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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for uplifting book recommendations that will make you smile, laugh, and relish the happy-ever-afters we all know and love! 

I typically read 150 books a year, so there’s lots of content to share! I write unique book lists, monthly reviews of everything I’m reading, and share my best book recommendations.

The genres you’ll find most often here are primarily contemporary romance with dashes of general fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, young adult, and fantasy.

You’ll also find posts about living the bookish lifestyle (reviews of book subscription boxes, best websites for buying books, and more). 



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 – Getting Started –


   While you won’t find in-depth book reviews, I want to make sure you find uplifting books that you will LOVE. 

Well Written Romance

As much as I love the romance genre, I know it can be a little over the top or focus too much on the steamy scenes. I only recommend romance books that are well-written. Here are a few of my all time favorite romance authors & their best novels!


Unique Book Lists

Pick a topic and find a collection of books to add to your reading list! One of my favorites is novels about food, featuring books that have bakeries, restaurants, etc. 

I’m also curating book lists for popular romance tropes, like friends to lovers, sports romance, and many more to come!


Bookish Lifestyle

Reading is so much more than a hobby for me! It infuses all parts of my life. So, I also share reviews of my go-to book subscription boxes, bookish gift guides, and tips for how to get out of a reading slump!






– About Rachel –


I’m a part-time accountant who loves books just as much as numbers. I’m also a follower of Jesus Christ and am eternally grateful to have a relationship with a God who loves me more than I can imagine. I love spending time with my husband and five year old son going on adventures, both close to home and around the country.

I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, so its one of those rare hobbies that has stuck around my entire life. I used to bring home stacks and stacks of books from the library as a kid. Well, I can’t really say it’s any different now 🙂 I love browsing library book sales and used book stores, so my home has turned into a library of sorts.

It’s a blessing to be able to share my passion with you! I hope you find lots of new options to read and will stick around to talk books with me!


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