What I’m Loving Lately – April 2016

April seemed to fly by and it’s already time to share what I’m loving lately! I’ll be linking up with Leigh Kramer as usual.

TV Shows

Grey’s Anatomy – Another show that I started binge-watching as a result of Jay being away on work trips. I’d forgotten how engrossing it is! I just can’t seem to push the pause button when Netflix automatically loads the next episode.

Bob’s Burgers – Season 5 was just released on Netflix, so we watched it every night for an entire week. I never thought I’d like this type of animated show, but it’s pretty hilarious! Jay always compares me to Linda because she sings all the time. I still deny it.

Love the burger of the day puns!

Fixer Upper – I finally decided to check out this show after seeing an article about Chip and Joanna Gaines in my Country Living magazine. Now I can’t stop watching. I want to live in every house they re-do! She has such a gorgeous decorating style.

Frasier – We just finished watching the last episode of Frasier this week… I’m sad its over! All 11 seasons are on Netflix, so we watched the whole show from the very beginning over the past six months.


Inside Out – When my parents came to visit, we decided to watch this on Starz since they hadn’t seen it yet. I just love this movie and how it depicts the importance of all your emotions. One thing we would change – more screen time for the parents’ emotions since they were equally funny.


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Bible Study – We started watching The Story of God, a new four part miniseries hosted by Morgan Freeman. The first episode we watched generated a lot of discussion since it dealt with different religions’ approaches to death and the afterlife.

Flyers Game – A friend invited me to a Flyers game when her husband had a last minute work commitment. We got to enjoy the balcony suite view and delicious food and drinks. I could get used to watching hockey games from a suite : )


Parents Visit – Last weekend my parents came up to stay overnight. After busy visits the last few times I went home, it was great to spend a relaxing weekend with them. Jay, my mom and my dad all even managed to fit in naps on Saturday afternoon : )

West Side Story – Two of my close friends assisted in a local high school production of West Side Story. They did an amazing job with the kids and the musical was an overall terrific show! I was absolutely tearing up at the end.

west side story

What I’m Loving

Cast iron skillet – We asked for this for Christmas and have hesitantly tried using it over the past few months. I feel like we’re starting to get more comfortable finally and have been trying out different meats with great results. It’s especially helpful for steak since we don’t have a grill.

My new domain name!! – I finally jumped into a self hosted website and purchased my own domain name this month. It’s been fun and frustrating as I try to figure out how to actually run a blog on my own. If you use any websites for tips or tricks, share them in the comments!

Stitch Fix – I’m on my sixth box of clothes from this styling service and my most recent one was a resounding success. It can be a love/hate relationship, but I’ve found the few clothes I do end up buying are high quality and get a lot of wear.



Longer days – I’m sure this is on everyone’s list, but it makes such a difference waking up to sun shining through the blinds and coming home from work with a solid three hours of sun to go.

What were you loving in April?


  1. Grey’s Anatomy is the perfect show for binging! I can’t believe season 12 is almost over though. It’s so good!

    And congrats on the new domain! That’s so exciting! Mine is still through WordPress…self hosting is still a little overwhelming to make the switch.

    1. I’ve quickly learned that all the flexibility and customization comes with a big time investment haha. It is neat to learn, but it’s smart to wait until you’re ready.

  2. I don’t watch Fixer Upper since we don’t have cable, but we just moved to Texas and it seems everyone is talking about this show, especially here. I honk I might need to take a day trip to visit the new silos!

    1. I was so sad to find out they only renovate houses in Waco, TX! I wish they would expand to the Northeast : )

  3. I’ve never watched Bob’s Burgers but Pop Culture Happy Hour had an interesting interview with the show’s creator in last week’s episode. Might be worth listening to!

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