Lucy Score Books In Order: The Knockemout Series

This is admittedly a strange name for a book series, but they’re linked by location! All three books in this series take place in Knockemout, Virginia. These books are what landed Lucy on the bestseller list so I highly recommend giving this series a read!



things we never

Things We Never Got Over

This sensational romance took over the book world in 2022! Knox is beloved as the solitary hero of your dreams! He is perfectly happy living alone, but just can’t help assisting a literal damsel in distress when her life blows up in front of him.

Naomi is left with nothing…except an unexpected 11 year old niece to take care of…when her twin takes her car and all her money. She’s in an unfamiliar town with new responsibilities and no help, until Knox steps in. He doesn’t do drama or high maintenance, but Naomi is getting under his skin in a way he can’t ignore! | Read On Amazon | Buy From Target for $9




things we hide from the light

Things We Hide From The Light

It’s time for Knox’s brother to take center stage in Book #2! As Chief of Police, Nash has always had a dangerous position, but it becomes reality when he is shot on the job. As he recovers, he finds himself bogged down with anxiety and nightmares. The only thing that seems to help is his new next-door neighbor, Lina.

Lina is undeniably drawn to Nash but sticking around in Knockemout was never an option. She never puts down roots, but this man is making her reconsider all her rules. | Read On Amazon | Buy From Target for $10





things we left behind

Things We Left Behind

This might just be my favorite book of the series since it features a librarian! I’m a total sucker for novels that have anything to do with libraries or bookshops!

Sloane and Lucien take the enemies to lovers trope to new heights. Their passion is undeniable but their goals in life are massively different. Lucian knows that his brokenness make it impossible for him to be a good father or husband. But Sloane wants a family. Maybe in some cases being apart is better than together? | Read On Amazon | Buy From Target for $11




Lucy Score Books In Order: The Riley Thorne Series

Take a left turn into the supernatural with this wild and crazy series featuring a psychic main character! Riley and a private investigator team up to solve all sorts of cases throughout this adventure of a trilogy! Readers describe these books as “hilarious” and “fast-paced” so I guarantee they’ll keep you entertained!





dead guy next door

Riley Thorn & The Dead Guy Next Door (2020)

A murder next door sets off an insane journey for Riley Thorne, who just wants to get back to a normal life! The private detective who shows up looking for the murder victim is ridiculously good looking, so at least there’s that…

Nick and Riley begin investigating the case together, with a side helping of Riley’s visions that she can’t seem to explain away. The clock is ticking, though. If the killer gets wind of Riley’s involvement she may be at risk herself. | Read On Amazon





corpse in the closet

Riley Thorn & The Corpse In The Closet

Riley’s snagged herself a dreamy boyfriend, but she’s rather reluctant to embrace her psychic powers. When Nick gets pulled into a tricky missing person case, he’s extremely reluctant to involve Riley but he’s getting desperate. Plus, he’s got his parents begging to meet his new girlfriend!

Meanwhile Riley is forced into an uncomfortable situation with her ex-husband and even worse, a threat from the killer Nick’s hunting. Will things ever settle down for these two?? | Read On Amazon




blast from the past

Riley Thorn & The Blast From The Past

The next challenge for Riley and Nick is a bit more domestic – their own fixer upper! So far they haven’t found any bodies…but there are some strange neighbors about. As tends to happen to these two, the ridiculous becomes their reality when Riley is kidnapped and her powers start to falter. | Read On Amazon





Lucy Score Books In Order: The Bootleg Springs Series

I’m not going to lie, I’m totally into the cutesy drink names for each of the books in this series! Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley partnered up to write the 6 books and they have made it known that you should definitely read them in order! If you want a little mystery and suspense with your steamy romance, this series is for you!



whiskey chaser

Whiskey Chaser

Our introduction to Bootleg Springs comes through Devlin and Scarlett. These two neighbors begin their story when Scarlett sets her sights on Devlin as her next project. He’s fled from all sorts of disaster in D.C. and Scarlett is determined to cheer him up in all the ways she knows how – drinking, flirting, and dancing.

Meanwhile, a missing girl case resurfaces and they find themselves embroiled in the mystery. She ends up needing him just as much as he finds he needs her. | Read On Amazon




sidecar crush

Sidecar Crush

Friends to lovers is the name of the game in Book #2! Leah Mae Larkin is forced to return home to Bootleg Springs after a scandal, where she plans to lay low and enjoy the simple pleasures she used to know. A huge part of those memories is Jameson, the boy who was her best friend and constant playmate.

