Trip Report – New England: Part 4

This is the final post in my New England trip report series. To see the other three posts, click on the links below:

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Day 4 – Southford, MA and Home!

  • Quick Hike

The last day of our trip dawned bright and sunny. At least I’m assuming it did…we actually slept in until 8am!! After eating a quick free breakfast at the hotel, we piled in to the car for the last leg of the trip. We were originally planning to stay in Sturbridge and visit historic Old Strubridge, thinking it was another collection of antique shops. However, Old Sturbridge Village is literally an “old village” where you can learn what life was like in the 1830’s. Not quite what had we hoped.


Instead, we skipped right to the second planned part of our day, an hour and a half drive to Southford Falls State Park. Jay and I were dropped off to do some hiking and my mom and dad got their antique/thrift store fix in nearby Southford. Apparently there was a waterfall in this park, but Jay and I failed to find it despite walking the entire trail. Nevertheless, it was decent hiking and they at least had a beautiful (albeit graffiti’d) covered bridge.


  • After hiking, we met up with my parents and stopped for a quick lunch at Panera (which now has a delicious butternut squash soup!) before turning the car toward home.SL731250
  • Home Sweet Home Luckily, our change in morning plans resulted in an earlier arrival time at home and we missed any rush hour traffic. We were in our apartment by 3:30pm and had the entire afternoon and evening to unpack, do laundry, and get ready for the week. Although we probably could have packed more into that final day, it was quite a blessing to get home early and relax. Maybe that just means we’re getting old : )




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