Mini Book Reviews – March 2024

Mini Book Reviews – March 2024: What To Read & What To Skip

Welcome to my regular round up of mini book reviews of what I’ve read this past month! There were a few contemporary romances I adored but also one popular option I disliked. 

In my list of mini book reviews, I include everything I’ve read recently that I finished.  I like to share both my five star reads and any misses to help you get a better idea of what you should read or might want to skip.

As always, I love to hear if you agree or disagree with my ratings! Let me know in the comments what you thought of my March 2024 mini book reviews.

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Mini Book Reviews – March 2024


Physical Books:


nicest couple

Just The Nicest Couple

by Mary Kubica

I’m kicking off this month’s reviews with a thriller that I flew through in 24 hours. A woman returns home to her husband one night, covered in blood and shaken to the core. The story she reveals tells of self defense gone horribly wrong…and Christian and Lily realize they need to protect themselves at all costs.

Meanwhile, their friend Nina’s husband has gone missing and the more days go by, the more she’s convinced he’s no longer just taking some time away after their fight. She’ll do anything to uncover what really happened, even as she starts to suspect Lily and Christian aren’t who she thought all along.

I loved the back and forth between all the characters in this thriller, setting up domestic tension and secret keeping in all the best ways. Although I figured out what was really going on pretty easily, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story!!  | 4 Stars | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target 




breakup tour

The Breakup Tour

by Emily Wibberley and Austin 

I knew going in to this book that it was loosely based on Taylor Swift, which initially drew me in! I love her and her music, so I had high hopes for a romance featuring a similar type of pop star.

Unfortunately, this read like poorly written fanfic, with a plethora of forced lyrical lines that were supposed to be deep and meaningful and an over the top effort to write the story in a way similar to how Taylor Swift writes her songs. It got old fast.

If you love a pop star / celebrity romance or second chance romances, give this a shot. Otherwise this is one I’d suggest most skip. 3 Stars | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target








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all rhodes

All Rhodes Lead Here

by Mariana Zapata

I’m on a Mariana Zapata audiobook streak lately!! I finished The Wall of Winnipeg just before this one and loved both of these equally. She is the absolute queen of slow burn romances. The perfect build up of a relationship makes it all feel incredibly real and that happy ever after payoff so perfect.

Aurora is fresh off a breakup and looking to find a sense of peace in the town where she grew up, but hasn’t returned to in decades. The only available place to stay turns out to be…not quite what she expected and she becomes embroiled in the life of her apartment’s owner and his teenage son. All while rediscovering her worth and attempting to connect with her mom’s legacy.  4.5 Stars | Buy On Amazon | Listen on








swift and saddled

Swift & Saddled

by Lyla Sage

My February reviews included Book 1, so I immediately jumped into Book 2! Lyla Sage’s contemporary cowboy romances continue to deliver. I loved this just as much, if not more than Done & Dusted! 

We head back to Rebel Blue Ranch and get to know Weston as he takes on a huge new project. Part of the restoration of the old house on the property involves working with the designer, who also happens to be the woman he made out with at the bar the prior night…

Ada is looking to grow her business and an opportunity this big is one she can’t mess up. That means staying far away from anything romantic with the man who hired her… Except Wes is persistent and even her hardened heart seems to be falling for his charms. | 5 Stars | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target






by Ali Hazelwood

From a cowboy romance to a vampire/werewolf one! A Vampyre is sent into Were territory as the Alpha’s bride to maintain a tricky alliance and finds herself immersed in this species she’s been taught to hate. 

Misery has never felt at home anywhere, but the more time she spends with Lowe and his pack, she realizes she’s starting to put down her own roots in the most unexpected of places. Facing threats from the Humans, Vampyres and within the pack, Lowe and Misery turn into an unlikely team.

This was a good intro novel if you’re new to paranormal romances! The fantasy elements were easy to understand and the slow development of the relationship between Lowe and Misery was fantastic!  | 4 Stars | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target



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  1. Hey Rachel … I love that you give your readers what to skip. There’s so much out there that I’ve hunkered down to read only to be quickly disappointed. Thanks for the heads up!

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