What I’m Loving Lately – August 2016

August was a hot one, which meant a lot more time than usual spent inside. The heat wave coordinated nicely with my discovery of cross stitch, though! Also, I celebrated my one year blogiversary!! Head on over to this post to enter my book giveaway. You have until Friday for a chance to win A Man Called Ove. As usual though, this week I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share my August favorites!

TV Shows

Top Gear – We continued watching a few episodes of this hilarious car show on Netflix. Jay and I are both eagerly awaiting the new season that will be released on Amazon in a few months!

The Great British Bake Off – I found the newest season on Youtube. Hooray! However, it appears a few of the episodes are blocked in the US, which is terribly annoying. I’m hoping Netflix or Amazon picks up older seasons soon. So far only the first season is available. 🙁



One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – One evening I gave Jay free reign to pick any movie he thought I should see (there’s quite a long list). I normally veto any that I think will be boring. This was one I definitely would not have chosen, but of course I loved it. Jack Nicholson is terrific as a patient in a mental health institution in the 70’s.

Jason Bourne – The latest installment of the Jason Bourne legacy was just what we expected. Lots of action, a few twists and turns, pretty good overall. Plus, Matt Damon = swoon.



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The Taming of the Shrew – After seeing Julius Caesar, the production company offered us $20 tickets to a second show. We selected The Taming of the Shrew in early August. The actors were incredible and the whole play was hilarious!

Book Sale – We found a new local library book sale! It had loads of hardcover and trade paperback books in great condition. Now there are 10 more books in our collection. Unfortunately, we’re quickly running out of space in our apartment.

Hiking at Trexler Nature Preserve – I wanted to scope out a potential location for our engagement photos, so we spent one Saturday morning hiking through this local park. It’s a beautiful area with fields, mountains, streams, and covered bridges.

Engagement Party – Jay’s dad hosted a wonderful engagement party for us this month. It was a great chance to spend time with both his side of the family and our friends.


*I apologize for the lack of pictures. Apparently I took almost no photos in August! Oops.

What I’m Loving

Air Conditioning – A life saver this summer. Our landlord just proactively replaced our heating and cooling unit. I’m grateful we are renting from someone who takes initiative and doesn’t wait until things break.

Babies! – Two of our closest friends had a baby in August and we’ve spent a few days with them and their new son. We’ve also had dinner twice with another couple in our bible study who have a 10 month old. She is absolutely adorable and so much fun at that age.

Cross Stitch – Yup, I dedicated a whole post to this. I’m working on a Harry Potter pattern right now. Hopefully I can finish it within a year ; )

What were some of your July favorites / activities?

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  1. Welcome to the weirdly addictive world of cross-stitching! I do it a whole bunch, it’s great during long car rides, Netflix binge-watching sessions, etc. For fun geeky patterns I love weelittlestitches on Etsy

  2. Library book sales might be my personal kryptonite. They make me laugh though, because I inevitably end up picking up books I donated to the book sale before remembering that they were mine! What books did you pick up from the sale?

    1. Hahahaha I haven’t done that yet. I got a few Stephen King, a few classics (Streetcar Named Desire, Anniversary Edition of Gone With the Wind), and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head. I’ll do another Book Buys post soon with the full list.

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