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Book Blogging Resources

Here are a few of my go-to book blogging resources that I use to maintain Never Enough Novels. I’ve slowly upgraded and found the right fit over the years and many of these are direct contributors to the success of this blog!

Site Hosting

SiteGround – SiteGround offers a variety of plans at excellent prices. There’s a basic plan that’s dirt cheap for new or small bloggers. I started with the medium plan so I could add WooCommerce to my site to sell my used books and reading tracker. Plus, my site hasn’t gone down or had any issues in the year I’ve been with them.


Keyword Research

Keysearch – This tool helps me decide what keywords to include in my blog posts so that I can rank higher on Google. It provides tons of data about what users are searching for and how exactly their searches are phrased!


Pinterest Scheduler

Tailwind – This is a must-buy for anyone hoping to have a successful blog. Currently, at least 75% of my blog views come from Pinterest and there’s no way that would happen without Tailwind. You can sign up for free and schedule up to 100 pins, but you’ll need to the regular version to maintain any sort of momentum. It’s only $10 / month when you get the annual plan and worth every.single.penny!


Image Creator

Canva – My favorite free blogging resource! Canva is a lifesaver. When you see all those gorgeous blog images or pins, they’re most likely created with Canva. The free version is super easy to use and offers endless customization options.


Reading Tracker

2020 Reading Tracker – Here’s one I created myself! I was tired of dealing with Goodreads’ website issues and decided to make my own reading tracker. It’s pretty fancy and features a progress marker toward your reading goal, an ARC tracker for new releases, and tons of charts and graphs to analyze your reading. You can get it for only $5!


Site Theme

SoloPine – When I finally splurged on a theme, I searched high and low for one I loved. I finally landed on Oleander from SoloPine! Their themes are simple, but beautiful and thankfully affordable. I’ve also used their customer service multiple times to help adjust settings and I always get responses within a day or two.


Cheap Books

BookOutlet – Books are a vital part of any book lover’s life! Normally, I use the library but the 700 books in my house tell me I also have a bit of a book buying problem. Since I collect so many, I love hacks for finding cheap books. My number one tip is visiting library book sales. However, since they don’t happen all the time, I browse BookOutlet in between!


New Book Releases

Book Of The Month – This is one of the most well known book subscription boxes for excellent reason. Contributors pick five featured books each month that cover a variety of genres. You have the option of picking one (or multiple) or skipping the month if none interest you. Often, new releases are featured so you can read them before anyone else!


Bookstagram Editing

Adobe Lightroom – One of my favorite parts of book blogging and reading is the bookstagram community! However, photography is definitely not my strong suit. Lightroom is a helpful app for editing photos to make them (at least in my case) look somewhat decent.