What’s Getting Me Through Winter

I’m linking up with one of my favorite bloggers today, Modern Mrs. Darcy, to talk about what’s “saving our lives this winter.” She wrote about a tactic to keep the winter blues away, focusing on the good things in life rather than what’s keeping her down ::cough cough:: winter/snow/ice.

She invited her readers to do the same, which I thought was a lovely idea. I typically don’t get too down when winter rolls in (I just complain about the cold and avoid going outside as much as possible). It works pretty well for me, though since I’m a homebody and thoroughly enjoy a long stretch of evenings with absolutely nothing to do. Even though I can’t say that I NEED this list to get me through the next two months, it’s a fun and worthwhile exercise in gratitude and appreciation of what God’s given me!


Here’s my list of the big and the little things that are getting me through winter (in no particular order, just written down as they popped into my head).

  1. The Kindle App – I hated even typing that because I always argue with people who prefer ebooks. I am still firmly in the real books camp (the smell, the feel, ahh), but ebooks have let me avoid venturing outside to get to the library…and that’s a huge deal.
  2. Our gas fireplace – Many a night has found me sitting directly in front of this thing reading, eating, watching TV, or just doing nothing. Due to my general fear of fire, I greatly appreciate that this will turn on with a mere flick of a switch.20160201_165047
  3. My daily devotional – As I previously wrote, I made the effort in early January to restart my devotionals. I cherish my time alone with God and know I need the guidance He offers me through it.
  4. Teavana tumbler – When Jay decided to get one of these a few weeks ago, I had him order me one too on a whim. Now, I won’t drink tea out of anything else. I usually dump out 1/3 of my tea because it gets too cold (and microwaving is too much effort) but this thing keeps it hot for hours! 32186_12ozsslogotumblercpr
  5. Slow cooked meals – I’ve been slow cooking pork and beef roasts in the oven and crockpot quite a lot lightly. It’s such an easy process and results in delicious comfort food (with lots of leftovers!)
  6. OPI mini nail polish – Did you know you can buy sets of OPI minis rather than shelling out $10 for one full-size bottle? I always do my own nails and OPI is by far the best brand I’ve used, but I’m never going to pay that much for one bottle. Luckily, they sell sets with a variety of mini bottles in different shades. You can find a bunch on Amazon!516RlOTjM9L._SY355_
  7. Temps above freezing – After the bitter cold weather and snow in January, the past few days have felt tropical with highs in the 40’s and lows above freezing. It’s such a joy to walk outside and not immediately feel your face and hands freeze.Screenshot_2016-02-01-15-02-08
  8. Vacation planning – Jay and I just booked a trip to London and Paris in May and we’re hoping to do a long weekend in western Virginia in March. Having trips to look forward to helps me deal with less exciting work days 🙂

That’s all for me, so now it’s your turn! Share what helps you survive the shorter days and colder weather!


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