21 Celebrity Romance Books: Love In The Spotlight

Love In The Spotlight: The Best Celebrity Romance Books For You

Get ready to fall in love in the glamorous world of celebrity romance books! These books offer an escape into the irresistible lives of famous actors, actresses influencers, and pop culture stars as they navigate love and loss.

Explore my handpicked selection of celebrity romance novels that will make your heart race. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Hollywood or simply intrigued by the allure of celebrity culture, these books will transport you into a world where stardom and passion collide.

The lives of the rich and famous have always fascinated me, so I love the behind the scenes element of these romance novels. It throws an extra juicy layer onto the typical romance tropes we know and love.

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Celebrity Romance Books


While We Were Dating

While We Were Dating

by Jasmine Guillory

I’m kicking off this celebrity romance books list with a celebrity / producer romance! Anna Gardiner gets roped into an ad campaign that she’s hoping to use just to fill the time while she waits on news about her next role. The lead on the campaign is Ben Stephens, who assures her he’ll make the process as easy as possible.

Ever the flirt, Ben can’t deny that being this close to such an attractive woman is tempting. They both fall into an easy friendship but there are serious sparks flying under the surface! In Hollywood though, things are never simple. What starts as a friendship turns into a fake relationship, but neither are sure just how fake it is… | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Bookshop.org





act like it

Act Like It

by Lucy Parker

Step onto the stage! An enemies to lovers romance featuring actors on London’s biggest stage! Former star, Richard, was once the most sought after performer in the West End. Now, he’s known more for his temper than his talent. In direct contrast to his situation, Lainie is the blossoming talent that everyone wants to be around.

Richard and Lainie couldn’t take the public more by surprise when they start attending events as a couple. These polar opposites are just in it for their own game and have no expectations of changing each other’s opinions. I love how totally put off they were by each other at first! It makes it all the more satisfying when things start to shift. | Buy From Amazon 




the seat filler

The Seat Filler

by Sariah Wilson

Sariah Wilson is one of the most underrated, charming romance writers!! She absolutely does not get the attention she deserves but I have loved every novel I’ve read of hers. The Seat Filler was my very first and still possibly my favorite 🙂 Thankfully, it fits perfectly on this celebrity romance books list!

Seat fillers are normal people who fill in seats at awards shows to ensure the auditorium doesn’t look empty to a TV audience (which sounds like such a fun job to me)! Juliet ends up sitting next to Hollywood’s literal biggest heartthrob, Noah, during her gig and she completely pretends to not know who he is to keep from fangirling. 

Later on, when he ends up using her services as a dog groomer, he offers to help her overcome one of her biggest fears which leads to intimate situations that they both start to crave… | Buy From Amazon





spoiler alert

Spoiler Alert

by Olivia Dade

This is the first book in a trilogy featuring celebrity romances, so if you love it you’ll have lots of material to devour! As the star of the breakout hit TV show (which is VERY similar to Game of Thrones), Marcus is thrust into a spotlight he’s not quite comfortable with. Thankfully he has his anonymous online persona to escape to where he can be himself.

Meanwhile, a fan posts a plus-sized version of a cosplay for one of the main characters and Marcus decides to take her on a date to show support after she was swamped with backlash. He discovers she’s got a secret too – and is one of his closest online friends. They’re both keeping themselves hidden from the world, but is a chance at real love worth the risk?  | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Bookshop.org






When In Rome

by Sara Adams

I crazily didn’t notice this when I read it, but When In Rome is a modern take on the Audrey Hepburn classic, Roman Holiday. A pop star looking for a break ends up crashing at a random stranger’s house in the small town of Rome, Kentucky. Noah is less than thrilled to have a spoiled celebrity invade his life, but he’s too hospitable to turn her down.

As Amelia soaks up the normalcy of small town life and discovers a great group of people now surrounding her, she starts to think it’s time to regain control of the life she left that’s currently spiraling out of control. And she’s wondering if there’s a way to allow Noah to become a full time part of it… | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target for $12




love theorem

The Love Theorem

by Camilla Isley

I’m thrilled to find a new book that also features the growing trend of STEMinist romances! Lana is a literal rocket scientist, but she’s not immune to the heartbreak of discovering her boyfriend’s been cheating. As she’s sobbing in a closet, someone rudely interrupts her private moment!

