Ana Huang Twisted Series Order: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover everything you need to know about the Ana Huang Twisted Series order!

The Twisted Love series has taken over Bookstagram and BookTok thanks to it’s spicy scenes, swoon-worthy men, and the little hints of suspense that keep readers turning pages right up until the end!

I flew through each of these books, so I’m hoping you’ll fall in love with them just like I did!

Within this post, you’ll find a summary of the Ana Huang Twisted series order as well as a deep dive into each book (summary, my review, included tropes).

I’m also answering a few Twisted series order FAQs at the end and sharing my overall thoughts to help you decide if these books are right for you!

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Ana Huang Twisted Series Order (Summary)

To start off short and sweet, the Twisted series order is listed below. While it’s not absolutely vital, I recommend reading them in order so you don’t end up spoiling anything!



Ana Huang Twisted Series Order (Book Summaries)

Now that you know the Twisted series order, let’s get into more detail about each book. Included below is a short summary of each book in the Twisted Love series, my opinion and star rating, and the tropes you’ll find in each! 



twisted love

Twisted Love (Book 1)

My Star Rating: 5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 3.75

Romance Tropes Included: Billionaire, Brother’s Best Friend, Grumpy/Sunshine, Forced Proximity

Book Summary: Ava – the best friend’s little sister. Alex – the older brother’s best friend. The first book in the Twisted series order is a classic forbidden romance with an extra dose of grumpy/sunshine! Alex is a beautiful face haunted by tragedy in his past, so he never lets anything but his gruff, ruthless side show. When he is tasked with caring for Ava, something about her slowly gets under his skin in a remarkable way.

 My Review: This book first opened my eyes to the morally grey man and I’m never looking back! I completely fell for the stoic, dark man who will go to the ends of the earth for his girl. Plus, the action that ramped up toward the end was unlike any romance I’d read before! It was a complete thrill!









twisted games

Twisted Games (Book 2)

My Star Rating: 4.5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.14

Romance Tropes Included: Royal Romance, Bodyguard, Forbidden Romance

Book Summary: Rhys is one of Christian Harper’s best bodyguards because he will do whatever it takes to protect his clients and never lets anything get in the way of the job. Until he meets Bridget. He expects just another rich girl when he’s assigned to her, since she’s literally a princess. Instead, she fights back against his recommendations and refuses to keep him at a distance.

Both of them recognize there’s something brewing between them, but it’s absolutely forbidden for so many reasons. When Bridget’s role as Princess gets unexpectedly upgraded, even more obstacles are thrown in their way. 

 My Review: Oh boy – do I love me a forbidden bodyguard romance!! The sexual tension between these two is off the charts! I adored the development of their relationship and the slow burn as they tried to fight their feelings. It was incredibly satisfying to see them work together to make the impossible happen once they finally realized they found once in a lifetime love!








twisted hate

Twisted Hate (Book 3)

My Star Rating: 3.5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.06

Romance Tropes Included: Best Friend’s Brother, Enemies to Lovers, Enemies with Benefits

Book Summary: It’s common knowledge among the group of friends that Jules and Ava’s brother, Josh, detest each other. They constantly find ways to pick at each other, up until they find themselves turning hate into passion one night. Josh proposes a twist on “friends with benefits” allowing them both to give in physically but stay away from anything resembling friendship…and especially love.

Both of these two have rough backgrounds that make it incredibly difficult to trust others or feel they are worthy of being loved. Their situation is tested over and over, until they finally have to decide whether hating each other is what they truly want.

 My Review: There’s a reason this is considered the spiciest book in the series! The sex scenes take center stage more in this one than the others. Plus, these two both enjoy mixing pain with pleasure when they get together. It got to be a little too brutal / hateful for my taste, but that’s my only reason for giving this less stars! 







twisted lies

Twisted Lies (Book 4)

My Star Rating: 5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.26

Romance Tropes Included: Billionaire, Fake Dating, Roommates 

Book Summary: The head of Harper Security first met Stella when he offered her and Ava a ridiculously good deal on their apartment in his building. After Ava moves out, he agrees to let Stella continue to pay just her half in exchange for…watering his plants? He can’t deny there’s something about her that draws him in like no one else has. 

Things escalate quickly when someone stalking Stella makes a re-emergence and starts threatening her. Christian moves her into his apartment for her safety and the intensity between the two grows even stronger. As he becomes more entangled in her life, he slowly slowly slowly realizes there might to be more to his feelings than just wanting to protect her!

 My Review: As you know from Book 1, I’m a huge fan of this type of male main character, the morally grey man who will go to any lengths to protect his girl. So, I had so much fun watching Christian struggle to admit his growing feelings to himself, despite all of his actions showing how he was falling for Stella. This was the perfect way to wrap up the Twisted series order!






Ana Huang Twisted Series Order – FAQs


Who wrote the Twisted Series?

Ana Huang is the author of this spicy series! In addition to the Twisted Love series, Ana also has two other romance series to her name. Her oldest series is the If Love series, which includes sweet but steamy new adult books. Her newest series will contain 7 books in total, each featuring a billionaire with a different deadly sin! The Kings of Sin series currently has 3 books available to read, with 4 more to come soon! 


How is the Twisted Series connected?

The Twisted Love series centers around 4 best friends, Ava, Bridget, Jules, and Stella. Each of them find love in very different ways, but their friendship remains solid through every situation they face. It helps to follow the Twisted series order as shown above so you don’t spoil future relationships!


How spicy is the Twisted Series?

Each book contains explicit sex scenes, so these books are pretty spicy! Twisted Hate is often considered the “spiciest” since the love/hate attraction certainly ratchets things up a notch! This was the only book that made me mildly uncomfortable since there was a lot of pain / pleasure mixed together and some scenes were a little too brutal for me. 


Is the Twisted Love series part of Kindle Unlimited?

YES! That’s how I read most of the books, since they were included as part of my subscription. Currently, you can get up to 2 months FREE! Ana Huang’s other novels are included in this subscription too.

Plus, once you sign up you can read all these other incredible romance books for free!

If you prefer physical books, I recommend getting them from Target since they’re often on sale for around $10! 



Ana Huang Twisted Series – Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this whole series for anyone who already loves a bit of a darker side to their romance novels or wants to give that type of story a try. This was my first experience with the “morally grey” man and a suspenseful plot and this series is the perfect introduction to those elements. 

There is something for everyone with both the types of tropes and the spice level. Ana Huang does a masterful job balancing an engaging, fast-moving plot with spicy scenes. 

I can’t wait to hear what you think if you decide to read these books! Let us know in the comments what you think and if you’re going to follow the Twisted series order!


Have you read the Ana Huang Twisted series order yet?

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