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Zodiac Academy Series Order + How To Read All 12

Discover everything you need to know about the Zodiac Academy Series Order!

Welcome to the Zodiac Academy – where students fight to the top and strength and power are valued above all else. This dark fantasy romance series is wild ride full of books you won’t be able to put down. I flew through each of these books, so I’m hoping you’ll fall in love with them just like I did!

Within this post, you’ll find a summary of the Zodiac Academy series order as well as a deep dive into each book (summary, my review, star ratings). The publisher’s descriptions are admittedly very vague, so you’ll find a lot more information in this post compared to others!

At this point, there are a few novellas and books told from different perspectives so I’m also sharing the best order to read EVERYTHING. My guide to how to read the Zodiac Academy series will ensure you have the best overall experience.

I’m also answering a few Zodiac Academy series order FAQs at the end and sharing my overall thoughts to help you decide if these books are right for you!

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Zodiac Academy Series Order (Summary)

To start off short and sweet, the Zodiac Academy series order is listed below, starting with the original 8 books (the 9th book will be published in 2024). While it’s not absolutely vital, I recommend reading them in order so you don’t end up spoiling anything! Next up, I list all the novellas and varying perspective novels in the best reading order if you’re wondering what order to read the Zodiac Academy series.



Best Order To Read The Zodiac Academy Series

Now I’ll answer a common question – what’s the best order to read the Zodiac Academy series? Start at the top of this list and work your way down. This will ensure you don’t end up with unexpected spoilers!


Zodiac Academy Series Order (Book Summaries)

Now that you know the Zodiac Academy series order, let’s get into more detail about each book. Included below is a short summary of each book in the Zodiac Academy series, my opinion and star rating, and the tropes you’ll find in each! I’m starting with the 8 core books and adding the extras at the end!



zodiac academy

The Awakening (Book 1)

My Star Rating: 5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 3.91 Stars

Book Summary: Twins Darcy and Tori are ripped from the mortal world they grew up in and taken to a Fae land where they discover not only do they magical powers…they’re the long lost daughters of the late King. In Solaria though, you have to prove your worth and they’ll have to survive the brutal Zodiac Academy curriculum…and other students trying to bring them down. 

Neither of the twins have any interest in the throne, but the 4 male Heirs aren’t taking chances. These boys: Darius, Seth, Max, and Caleb, have been groomed and trained since birth to rule Solaria. They’ll stop at nothing to show the world that Darcy and Tori are no threat to their future.

 My Review: I always get incredibly invested in the first book of a new fantasy series. The slow reveal of how the magic works, introduction to the school, and relationships among characters are an absolute blast to read. In addition to the enticing fantasy school setting, Zodiac Academy brings a level of brutality that is shocking. The trials that Darcy and Tori face and the way they fight back make this book unputdownable! I also love the shifting feelings toward the Heirs and my inability to get a good read on them so far! | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target









ruthless fae

Ruthless Fae (Book 2)

My Star Rating: 4.5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.27 Stars

Book Summary: The twins have survived the Zodiac Academy so far, but their first year has been more ruthless and challenging than they could ever have imagined. As they start to find their stride with their magic and lean on the friendships they’ve developed, Tori and Darcy start to settle in and make the most of this wild opportunity.

Using their unique skills, the twins are ready to fight back against the Heirs and make their lives a living hell for once, instead. 

 My Review: In Book 2 we start to get more of a glimpse into the lives of the Heirs and begin to understand the reasons behind their ruthlessness. I found it fascinating to get glimpses into the pressures and family responsibilities they’re dealing with. It also made the possibility of romantic relationships that much more enticing since we start to see there’s more to these boys than meets the eye!

I’m also personally a HUGE fan of Professor Orion so I enjoyed more time spent with him, both with Darius and the flirtation with Darcy!! | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target









The Reckoning (Book 3)

My Star Rating:  5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.38 Stars

Book Summary: The time has come for Tori and Darcy to prove whether they can keep their spot at Zodiac Academy. The Reckoning is a series of trials that all first years must survive in order to continue attending the school. In addition, the threat of Nymphs (a magical being that hunts and kills Fae to steal their magic) is becoming more serious throughout Solaria.

As the twins prepare for The Reckoning, they dive deeper into the capabilities of their magical elements and learn to harness their power. They also spend more time with the Heirs and Orion, and discover Darius’ father, Lionel, might be planning something sinister that could threaten the future of Solaria. Things come to a head in an epic battle against the Nymphs and an encounter with Lionel that changes everything. 

 My Review: I know I keep giving these books 5 stars but it feels like they’re just getting better and better! The action ramps up quite a bit in Book 3 and we start to see fighting against outside threats, which made the pages FLY by! It was also exciting to discover Darcy and Tori’s magical order emerge!! | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target








shadow princess

Shadow Princess (Book 4)

My Star Rating: 4 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.32 Stars

Book Summary: Things have turned darker for Darcy and Tori as they battle the new danger within their own bodies. This turn of events ends up bonding them with Orion and the Heirs to work against Lionel’s plans, though. None of them expected to face this darkness, but it doesn’t stop the Heirs from continually trying to bring down the twins despite it.

Tory and Darius in particular are more combative than ever. These two have a burning hatred for each other that is completely at odds with their undeniably sexual tension! Meanwhile, Darcy is risking everything for her forbidden romance for as long as she can, but the stars have been ruining anything good in their lives…

 My Review: This was the first book in the series that actually felt a little too long. I got frustrated with Tori’s reactions to Darius’ actions and her decisions to explore dark magic and allow it to influence her. The ending was also heartbreaking for my favorite couple and I couldn’t pick the next book up fast enough to find out what happened!!