Christian Slade discovers Lana in desperate attempt to hide from the paparazzi, and can’t help but offer assistance. When he realizes she has no idea he’s a big name actor, he can’t wait to get to know her for real without the ghost of his celebrity status. A secret that big can only go on for so long though… | Buy From Amazon





Fake It Till You Bake It

by Jamie Wesley

Books about baking are simply my favorite so this is the perfect celebrity romance books option!

Fake It Til You Bake It is a romance featuring the fake dating trope AND it’s a sports romance so it’s got everything going for it! A football star who owns a bakery is forced to offer a job to the team owner’s spoiled granddaughter. They immediately clash, but a snap decision finds them in an unexpected fake relationship. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target for $11





the bodyguard

The Bodyguard

by Katherine Center

When a personal protection agent is hired to be the bodyguard for a famous celebrity, the last thing she expected was the role of “girlfriend” to be part of her duties. After coming off her mother’s death and a rough breakup, she’s hoping to get this over with and escape back into her normal travel schedule. As she spends time with Jack and his family though, her priorities start to shift.

Ahhh this is just as good as we’ve all come to expect from Katherine Center! My only reason for dropping it down a half star is because it got a little philosophical and gushy toward the end. Outside of skimming a few paragraphs, I adored this story. Amazon





nora goes off script

Nora Goes Off Script

by Annabel Monaghan

This is one of those celebrity romance books that took me completely by surprise, since the romance sort of creeps up on you! It’s also a different sort of main character than you normally find – a newly divorced mom of 2 who’s more focused on keeping her life together than any sort of romance.

Nora is a romance screenwriter who reluctantly agrees to let one of her films shoot at her house to make some extra cash. When the sexy, male lead shows up wasted after filming wraps and begs to stay for just one more week, she takes him under her wing. What can happen in 7 days? Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target for $10




roughest draft

The Roughest Draft

by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

Cowriters who were taking the literary world by storm ended up splitting on bad terms over three years ago…but they still have one book left on their contract. So, they end up hunkered down in a small hotel room hoping to get it over with as painlessly as possible. 

Unfortunately, the book is a romantic novel and its forcing them to confront all the reasons why they’ve hated each other these past three years. Buy At Amazon 




grin and beard

Grin and Beard It

by Penny Reid

The Winston Brothers are a beloved group in the romance world, so I’m thrilled that one of their novels fits in this category! You don’t have to read them in order, but this is only Book #2 so you’re welcome to read #1 if you choose. 

A plus-sized Hollywood darling (with terrible sense of direction) finds herself constantly lost while she’s filming in the Great Smoky Mountains. Her most frequent rescuer is none other than Jethro Winston. Sienna is used to being surrounded by gorgeous men, but Jethro’s manners and charm are affecting her unlike anyone else has! | Buy At Amazon |




maggie moves on

Maggie Moves On

by Lucy Score

This novel was actually my introduction to Lucy Score! (If you love her as much as I do you can find all her books in order!) I was first drawn in by the YouTube house-flipping main character – certainly a very modern take on celebrity romance books! Maggie takes on her next project with her usual gusto – four months to restore a crumbling Victorian beauty before she moves on as usual.

She isn’t counting on the smoking hot contractor who ends up working on the house…or the growing attachment to the house’s history and the town. | Amazon | Buy From Target for $12




donut fall

Donut Fall In Love

by Jackie Lau

A famous actor makes a horrendous first impression on Lindsay when he knocks over a donut display at her bakery. Lindsay is obviously less than impressed with Ryan, but she can’t deny there’s a connection between them. After he decides to take a role on a baking competition, Ryan convinces Lindsay to show him some tips.

Sparks fly in the kitchen as these two spend more time together! | Buy At Amazon | Buy At Target





how to fake it

How To Fake It In Hollywood

by Ava Wilder

When Hollywood is literally in the title, you know this is going to be a hit celebrity romance books! PR relationships happen all the time among celebrities, so you’ll love getting to go behind the scenes for one of these deals!