Jameson is far from a boy now, in all the best ways. He grew up quite well and him and Leah quickly return to their old habits. This time around though, being just friends isn’t enough. However, as their feelings develop, Jameson has trouble of his own when his dad becomes the lead suspect in the case…  | Read On Amazon




moonshine iss

Moonshine Kiss

The cold case investigation is well under way, with Cassie as the deputy trying to track down the facts. Unfortunately, the evidence keeps leading her to her lifelong crush’s father’s doorstep. Bowie has always seen her as a little sister, and questioning his Dad is not helping her win any points.

Crazier things have happened though! When a wild sequence of events leads them to late night kiss, it changes everything between them.  | Read On Amazon





Bourbon Bliss

Many readers say that this is their favorite book in the whole series! We can’t stop swooning over the sweet relationship between June and George. 

June is used to relying on statistics and numbers and in general, avoiding people since they don’t make sense. As a result, most people don’t take the time to see June. Until she meets George, who just happens to be her favorite football player! George is back in town after an injury and falls hard for June and her unique brain. The two slowly explore their new relationship and even get unexpectedly involved in the big case. | Read On Amazon





gin fling

Gin Fling

Two newcomers to town end up a sharing a cottage in this forced proximity romance! One just discovered he has half-siblings in town and the other’s past is a mystery but she becomes “adopted” by some of the old folks. As the missing woman case moves on, Shelby’s past starts to catch up with her.

Jonah knows this woman is keeping things from him, but he still can’t resist her. When the situation turns dangerous, he realizes he’ll do whatever he can to protect her…and she might let down her walls and allow it to happen.  | Read On Amazon




highball rush

Highball Rush

Get ready for a thrilling end to the mystery that’s been plaguing the town! At the center of the conclusion is local bar singer, Gibson. He prefers to be on his own, completely independent and oblivious to what everyone else thinks. Until he meets a woman in a bar outside of Bootleg Springs…

Suddenly Gibson has more in his life to fight for and he finds himself stepping up when he’s needed most.  | Read On Amazon





Lucy Score Books In Order: The Benevolence Series

Local heroes are the common theme in this small town series! Get ready to be swept away by the brave men and women looking for love in these novels. 



pretend your mine

Pretend You’re Mine

Sometimes you just need a fake girlfriend to stop your family’s meddling, right? That’s how Luke justifies asking Harper to pretend to be his girlfriend for a month before his next deployment.

Harper was planning to just pass through, but as she spends more time with Luke she starts to rethink her original plans. While they both realize there may be more to this fake relationship, they can’t risk revealing the secrets they’re hiding from each other. Can love overcome what they’re keeping to themselves?  | Read On Amazon | Buy From Target for $10




finally mine

Finally Mine

Finally Mine proves that love stories don’t always follow a straightforward path. After spending 10 years in a toxic relationship, Gloria is rediscovering herself and determined to stay independent. Then Aldo comes along and tries absolutely everything to woo her…and she’s annoyed when it starts to work.

The catch – he’s deploying for six months and simply asks her for a date once he returns. In the military though, you never know what will happen.   | Read On Amazon | Buy From Target for $11





whats mine

Protecting What’s Mine

The third book in the series turns to the local fire chief, Lincoln. He’s known for his womanizing ways and avoidance of anything serious, until Mackenzie ends up helping at an accident scene and discovers she’s his new neighbor.

Mackenzie is trying to take some time away as a trauma doctor to get herself back together…and her smoking hot new neighbor turns out to be a perfect distraction. Is it possible for either of them to settle down into something real and not fleeting?  | Read On Amazon | Buy from Target for $10








Lucy Score Books In Order: The Blue Moon Series

It’s common knowledge that everyone knows each other’s business in Blue Moon, NY! That sets the stage for all sorts of romantic shenanigans among the town’s eligible population and the newcomers that move in. 



no more secrets

No More Secrets

A former military man is back home and looking forward to peace and quiet his farm offers. There’s nothing that can provide more solitude than farm life, right? So Carter thinks until a journalist arrives intending to write an article about this sexy farmer.

