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19 Brothers Best Friend Books You’ll Devour

Enjoy the forbidden romance in these brothers best friend books!

This may not be one of the more commonly known romance tropes, but it is one of my favorites! Maybe growing up with an older brother helped cement this in my fantasy world, but I love the idea of getting noticed as more than just the annoying sister!

This list of brothers best friend books has a variety of steamy and sweet options, so I guarantee you’ll find one that fits your tastes. 

If you have a favorite already, share in the comments if you don’t see it here!

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Brothers Best Friend Books



if only you

If Only You

by Chloe Liese

Not only a brothers best friend romance, but a soccer and hockey romance as well! Ziggy is the baby of the Bergman family and the youngest member of the National Soccer team, so she’s tired of being treated with kid gloves. She’s ready to change her image and hanging out with Sebastian is the perfect solution.

Sebastian has been systematically destroying everything good in his life, but he’s willing to pretend to be better for the sake of Ziggy. They are supposed to be faking a friendship, but feelings of something more start to develop. | Buy From Amazon 







by Maya Banks

A forbidden romance, a sexual contract, a strict agreement not to fall in love. All are wrapped up in Gabe and Maya’s story. Gabe has lusted after Maya for years but as his friend’s much younger sister, she was always off limits. Now she’s 24 and she’s more than willing to agree to his terms.

They embark on a contractual relationship that they assume will eventually run it’s course once they’ve had their fill of each other. So, their connection is kept hidden from everyone they know. As deeper feelings develop though, they realize much more is at stack than a quick fling. Buy From Amazon | Bookshop.org





fix her up

Fix Her Up

by Tessa Bailey

I had to include one of my favorite romance authors near the beginning of this list of brothers best friend books! Tessa Bailey is a go-to for steam and fun romances!

 After being dropped by yet another team, former MLB star Travis moves back to his hometown to wallow. The only person willing to force him back into real life is his best friends younger sister, Georgie. After a few enlightening encounters, they agree to a fake relationship so they’ll both be taken more seriously. At least it starts out fake… | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target for $13




happiness for beginners

Happiness for Beginners

by Katherine Center

This is a rare case of a younger brothers best friend books romance! I just finished this book in 2023 and I can’t believe I waited so long to read it! Katherine Center delivers the perfect blend of women’s fiction and romance, with female main characters you are always rooting for and swoon-y good guy men.

A mid-thirties, recently divorced woman takes her brother’s ridiculous advice and signs up for a wilderness survival course. It’s even worse than Helen expected, especially when her brother’s immature best friend shows up. Between the mosquitos, freak blizzard, and blisters, she’s also forced to deal with Jake nonstop. Over the course of their training, Helen and Jake start to find something they were looking for, that has nothing to do with making their way out of the woods. Amazon | Buy From Target





the off limits rule

The Off Limits Rule

by Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams is one of my all time favorite romance authors. She’s a master at sweet characters, adorable banter and the satisfying happy ever afters we all love.

 The Off Limits Rule is a classic brothers best friend books that’s straightforward but written oh so well. Lucy knows she should stay away from Cooper, especially once her brother warns her off, but he’s too irresistible! | Buy From Amazon 





done and dusted

Done and Dusted

by Lyla Sage

I know this is an unusual cover but it’s taken the Booktok world by storm! I was initially hesitant but I’m eager to read it after hearing more about it!!

Luke and Emmy grew up together since Luke was essentially the third sibling in the Ryder family, but Emmy outgrew their hometown and made a name and a life for herself riding horses. For unknown reasons, she’s suddenly back in Meadowlark and Luke vows to find out why. He will do anything to help her find herself again, but that means winning her over as friends first… | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target






twisted love

Twisted Love

by Ana Huang

This novel opened my eyes to the “morally grey” man and wow did I fall in love! If you haven’t gone down the “bad boy” road yet, this is the perfect introduction. Plus, it’s available for free on Kindle Unlimited!!

Ava – the best friend’s little sister. Alex – the older brother’s best friend. A classic forbidden romance with an extra dose of grumpy/sunshine! Alex is a beautiful face haunted by tragedy in his past, so he never lets anything but his gruff, ruthless side show. When he is tasked with caring for Ava, something about her slowly gets under his skin in a remarkable way! | Free With Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Target




mr wrong number

Mr. Wrong Number

by Lynn Painter

As someone who loves flirty texting and mistaken identities, this romance was right up my alley! Olivia is the family screw up, with chaos following everywhere she goes. After accidentally burns down her apartment building, she moves in with her brother (and his ridiculously hot best friend).

One night she receives a flirty text that was clearly meant for someone else, but her response leads to a deeper connection than she ever imagined. This book was such a great combo of fun and flirty alongside a meaningful and real relationship. I flew through it!  Amazon | Bookshop.org







the plus one

The Plus One

by Mazey Eddings

Mazey Eddings continues her streak of fantastic romance novels! As a sucker for books set at weddings, I particularly adored this one! After Indira’s life falls apart, she ends up crashing at her brother’s house and discovers his best friend, and her childhood nemesis is also staying there for a while. Jude is back in the country to celebrate her brother’s wedding, then he’s scheduled to return to his job as a humanitarian doctor.

Little does anyone know, Jude is severely scarred by what he’s seen. He can hardly function, let alone pull himself together enough to celebrate. Indira is the only one who glimpses what’s happening, so she agrees to help him through as his fake date.