A young actress struggling to find work after her run on a successful teen show finally gives in to trying out a PR stunt to restart her career. Grey and Ethan, a former Hollywood heartthrob, each have their reasons for this fake relationship and they’re hoping to just get through it successfully. What they didn’t expect was the burst of real chemistry!! | Buy From Amazon







by Ashley Poston

A cute and geeky teen celebrity romance books story about the star of a hit TV show and the fan who helps him realize what he’s really worth. Darien loves playing his character but he’s tired of being written off as just a heartthrob. 

Elle is entering a cosplay contest for the show with hopes of a chance to attend a celebrity ball, but she’s got her stepsisters to contend with. This play on the Cinderella story is an absolute blast and I loved geeking out with these two! | Buy From Amazon






true love experiment

The True Love Experiment

by Christina Lauren

A romance author takes on a version of “The Bachelorette” but finds herself more drawn to her producer than any of the men on her show! I am a sucker for The Bachelorette so putting a romance novelist (and all her favorite tropes) in that situation was a blast to read.

Fun Fact – If you snag the Target exclusive edition, you’ll get a bonus chapter!! | 5 Stars | Buy At Amazon | Buy At Target!




merry little

A Merry Little Meet Cute

by Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone

Don’t expect a sweet, squeaky clean Hallmark romance! Not when a plus sized adult film start takes center stage. Bee agrees to do her friend a favor and star in a family-friendly holiday rom-com, but things heat up quickly when she discovers her co-star is her childhood boy band crush!

The only problem is they have to keep their liaisons under wrap from the movie execs. If anyone finds out what they’re doing, they’ll be kicked off the set faster than they can find their clothes!

This was SO FUN and SO SPICY! That cute cover is hiding some steamy scenes and I couldn’t get enough! Amazon 





happy ever after playlist

The Happy Ever After Playlist

by Abby Jimenez

This is the second book in the series and I’d actually recommend reading The Friend Zone first because it’s so darn excellent. In The Happy Ever After Playlist, Jimenez picks up the story with Sloane, who is still reeling from her loss two years later. When a dog literally jumps into her car, she begins healing and opening up her heart again while searching for his owner.

I won’t give away the celebrity part yet! This story is full of depth yet nails the witty banter. I loved every second of it! | Amazon




seven husbands

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The beloved Taylor Jenkins Reid has the perfect novel for this celebrity romance books list! An aging Hollywood star is finally telling her story – all the juicy details of her life and loves in the spotlight.

As the young reporter handpicked to hear the story learns more and more about Evelyn Hugo’s scandalous past, she also finds out their lives intersect in a shocking way. | Buy On Amazon





it happened one summer

It Happened One Summer

by Tessa Bailey

This should probably be first on my list of celebrity romance books because I loved it so incredibly much! 

Schitt’s Creek fans – this book is for you! Tessa Bailey’s steamy novel is loosely based on the popular TV series. A Hollywood darling is cut off from her family’s wealth and essentially banished to a small beach town. She’s forced to run her late father’s dive bar in the hopes she’ll learn some responsibility, but immediately gets into a spat with a local sea captain.

This opposites attract romance promises all the sexual tension and steamy scenes that Tessa Bailey is amazing at writing! Buy From Amazon




for butter

For Butter Or Worse

by Erin La Rosa

Step into the kitchen because things are about to get hot! A chef attempting to make a name for herself in the cutthroat world of cooking is paired with the profession’s biggest jerk to cohost a new reality show. Leo isn’t exactly trying to get under Nina’s skin, but the stress and anxiety of being on TV is making him go a little too far teasing her.

Then, the two of them are caught in a photo that sparks all sorts of rumors about a secret romance…which causes ratings to explode! If it’s good for both of their careers, what harm is there in pretending they’re in a relationship?? I simply adore books about food so this seems like a blast! | Buy From Amazon




Which of these celebrity romance books catch your attention? Are there any more celebrity romance books you’d add to this list?

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