Summer ends up staying and asking WAY too many questions for Carter’s taste. She’s determined to get all the information she needs, but Carter’s discovering that the longer she stays, the less he wants her to go.  | Amazon 




fall into temptation

Fall Into Temptation

This might be my favorite book cover in this whole series. Doesn’t it just scream beautiful days and cozy night? Plus, Fall Into Temptation features a lovable single mom! I always find it so intriguing when kids enter the equation! It ups the stakes to a whole new level.

Gianna just moved to a new place with her two kids and discovers a hell of a hot landlord who’s responsible for their new home. When these two start to be seen together, this nosy town just can’t keep their hands out of their business. Whether it will be a benefit or a detriment to their future has yet to be seen…  | Amazon 




last second chance

The Last Second Chance

After being burned hard by love once, Joey turned to raising her horses and has carried the grudge for 8 years. Now her former sweetheart is back in town.

Jackson is relentless in his pursuit of Joey this second time around. He’s trying every trick in the book and she’s becoming less and less immune to his actions. As always happens in this town though, the Beautification Committee is getting involved. Will their meddling force these two apart forever or give them a second chance?  | Amazon 





not part of the plan

Not Part Of The Plan

Is there ever a chance for the bad boy to be the right guy? Emma certainly doesn’t think so. Everyone knows she’s the type to settle down with a respectable, stable man.

Niko is…not that. He’s a photographer only in town long enough to get his groove back. When things turn steamy between him and Emma, they both expect it’ll only be a one time thing. Until it isn’t…  | Amazon 




holding on to chaos

Holding On To Chaos

Sheriff Donovan is convinced that newcomer, Eva, is hiding something that might relate to a crime. He won’t stop interrogating (I mean, talking!) to her. She’s convinced he’s only hanging around because he suspects something. Surely he’s not actually interested in her, right?

Even if that was the case, she cannot get caught up with the town sheriff while she’s hiding from a less than clean past. Secrets are bound to come out one way or the other, though.  | Amazon 




fine art

The Fine Art of Faking It

Sheriff Donovan is convinced that newcomer, Eva, is hiding something that might relate to a crime. He won’t stop interrogating (I mean, talking!) to her. She’s convinced he’s only hanging around because he suspects something. Surely he’s not actually interested in her, right?

Even if that was the case, she cannot get caught up with the town sheriff while she’s hiding from a less than clean past. Secrets are bound to come out one way or the other, though.  | Amazon 





where it all began

Where It All Began

Although this is technically a prequel, Lucy herself warns not to read this first! She recommends waiting until at least after Book #4 to ensure you don’t ruin any of your reading experience.

Where It All Began gives readers the much anticipated backstory of John and Phoebe. It shares how they met, built their lives together and ultimately raised their boys.   | Amazon 





the mistletoe kisser

The Mistletoe Kisser

I’m partial to this one because the male main character is an accountant, just like me! Unfortunately, Ryan was fired from his corporate job and now has to fly across the country to help his great uncle with some unknown emergency.

Waiting for him in town is a whole lot of planning for a town event, a sheep he can’t get rid of, and a frustrating veterinarian. Plus, the Beatification Committee now has a new man to try to set up!!  | Amazon 





Lucy Score Books In Order: Sinner & Saint Series

A rare opportunity to spend more than one novel with the same characters! The Sinner and Saint duology features the same couple so you can enjoy this high stakes, high passion couple over and over!


crossing the line

Crossing The Line

A celebrity romance is the theme of this series! Waverly is the celebrity and Xavier is the bodyguard. He’s used to guarding Hollywood’s finest, mostly from their own bad behavior and expects the same with his new assignment. Instead, he finds a woman hiding her true self behind her public persona.

Xavier and Waverly butt heads but also spark fire. Things flame out of control when a stalker who’s been hovering around Waverly for years becomes a much more serious threat.  | Amazon 




breaking the rules

Breaking The Rules

Since Xavier left Waverly, he’s been spending five  years trying to get her out of his head. Waverly has moved on. She’s back in control of her life and busier than ever. 

Until she’s back in danger and she finds herself needing Xavier once again. She reluctantly allows him to help, but refuses to let him anywhere near her heart again. The hard part is keeping her guard up when she’s constantly reminding of how incredible he was.  | Amazon 





Lucy Score Books In Order: Standalone Books



maggie moves on

Maggie Moves On

This novel was actually my introduction to Lucy Score, so I love that it’s kicking off Lucy Score books in order standalone section! I may have been late to the party but I was hooked immediately! I was first drawn in by the YouTube house-flipping main character. Maggie takes on her next project with her usual gusto – four months to restore a crumbling Victorian beauty before she moves on as usual.