Normally the fake dating trope gets old fast, but this was so much more meaningful than what you normally find in romances. Indira and Jude’s relationship was heavily based on her ability to see his needs, encourage him to recognize what was happening and get help. It was so easy to root for this couple!  | Amazon Bookshop.org | Buy From Target






ugly love

Ugly Love

by Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love is one of the most adored spicy Booktok books, featuring two airline pilots who give in to their attraction in a sex-only arrangement. Neither Tate nor Miles are looking for love, so this set up worked perfectly…for a while. Soon enough, they realize that nothing like this is simple. And love gets messy. 

This relationship was a bit too harsh for my taste. It got pretty intense between Tate and her brothers best friend! Just a fair warning that you’ll get a happy ending but it’s a rough road to get there. | Amazon 





one last gift

One Last Gift

by Emily Stone

Emily Stone is the queen of taking stories laced with sadness and turning them into holiday novels filled with hope. One Last Gift is no different. It doesn’t shy away from grief, but shows how we can still find love and happiness!

Cassie’s only true family is her brother, Tom, so when he dies in a tragic accident it sets her adrift. The only piece of him left behind is the first clue for his annual Christmas treasure hunt. When she finally takes the leap, she finds he’s given her exactly what she needs. | AmazonBookshop.org




the duke and I

The Duke and I

by Julia Quinn

The first book in the Bridgerton series features the oldest daughter, Daphne! As the diamond of the season, Daphne is expected to make an excellent match during the season. When her brother’s friend and well-known rake, the Duke of Hastings returns, they strike up an unexpected deal.

They’ll agree to pretend to date to encourage more men to pursue Daphne and keep meddling mothers away from Simon. When everything goes awry, Daphne ends up fighting for the man she loves!  Amazon Bookshop.org | Buy At Target for $12




beautiful player

Beautiful Player

by Christina Lauren

I love that this is described as a NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) version of My Fair Lady! Who doesn’t love an updated take on a classic story, right?? Encouraged by her brother to focus a bit less on school and socialize more, Hanna decides that his best friend Will is the perfect person to help.

Will is a well-known player, so he’ll be an excellent teacher to help her discover her sexuality and find dates. Will is skeptical about helping, until one night together has him drawn to her like he can’t get enough.  | Buy From Amazon 





the chase

The Chase

by Elle Kennedy

I adore Elle Kennedy’s college series, so I had to include her on my brothers best friend books list! There are SO many reasons that Summer shouldn’t like Colin Fitzgerald. “Fitz” is not only friends with her brother, he’s tattooed, judgmental, and now one of her roommates. 

There may be a sizzling physical attraction between them, but he’ll never acknowledge her anyway. So, Summer knows she’s got enough on her plate without worrying about his grumpy attitude. How long will they last before sparks go up in flames? | Free With Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Target





the dating plan

The Dating Plan

by Sara Desai

A fake relationship for convenience turns into something more. Daisy Patel is quite happy with hating Liam Murphy for the past ten years after he stood her up at prom. However, when he offers her a deal she can’t pass up to pretend to be his fiance, she is willing to at least tolerate him. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





to love jason

To Love Jason Thorn

by Ella Maise

This brothers best friend books option also includes a celebrity twist! Jason Thorn was Olive’s childhood crush but after he stomped on her heart she was happy to forget all about him. Except now he’s a celebrity and she wrote the book that’s being adapted into a movie…starring him.

This nightmare situation forces Olive and Jason together as adults and I’m excited to see where it goes! I love the idea that we get to see behind the scenes of a book to movie adaptation as a bonus! | Free On Kindle Unlimited 





make me yours

Make Me Yours

by Melanie Harlow

You’re welcome for including this romance strictly for the cover alone. Swoon. Anyway – on to the plot! This may be my favorite male main character of all the books on the list! Cole is not only a local cop and devoted single dad – he’s also sexy, protective, and trustworthy. Basically the last person you’d want to accidentally sext…

Unluckily for Cheyenne, she makes that mistake. And unexpectedly gets a text back asking her for more. Cheyenne never dreamed her crush would be into her, but it’s clear from their texts that this could turn into a hot, intense romance! | Free With Kindle Unlimited






Flirting With The Frenemy

by Pippa Grant

Get ready for another single dad to fall for in Flirting with the Frenemy! Longtime enemies Ellie and Wyatt have had a roller coaster of a relationship, including a one night mistake months ago that did nothing to stop the simmering animosity between them. 

When Ellie needs a date for her ex’s wedding, she has her sights set on the perfect fake boyfriend, until Wyatt steps in and ruins everything. Now she’s stuck with Wyatt for the event and one kiss leads to feelings she’s doing everything she can to avoid. | Free With Kindle Unlimited




99 Percent Mine

by Sally Thorne

The last item on this brothers best friend books list is the lesser known novel from the author of the hit, The Hating Game! Darcy and her twin, Jamie, recently inherited a cottage from their grandmother with the stipulation that it be renovated and given new life before they decide to sell it. Darcy has no plans to stick around until she discovers Jamie’s best friend Tom (and her lifelong crush) will be handling the work.

For their whole lives, Tom was 99% devoted to Jamie and never saw Darcy as an option. But Darcy is going to take a chance and do everything she can to make Tom 99% hers this time. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target for $9


Did one of these brothers best friend books catch your eye? If so, share which of these brothers best friend books you’ll be picking up next in the comments!

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