Best Amazon Prime Day Book Deals of 2024

 A collection of the best Amazon Prime Day Book Deals This Year!

*Updated for Prime Day 2024 – This post will be updated throughout Tues & Wed as new deals are announced!

If you’re a reader looking for the best Amazon Prime Big Deal Day book deals, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll be updating this post in the days leading up to Prime Day and during the event to ensure you have all the best bookish sales at your fingertips!

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Within this post you’ll find a wide variety of deals for readers, including sales on eReaders like Amazon’s Kindle, paperback and hardcover books at discounted prices, significant sales on eBooks, free trials of Kindle Unlimited and Audible, bookish accessories that you’ll love, and more! 

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How Does Prime Day Work?

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days is a two-day event. During this time, Amazon heavily discounts a HUGE variety of items. These sales are available on physical items and digital products, like eBooks!

The dates for Prime Days are Tuesday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 17th. 

You need to be a Prime member to access the discounted prices. If you’re already a member, there’s nothing else you have to do! You can simply start browsing on the 10th and purchase any items you want to buy! They make it extremely easy to take advantage of this event.

If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here!! If you sign up now, you’ll be able to access the sales as soon as they start for no cost! 

Once Prime Day starts, the best deals are offered as “Lightning Deals” meaning they’re only offered for a short window of time and in limited quantities. So, once that product sells out, you’ll miss your chance to buy it at the deeply discounted price! That means you have to be ready to buy once you see something you love!

Now, lets get into the good stuff! Keep scrolling to see all of the best Amazon Prime Day book deals!


Amazon Prime Day Book Deals – Reading Subscriptions

There’s no question in my mind, the BEST deals available for Prime day are the free trials of Kindle Unlimited and Audible for new subscriptions. Normally you can get one month free (if you’re lucky) or pay a minimal price for a few months. For Prime Day, you can get THREE MONTHS FREE!

And the best part, this deal is already ongoing! So you can take advantage right now. I’m sharing more about each subscription below, but honestly both of these deals are so incredible (and cost literally nothing) that it’s a no brainer to sign up.



kindle unlimited benefits

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription that allows you to read millions of books for free. It also includes a selection of audiobooks and pretty much any magazine you’d want! I have a full post dedicated to both my thoughts on whether Kindle Unlimited is Worth It and the Best Romance Novels on Kindle Unlimited if you want to deep dive!

Normally, this subscription is $11.99 / month, so you’re saving a ton of money and getting a chance to see if it’s worth it for you by taking advantage of the FREE 3 Month trial!

is Kindle unlimited worth it






Audible works a little differently from Kindle Unlimited since the main feature is receiving 1 credit each month that you can use on any audiobook. The quality of options is higher here, with virtually any audiobook being available. There is also a limited selection of audiobooks that you can listen to for free at any time without using a credit!

Normally, Audible costs $14.95 / month so this deal is even sweeter! Save up to $30 in total when you sign up now to get Two audiobook credits FREE! Make sure you click on the link for Prime members to get the best deal. This can vary from individual to individual so make sure you’re grabbing the best deal!

*And snag Apple’s AirPods for only $79 now so you can listen to these audiobooks everywhere!!





Amazon Prime Day Book Deals – eReaders

Amazon’s Kindle is my go-to eReader! There are a variety of options, but I prefer the somewhat simple Kindle Paperwhite. It has all the features I need at a reasonable price. Plus, the battery lasts insanely long which is most important to me when I’m reading in bed or at the beach and don’t have a charger handy!

I’ll share all of the deals on the different Kindles below and include information about their features, so you can find the option that’s right for you! 

As a reminder – you can trade in ANY Amazon device to get an extra 20% off these sale prices!!


Kindle $75 ($25 off regular price) – The cheapest Kindle is also the smallest and most lightweight. So, if you use your Kindle on the go often, this could be the best device for you!


Kindle Paperwhite $95 ($45 off regular price)My personal favorite Kindle! I’ve had this Kindle version for years and it consistently performs well. The paperwhite screen is easy on my eyes and has the ability to dim or brighten for any situation. It’s the perfect device for eReading without the bells and whistles!


Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition $140 ($50 off regular price) – With all of the features of the Paperwhite and a few extras, this may be a good option for you! The Signature edition comes with wireless charging, auto-adjusting front light and 32KB of storage.


Kindle Scribe $235 ($100 off regular price) – This is the top of the line for serious eBook readers who also want the functionality of a notebook. It is truly remarkable, with the ability to highlight and make notes within the pages of a book as you read. It also includes a digital notebook so you can use it to take notes, doodle, share thoughts and so much more! And it has the longest battery life of any Kindle!


Kindle Paperwhite Kids ($110)Save $60 on the Kindle Paperwhite for Kids and get it for only $110! There is also a slightly newer version just called Kindle Kids, but the screen is a bit smaller and it’s $15 more. Both devices include 1 year of access to Amazon Kids + where they can read thousands of books for free. Plus, you can choose from 3 cute cover designs included! For all us parents though, the best part is the 2 year worry free guarantee. 



Amazon Prime Day Book Deals – Books

  • Incredible Kindle eBook Deals – Deep discounts of up to 80% off a variety of Kindle books are showing up! Here are a few of my recommendations of books I adored.



  • Kids Coloring Book Bundle – 16 Coloring Books for $16! This would make a great gift for kids or grandkids, or a donation to a school/church!


Amazon Prime Day Book Deals – Bookish Accessories



My Favorite Prime Day Deals

I’m shopping these other Prime Day deals in addition to all the bookish deals!

  • Walking Pad – I bought this a few months ago and I’ve used it almost every single day! If you’re on the fence, now is the time to buy! This is absolutely worth the price, especially with the extra $30 coupon making it only $130!


Let us know which Amazon Prime Day Book Deals you’ll be snagging in the comments!

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