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Honeymoon Series – Viking River Cruise

Possibly the best part of planning a wedding for travel addicts is deciding where to go on the honeymoon!! Jay and I have been tossing around ideas for potential honeymoon trips for probably two years, but in the next few months we’re going to actually have to pick just one. We’re both dreaming big and seeing this celebration as an opportunity to splurge and take a trip we might otherwise write off as too expensive or  not easily achievable using just points and miles.

With that said, I’ll be writing a mini honeymoon series of posts about each destination. These posts will feature positives, negatives, estimated costs, and our general thoughts about each location.

Honeymoon Series

So far, I’ve covered a Mediterranean Cruise and a trip to South Africa.

The last part in the series is a Viking River Cruise!


If you’ve seen an episode of Downton Abbey, then I can basically guarantee you’ve heard of Viking River Cruises. I think they spent their entire advertising budget on BBC / PBS for the past few years. Clearly it worked on me! Viking River Cruises give travelers the opportunity to visit multiple European cities and enjoy gorgeous views without switching hotels. River cruising is a completely different experience from an ocean cruise since the boats are smaller and they can travel through smaller bodies of water and dock at many more cities.

I’ve decided to focus on Viking River Cruises for this cruise since they are highly rated and offer a top-of-the-line, but not outrageously priced experience. I promise it’s not just because my heart’s been set on this company for six years since the beginning of Downton Abbey!



  • All meals and snacks plus alcohol with lunch and dinner included
  • Shore excursions included
  • On board lectures / cooking demonstrations included
  • Smaller number of people sharing the ship
  • Visit multiple countries and cities without changing hotels / unpacking


  • Flights are not included
  • Less variety of restaurants, on-board activities
  • Time in each city is limited to length of time ship is docked


Estimated Costs:

With the amount of vacation time available to us, our max number of days for a cruise is 8. Therefore, I’m basing my pricing estimates on a 7-8 day cruise. We’re also planning to leave within a month or two of our wedding date, so I’m only including pricing for July 2017 cruises. You can expect cheaper prices during off-peak months such as April and October.

This pricing is also reflective of a 2 for 1 deal, which seems to happen quite often. We’re certainly waiting for this type of deal before we book because it is way too expensive otherwise. Pricing is per person.

Cruise Destinations # of Days Standard Stateroom
 Romantic Danube  Hungary, Austria, Germany 8 $2,799
 Rhine Getaway  The Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland 8 $2,749
 Danube Waltz  Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany 8 $2,799


Overall Thoughts:

There is an extremely high possibility that this will be our honeymoon!! Although I balked at the prices, a Viking River Cruise has been a dream vacation for a long time and Jay is convincing me that the honeymoon is a perfect time to splurge. We’re also considering a few extra days in Germany before the cruise to extend our vacation : ) Now the hardest part is waiting 11 more months!

Update – Check out my review of our cruise here!

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