The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center: Book Review

The newest release from beloved rom com writer, Katherine Center, is an ode to the genre!

No one celebrates romantic comedies more than Katherine Center, often showcasing her love for books that bring you joy within her pages and in her acknowledgements.

The Rom-Commers is the most outright tribute to these novels so far! 

If you’re a fan of romances or want to understand why they’re so beloved, this is an absolute must read!


rom commers

The Rom-Commers Book Summary:

An award-winning screenwriter and a wannabe screenwriter are forced to draft a rom-com together. Charlie Yates is a phenomenon, known for his incredible scripts and doesn’t give a crap attitude. He’s unfazed by Hollywood and just wants to be able to write what he wants.

However, he’s forced to play politics to get his next mob drama turned into a movie, and that means writing a rom-com. Charlie detests love and thinks romance movies are silly and meaningless. So, you can imagine his first draft of a script was horrendous.

Enter Emma. Charlie’s agent gives his childhood friend the opportunity of a lifetime to work with the great Charlie Yates and fix his screenplay. Emma is a diehard rom-com fanatic and aspiring screenwriter, but she’s spent the last 10 years taking care of her homebound father instead of pursuing her dreams. 

As expected, the two IMMEDIATELY clash. The start of their working relationship is rough, but as they spend hours writing and researching, a reluctant respect develops. Then an unexpected kiss sets them both on a course that feels a little too real. Can she let go of the comfortable life she’s always known and step out in faith? Can he reassess why love is such an impossible feeling?


  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Forced Proximity


Steam Rating:

1 / 5 – No explicit steamy scenes!   


One Sentence Recap:

A perfect celebration of what we all love about rom-coms!


My Full Thoughts:

I want to have everyone I know who’s ever made fun of romances or questioned why I devour so many of them read this book! It described why I love the genre and how important these stories are in a way I could never adequately express.

This is where the book really shines. As Emma slowly changes Charlie’s mind, she is talking to men and women everywhere who don’t understand the appeal. This book is NEEDED! 

Overall this probably wasn’t my absolute favorite Katherine Center (that title is probably shared between The Bodyguard and What You Wish For), but it means the most as a lover of rom-coms. 

One of the specific, unique aspects I enjoyed was when Emma broke the fourth wall and talked directly to the reader. It felt as if it were a friend telling you the story, making me even more invested in what happened.

It’s something that doesn’t happen very often in books, so I’m impressed that the author took the chance. Plus, with this story revolving around screenwriting, it felt like a subtle nod to something that happens in movies or TV shows more often!

As a celebration of my favorite genre, this was an easy 4.5 Stars from me!

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