Mini Book Reviews – January 2024

Mini Book Reviews – January 2024: What To Read & What To Skip

Welcome to my first round up of book reviews for the new year! This month has been a bit different than usual, with a few thrillers and even a historical fiction novel thrown in!  

In my list of mini book reviews, I include everything I’ve read recently that I finished.  I like to share both my five star reads and any misses to help you get a better idea of what you should read or might want to skip.

As always, I love to hear if you agree or disagree with my ratings! Let me know in the comments what you thought of my January 2024 mini book reviews.

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Mini Book Reviews – January 2024


Physical Books:


first lie wins

First Lie Wins

by Ashley Elston

Hello to my first 5 star read of 2024! This thriller was…incredible. It’s not at all creepy or super suspenseful, so if that normally keeps you away from the genre this would be perfect for you! On the other hand, if you love twisty plots and enthralling stories, you have to read this!!

A woman working for the mysterious Mr. Smith is given a name and backstory for each new job she’s required to complete. This time around, she’s Evie Porter and she’s wormed her way into Ryan Sumner’s heart. They’re engaged, but he has no idea she’s not who she says she is.

Normally Evie is one of Mr. Smith’s best assets, but this job is different and she’s growing attached to Ryan. As she tries to untangle the real nature of the job…and her feelings for Ryan…we learn more about her past and the dangerous situation she finds herself in.

I couldn’t put this down! I loved the storytelling from each of Evie’s past jobs and following her investigation as she tries to understand what’s going on in the present. It is utterly compelling from start to finish! | 5 Stars | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target 





fangirl down 

Fangirl Down

by Tessa Bailey

Back to my regular scheduled romance reads! I got lucky with two 5 star books right off the bat! Truthfully, I won’t be surprised if these end up on my best of 2024 list by the end of the year. They’ll be hard to top!

Fangirl Down was basically written for me, as a romance reader who developed a golf obsession the past 2 years! It features a fangirl turned caddie who gets into a relationship with her golfer. The banter between the grumpy golfer and the girl trying desperately to get him to fall back in love with the game is perfection. She challenges him at every turn and he finds himself falling hard.

This may just be my favorite ever from Tessa Bailey! It’s got the perfect amount of steam mixed with excellent dialogue and a ton of heart. | 5 Stars | Buy On Amazon







by Kate Morton

This gorgeous book has been sitting on my shelves for a while, so I took the new year as the opportunity to finally dive in to it’s 500+ pages. As is typical of her, Kate Morton spins a sweeping tale of a tragedy that occurred in Australia decades ago and a young woman uncovering the details in present day.

Kate Morton is a master at setting the stage, with vivid depictions of not only the landscape of Australia but the ebbs and flows of life there during different periods.

While the setting was fascinating, this felt a little too lengthy for my taste. I could’ve used a pared down version with about 200 pages less ha! I know some of you will love getting caught up in all aspects of the mesmerizing story, though! 4 Stars | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target




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betting on you

Betting on You

by Lynn Painter

Another go-to romance author ventures back into YA romance for her latest release. Betting on You is a sweet friends to lovers rom com between two strangers who meet on a plane and then continue running into each other for the next few years. When they end up working at the same hotel, Charlie and Bailey bond over their divorced parents and Bailey’s struggles with her mom’s new man. They devise a plan to kick Scott out and end up spending wayyy too much time pretending they are more than just friends.

Charlie refuses to acknowledge Bailey is becoming important to him in a way no one else has and Bailey keeps confusing her feelings for Charlie with the destruction of the life she’s come to rely on.

Overall, this has all the humor and lightheartedness of Lynn’s typical YA rom coms! It dragged a tiny bit in the middle, but was worth finishing to enjoy the end!  4 Stars | Buy On Amazon | Listen on








love and other flight

Love & Other Flight Delays

by Denise Williams

Get ready for a delightful collection of novellas! Love & Other Flight Delays contains 3 novellas that center around travelers and workers at the same airport.

As a frequent traveler and romantic at heart, I adored the setting and the short and sweet love stories! It’s also a blast to see a few recurring characters among the novellas. These are easy reads but pack a heartfelt punch! | 5 Stars | Buy From Amazon


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  1. Hey Rachel – I’m one of those who loved the hugeness of Homecoming – it was one of my 4 favorite books in ’23. I love getting swept up into a hefty saga!

    1. I agree – absolutely, Homecoming wasn’t one of Kate Morton’s best, but it came pretty darn close. She knows how to draw you in and keep you there. I really enjoyed it and heartily give it 4.75 stars (is there such a number?).

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