She isn’t counting on the smoking hot contractor who ends up working on the house…or the growing attachment to the house’s history and the town. | Amazon | Bookshop.org | Buy From Target for $9



forever never

This romantic suspense novel will have you turning pages almost faster than you can read! A troubled heroine, especially this one, is Brick’s kryptonite. There are endless reasons why Brick shouldn’t get involved with Remi but she’s always been the one woman he can’t resist.

Remi has clearly returned to town on the run from something and Brick is determined to help. She’s just as strong-willed though, especially knowing she may end up putting him in danger. Will she be able to finally give in and trust him to help her face the threat? | Amazon | Buy From Target for $10





by a thread

By A Thread

This was my pick out of all Lucy Score books in order to include on my list of the best Kindle Unlimited books! I love that the cover of this book literally says “A Grumpy Boss Romantic Comedy” Tells you everything you need to know!

An energetic new hire gets under Dominic’s skin, so he’s determined to get her to quit. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize he’s no match for her charm! | Amazon | Buy From Target for $11





rock bottom girl

Rock Bottom Girl

One of the reasons I love Rock Bottom Girl is that it features a middle-aged protagonist! I have to admit as I get older, it’s refreshing to read about more than just 20-something heroines LOL! Marley is definitely at the lowest point in her life when she heads back to her hometown and picks up responsibility for the high school girls soccer team. 

Thankfully, the school principle has agreed to a deal. He’ll help her coach if she helps him understand how to be in an actual relationship. Things start to get way too intense for what’s supposed to be a fake arrangement, though!  Free On Kindle Unlimited 






price of a scandal

The Price Of A Scandal

Although this technically is a Lucy Score standalone, it’s also technically part of a series! 4 romance authors teamed up for the Bluewater Billionaires series (featuring all female billionaires) and Lucy Score wrote the first book! 

I’m a huge fan of the fact that the women in this series are the moneymakers! Emily is trying to keep her family happy and also hold on to her CEO title. When scandal threatens her position, her savior comes in the form of Derek. He’s the go-to guy for getting his clients out of trouble, but usually he doesn’t have to worry about them worming their way into his heart…or his bed. | Amazon







The Worst Best Man

Brand New Cover Alert!! How gorgeous is it?? Another wedding themed addition to the Lucy Score books in order list! Francesca is taking her Maid of Honor duties extremely seriously, even if the wedding party is an absolute nightmare. She’ll do anything it takes to keep everyone in line, including the pretentious jerk of a Best Man. 

Aiden is used to getting what he wants both in the boardroom and bedroom. No one has presented a challenge like Francesca, but he’s confident he’ll get her out from under his skin before the wedding weekend is over. Little does he know life (and love) has different plans. | Buy From Amazon




the christmas fix

The Christmas Fix

Christmas time is here!! And this holiday season we’re falling for a single dad! Noah is focused on two things, his daughter and putting his hurricane ravaged town back together in time for the Christmas festival. His philosophy is keeping his head down and putting in the work. 

That plan certainly does not need some hot-shot renovation star for help. Nevertheless, Cat comes barreling into town with grand plans of her own. The two immediately clash, but in a town this small they also can’t get away from each other… | Amazon





mr fixer upper

Mr Fixer Upper

Lucy Score is taking a home renovation reality show to a whole new level! Gannon is a sexy home renovation star who brings in viewers by showing off his skills and his body. Paige is his producer, who is immune to it all. She’s there to do a job…even when he starts turning on the charm for her. 

She knows it’s a bad idea to fall for her star, but she can’t resist this man who seems to be genuinely interested in her. Doesn’t this sound like an incredibly fun read?? | Amazon







undercover love

Undercover Love

The oldest of the standalone Lucy Score books in order is a tale of corporate espionage and a woman getting revenge in the most satisfying of ways! When she’s approached to help take down her cheating ex, Ashley gets pulled out of her comfort zone into something over her head. | Amazon


Have you caught up on all of these Lucy Score books in order? Which is your favorite of the Lucy Score books in order?

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