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Olive and June Fall 2023 Mani Ideas (+Discount Code)

A full review of the Olive and June Fall 2023 collection & mani ideas to show it off!

The new Olive and June Fall 2023 Collection “Layer Up” is a cozy, hunting lodge inspired set featuring classic neutrals and gorgeous complementary colors.

The new collection includes 6 new nail polish colors and 7 new press on sets. You can get the full mani system, which includes all 6 polishes (and a BONUS sparkly polish) plus the accessories needed for a perfect at home mani for only $68 with my discount code: RACHELK20

You can see everything included in the full kit in the picture below – plus it comes in an adorable plaid keepsake box!!

OR if you just want the nail polish, grab the new set of 6 polishes for only $48 (a $6 savings)! I’m planning to buy the set of 6 polishes, personally. I couldn’t decide on just a few!!




Why Olive And June?

I adore this nail polish since it actually lives up to the claim that it lasts 7 days without chipping. It’s the ONLY nail polish I wear and I will be buying the polishes from the new collection with my own money! Olive & June is a woman-owned business and their nail polish is vegan and cruelty free.  

If you want more information, check out my full Olive and June review to see why it’s worth the hype!

In honor of the the Olive and June Fall 2023 launch, I’m also sharing mani ideas to complement any fall activity below!

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any products purchased through the links below. Thank you for supporting this blog!



Olive and June Fall 2023 Collection: The Basics

Each new Olive and June collection features a variety of nail polish colors and press on designs. This season, we’re hunkering down in a cozy lodge and prepared to layer up! 


Layer Up Collection – Meet The Polishes

Classy and quick are the name of the game when you swipe two coats of these colors on your nails for an uncomplicated mani.

  • It’s Chilly – Creamy beige
  • Can I Borrow A Sweater? – Mauve jelly (a sheer finish)
  • Luxe Loafer – Deep Cabernet jelly (a sheer finish)
  • Favorite Beanie – Slate Blue/Grey
  • First PSL – Iridescent Pumpkin
  • Shacket – Warm Rose
  • Sparkle Shawl – Iridescent Tinsel

Plus, with my code: RACHELK20 you can now get the full Olive and June Fall 2023 set as part of a mani or pedi system and get 20% off!! This brings the price of the 7 colors, shiny top coat, and mani must haves down to only $68!

fall 2023 polish



Layer Up Collection – Meet The Press Ons

If you really want to keep things simple, choose one of the new press on nail kits. I have used Olive and June’s press ons many times and truly nothing beats the short time it takes to apply them.

They’re my go-to for special occasions when I don’t want to worry about anything messing up my mani before a fun event! I am so in love with  from the Olive and June Fall 2023 collection!! 

  • World Lit Jelly – Sheer jelly version of World Lit (Short Round Style)
  • Velvet Plaza – A shimmer-y version of Plaza (Extra Short Round Style)
  • Velvet KAG – A shimmer-y version of KAG that looks like gold (Medium Almond & Extra Short Squoval) 
  • Mixed Matte Fall French – A variety of fall colors with a matte finish (Medium Oval Style)
  • Cocoa Chrome – Sheer cocoa color (Short Round Style)
  • Mushroom Mani – Gold french tips with mini mushrooms (Medium Almond Style)
  • Plaid French – French tips in plaid (Medium Oval Style)

press ons




Olive and June Fall 2023 – Mani Ideas

When you want an extra special mani to show off while you’re picking pumpkins or sipping a PSL, choose one of these adorable ideas!

  • Pumpkin Patch – Alternate It’s Chilly and First PSL for an orange and white mani to match the pumpkins you pick!
  • Matte Mani – Use the Matte Top Coat instead of the Shiny Top Coat to create a stunning, unique look
  • Dark to Light Ombre – Start with Luxe Loafer, then Shacket, followed by Can I Borrow A Sweater, and finally It’s Chilly. Pick one color to double up on your thumb! 
  • Accent Nail – Paint any color on every nail. Then add Sparkle Shawl to your ring finger on each hand.
  • Add Sparkle Shawl to just the tips of your nails for a celebratory twist on a French manicure


Olive and June Fall 2023 – Fun & Festive

When you’re looking to add a bit of whimsy to your mani, try one of these adorable and festive options!

  • Dark Halloween – Alternate First PSL and Luxe Loafer for a twist on the classic Halloween look
  • Polka Dots – Paint all your nails with Shacket then add polka dots with It’s Chilly
  • Plaid Stripes – Paint Favorite Beanie and add a stripe of It’s Chilly vertically and horizontally to create a plaid design
  • Stickers – Grab a set of nail stickers and accent one or all of your nails with stars, lines, or other fun shapes!


olive and june


Which of these mani ideas from the Olive and June Fall 2023 collection are you most excited to try out yourself??


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