Overall though, this series continues to enthrall me. Book 4 gave more glimpses into the power of the twins’ order form and I loved reading about how they learned to wield it. It also continued to showcase the nuances of each of the 4 heirs and the motivations for their actions. It’s been a wild ride bouncing back and forth between hating certain guys and then falling for them! | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





cursed fates

Cursed Fates (Book 5)

My Star Rating: 5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.37 Stars

Book Summary: It’s getting difficult to summarize these books without giving too much away, which I guess is why the publisher descriptions are so silly and vague haha! Book 5 showcases more tension between Tori and Darius as they deal with the consequences of a life-altering choice. But this time they’ve got their friends on their side doing everything they can to help them.

Meanwhile Darcy is struggling to cope with Orion’s decisions and facing the time spent apart from him. The twins and Heirs are still doing everything they can to fight Lionel and his shadow princess, but it comes to a head in the worst way ripping one from their midst.

 My Review: What a wild ride this book was! It was captivating from the start all the way up to devastating ending. I was so incredibly angry with Orion but fascinated with the way he dealt with his circumstances. The glimpse into other parts of Solaria was fun to read about and I love how the world is quickly expanding beyond just the Academy.

It was also such a bright spot to see the Heirs work so hard to bring some happiness to Darius. The fierceness of their love for each other is so endearing.  | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target




fated throne

Fated Throne (Book 6)

My Star Rating: 4.25 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.41 Stars

Book Summary: It feels like it can’t get much worse for our heroes at the beginning of Book 6. Tori is bound by a horrific oath and Darcy has never felt further from her sister. She must continue to search for the Imperial Star – their biggest hope to set things right once they claim the throne. But Lionel is getting closer to the throne too and his rule will cause devastation for everyone in Solaria.

 My Review: I was in absolute shock after reading this one! Each of our main characters is tested in a variety of ways and they continue to get stronger and deepen their connections with each other. Although things felt hopeless at the beginning, Darcy never stopped fighting for her sister and Tori was able to develop an incredible inner strength.

I’m devastated at the choice Darius was forced to make and eager to see how it plays out in the future. It was incredibly satisfying though to see the rebels take the fight to Lionel and score some wins!  | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target




heartless sky

Heartless Sky (Book 7)

My Star Rating: 4 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.31 Stars

Book Summary: With the rebels gathering their forces to take on Lionel, the twins and the Heirs are finally back together again and working to discover the location of long-lost ancient stones that will aid their cause. They’re safe for now, but it’s only a matter of time until the battle comes to their front door. 

 My Review: Full admission here – I was sobbing on the couch when I finished reading this book. This series has utterly devastated me and the endless struggles are starting to feel hopeless! With all that said, I’m still eager to find some hope for our favorite characters. I know the fate of these folks I’ve come to adore will end on some positive notes – just have to get there! | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon






Sorrow & Starlight (Book 8)

My Star Rating: 3.75 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.08 Stars

Book Summary: Our group is reeling from the events of the Book 7 after shocking losses hit the rebels. Nothing has felt more hopeless than this moment as they struggle to regroup after a devastating battle. Darcy and Orion are tangled in curses and bonds that will dictate the next few months of their lives, but are hoping going through hell will give them the freedom they desire.

Meanwhile, Tori can barely function and relies on the Heirs and Geraldine to determine their next move. Lionel and his Shadow Princess seem more unbreakable than ever, but they’ll do whatever it takes to take him down.  

 My Review: What to say, what to say. I struggled A LOT getting through this book because it felt really really long haha! New character perspectives are introduced and we jumped around from character to character quite a bit, which dragged everything out.

At this point I’m still heavily invested in what’s going on but I definitely feel like the series could’ve been shortened to 7 or 8 books. Bring on Book 9 and lets get this wrapped up!! I’m dying to see how the Zodiac Academy series ends up!! | Free On Kindle Unlimited 



Zodiac Academy Series – FAQs


Who wrote the Zodiac Academy Series?

This series is written by dynamo writing due: Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti! Not only are they co-writers, they’re also sisters!! They have a HUGE catalog of books to their names in addition to the Zodiac Academy series, including a few other series that take place within the same world of Solaria. 

These two write a wide variety of romance books, including bully romances, harem romances, paranormal romance, and more straight up contemporary romances. They love alpha males and aren’t afraid to get dark, but also write strong, fierce females to counter them!


Is the Zodiac Academy series spicy?

The Zodiac Academy series is off the charts SPICY! Throughout the series you’ll find a wide variety of sexual scenes, including threesomes. The scenes are explicit and prevalent – woven throughout each book in the series. 


Is the Zodiac Academy series part of Kindle Unlimited?

Yes! This is how I was able to read them so quickly! Currently, you can get up to 2 months free!

Plus, once you sign up you can read all these other incredible romance books for free!

If you prefer physical books, I recommend getting them from Target since they’re often on sale for around $13-$15! 



Zodiac Academy Series – Final Thoughts

If you want a grown up fantasy school setting, with lots of action, spice, and drama this series is for you! It’s undeniably addicting and I guarantee you’ll fly through the pages! Be warned though, the authors promise us the happy ending will happen but it is a long and rough journey to get there!

These characters deal with a ton of adversity and darkness before finding the glimpses of light. The payoff will be worth this crazy, fun ride, though!

I can’t wait to hear what you think if you decide to read these books! Let us know in the comments!


Have you read the Zodiac Academy series yet?

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